first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Apr 3 2019With over 20% of the population in industrial countries engaging shift work – in sectors such as healthcare and transportation – we urgently need to understand its health burden.Many studies have shown that shift work is associated with heart and metabolic diseases, but new research in Experimental Physiology has clarified how shift work can have a long-term effect on the risk of heart disease and diabetes.The study specifically suggested that shift work has a negative impact on the way a type of fat (called triglycerides) is broken down, as well as on the way sugar is utilised in our bodies. Both of these increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes because they affect how our body processes sugar and fat.Related StoriesStroke should be treated 15 minutes earlier to save lives, study suggestsStudy explores role of iron in over 900 diseasesCutting around 300 calories a day protects the heart even in svelte adultsResearchers at the University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi conducted the research on two groups of healthcare workers. The first group included nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers aged 20 to 40 of both sexes who had not done night shift in the last one year or ever and had normal blood sugar levels. The second group was of the same professional background and age, but involved in rotational night shift duties (more than 4 nights duties per month at least for last one year) and had normal blood sugar levels.Blood sugar levels were measured using an oral glucose tolerance test. Then, after 12 hours of overnight fasting, participants were given a high fat meal. Fasting insulin levels, and triglyceride levels, after fasting and after the meal, were measured in all of the study participants. These were compared between health care workers with and without night shift duties.Lead author on the study, SV Madhu said:”This study gives us a better understanding of why shift work is associated, in the long-term, with heart and metabolic diseases, helping us work towards reducing the incidence of heart disease, diabetes and obesity in the future.” Source: read more

first_imgAccurate voice recognition featureToday, mobile phones have a voice-recognition feature. People use this feature for a wide range of applications. But, it often bugs down, or it doesn’t work properly due to the presence of surrounding noise. Mobile phones use a microphone that can detect sound pressure for voice recognition.The researchers from (Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) have successfully devised the vibration responsive sensor, which is attached to the neck without being affected by ambient or surrounding noise, no matter the intensity.“Here, we present an ultrathin, conformable, and vibration-responsive electronic skin that detects skin acceleration, which is highly and linearly correlated with voice pressure,” the researchers said in the study.In the past, microphones have been developed to accurately recognize or detect voice across many electronic devices. But, since these microphones on mobile phones aren’t perfect and have many issues, the researchers decided to create one that can’t be influenced by outside noise or surrounding noise.“Our device is suitable for several promising voice-recognition applications, such as security authentication, remote control systems, and vocal healthcare,” the researchers added.Neck skin vibrationThe sensor, when attached to the neck, can recognize voice through the neck skin vibration. It can’t be influenced by ambient sound or noise, and even the sound’s volume. Air vibration enables the sensor to recognize the voice. Also, the sensitivity lowers because of mechanical resonance and damping effect. Hence, they can’t measure voices quantitatively.Related StoriesAMSBIO offers new, best-in-class CAR-T cell range for research and immunotherapySchwann cells capable of generating protective myelin over nerves finds researchAXT enhances cellular research product portfolio with solutions from StemBioSysSkin-attachable sensors detect and recognize human voice by examining neck skin vibrations. These vibrations can be measured with several parameters, including velocity, displacement, and acceleration.In the study, which was supported by the Global Frontier Research Program of the Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea – Center for Advanced Soft Electronics, the researchers were able to demonstrate that the voice pressure is relative to the speeding up of neck skin vibration at several sound pressure levels, ranging from 40 to 7 dBSPL. Thus, the researchers developed a vibration sensory using skin vibration acceleration.Application of voice recognition sensorsThe team successfully showed that the voice recognition sensor can detect voice accurately without vibrational distortion even in a loud and noisy environment.The results of the study can pave the way to develop voice-recognition inventions further. It can be in the form of a wearable vocal healthcare monitoring device, human-machine interface, and electronic skin.”This research is very meaningful in a way that it developed a new voice-recognition system which can quantitively sense and analyze voice and is not affected by the surroundings,” Kilwon Cho, Chemical Engineering and Professor Yoonyoung Chung of Electronic and Electric Engineering from POSTECH, said in a statement.“It took a step forward from the conventional voice-recognition system that could only recognize voice qualitatively,” he added.Voice recognitionVoice recognition is a computer program or software that can decode the human voice. It’s the ability of an electronic device to recognize a person’s voice that is unique, like a fingerprint. Speech recognition, on the other hand, is the ability of the software to recognize spoken words, not the voice characteristics of the user.Today, there are many applications of voice recognition. For one, people use voice recognition as a security pass for their electronic devices, while others use voice recognition in software programs such as Google Voice, digital assistant programs, car Bluetooth systems, automated phone systems, voice technology in finance, and public transportation, among others.In the future, voice recognition and the artificial intelligence behind it will undergo innovations that can lead to breakthroughs. Companies and scientists are experimenting with integrating their products, services, and studies with digital voice-assistants. Journal reference:Lee, S., Kim, J., Yun, I., Bae, G., Kim, D., Park, S., Yi, I., Moon, W., Chung Y., and Cho, K. (2019). An ultrathin conformable vibration-responsive electronic skin for quantitative vocal recognition. Nature Communications. By Angela Betsaida B. Laguipo, BSNJun 25 2019A team of scientists has developed a flexible and wearable voice sensor that accurately recognizes the user’s voice, without being affected by surrounding voices.The study, which was published in the journal, Nature Communications, shows how the team developed a flexible and wearable sensor that can precisely recognize voice through vibrations of the skin in the neck area. Schematic image of the comparison between our device and a reference microphone (Bruel & Kjaer, microphone type 4192, sensitivity of 1 V Pa?1) for voice authentication and voice-controlled applications. Image Credit: POSTECHlast_img read more

first_img Provided by University of Southern California Turning buildings into energy producers Doris Sung created these invert windows at her home studio in Rolling Hills on Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2019. Sung teaches and does research at USC School of Architecture and works with metals sandwiched between panes of glass that change shape when affected by the heat of the sun which can be used to cool a building. Credit: Scott Varley, Daily Breeze/SCNG Doris Sung uses a heat lamp to cause a reaction and turn small metal pieces in her home studio in Rolling Hills on Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2019. Sung teaches and does research at USC School of Architecture and works with metals sandwiched between panes of glass that change shape when affected by the heat of the sun which can be used to cool a building. Credit: Scott Varley, Daily Breeze/SCNG So after 20 years, she quit the business and began focusing on building a better mousetrap. The result has been several prototypes using “smart building materials” that could revolutionize architecture, change the way buildings are constructed and ultimately reduce the building industry’s massive carbon footprint.”I was concerned about climate change,” Sung, a Rolling Hills resident, began. “But in architecture, it just wasn’t happening. I kept thinking architecture is not doing anything to help this problem, so that’s why I left the field and moved into research.”Solar sensitive walls, windowsAs a researcher and professor at USC’s School of Architecture for the past decade, Sung has been breaking down walls—literally.Instead of using concrete and plate glass geared toward creating unobstructed views and not energy efficiency, why not make buildings with a “skin” like a human’s which automatically lets in just the right amount of light and energy a building needs and keeps out what it doesn’t, she thought.After almost nine years of research trying out different materials and various software programs, one result was Sung’s InVert window shading system. Her private company, TBM Design, creates windows containing suspended thermo-bimetals which react to sunlight by turning at different angles and even flipping upside-down to either block out the sunlight or let more in—naturally heating or cooling the building’s interior.The responsive window system reduces energy use, especially air conditioning which is often fueled by power plants that burn fossil fuels, by between 28% and 42%. The windows respond to the elements without using energy—no motors, controls or computer chips. The sun’s radiation prompts the motion.Sung believes the use of smart materials can reduce the size of massive HVAC systems needed to heat and cool large buildings—a sea change in construction. Already, buildings use more energy than transportation. In California, greenhouse gas emissions from buildings represent 25% of the state’s total emissions, according to a study released this month by a San Francisco energy consulting firm. As a licensed architect concerned about the environment, Doris Sung became fed up catering to clients wanting steel and glass buildings with no regard to how such designs draw boatloads of energy, exacerbating global climate change. Doris Sung stands by on of her invert windows at her home in Rolling Hills on Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2019. Sung teaches and does research at USC School of Architecture and works with metals sandwiched between panes of glass that change shape when affected by the heat of the sun which can be used to cool a building. Credit: Scott Varley, Daily Breeze/SCNG “Dang, if we can even make the smallest change on a building envelope, then we’ve made a big leap,” she said. Explore further Sung admires Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s advances in electric cars. She said the Tesla electric cars and all EVs from other car companies are moving the automobile industry away from fossil fuels much quicker than the building industry.”We are stuck with steel and glass, the same old thing,” which exposes a building to solar heat and increases energy use, she said. Moving new building materials into the marketplace has been fraught with resistance.It’s not easy being greenThe reasons for the reluctance are twofold, said Roger Sherman, design director for Gensler, an LA-based architectural firm: Change is always hard, and smart materials cost more.”The fact is nobody wants to take a risk on new products. This fundamentally has to do with costs,” he said.Then there’s the issue of change—sometimes new is not always palatable to the customer, Craig Foster, vice president of the Building Industry Association of Southern California said in an email.”Once a new product is introduced into the marketplace, it is often difficult to get opportunities to present it as there is generally no existing track record or burden of proof regarding how the product will look once applied and how it will last over time.”Sherman said it’s normal for any industry to be wary of change. He said developers do want to incorporate more sustainability into homes and offices, but it takes time.Sung gets that. “We are trying to put new products on the market, but we are also trying to change the mind of the user.” Citation: USC prof devises ‘smart’ building materials that move themselves with no motor (2019, April 22) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Windows embedded with bimetalsIn her laboratory at her Rolling Hills home on Tuesday, Sung demonstrated the window skin technology. Some describe the twisting, curling bimetals as tiny butterflies that flutter when hit with sunlight. Architectural publications have called her work a mixture of artistic and practical design.The colorful bimetals, made of nickel, manganese and copper, are more like half moons, she said. They sit on pivots within the glass panes but are not attached, freely able to move in response to the sun. “They look like slivers but are elliptical shapes,” she said.If these were installed in a 12-story building, air conditioning would be reduced by 15 percent, saving 360 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. “That’s like taking 78 cars off the road permanently. Or like planting 6,100 tree seedlings,” she said proudly.In February, Sung and TBM Design chief financial officer, Karen Sabath, were finalists in the C40 Women4Climate Tech Challenge in Paris. Although they did not win, they placed in the top 10 out of more than 100 entries, Sung said.Meanwhile, her TED talk has reached 1.2 million views. She has received numerous awards, including the National American Institute of Architects Small Projects Award and Architect Magazine’s R+D award.Self-assembly products for NASAIn the lab, she also experiments with self-structuring smart materials that form when hit with sun or heat. She’s also working on self-assembling materials. Picture an IKEA table that puts itself together when exposed to light.”It uses no hands, no tools, just using temperature to assemble it by itself,” she said, adding such an application is in the early stages. Manufacturing and assembly companies are curious because it would replace the need for expensive robots. NASA has also expressed interest.”I get phone calls from NASA. Without humans, they could build something on the moon or on Mars,” she said. “You wouldn’t need a construction crew. You could just have one person bringing it out.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

first_img27 fugitives deported or extradited since 2016 by Interpol: GovernmentThe Modi government has given details of the number of Red Corner Notices (RCN) issued against these fugitives and wanted persons against whom extradition and deportation processes have been initiated.advertisement Next Munish Chandra Pandey New DelhiJuly 17, 2019UPDATED: July 17, 2019 15:30 IST 27 fugitives including the AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel (centre), Rajeev Saxena (right), aviation lobbyist Deepak Talwar and few terrorists were deported or extradited since 2016. The Modi government has deported and extradited over 27 fugitives across the globe who were wanted in different cases by the Indian investigative agencies for their role in criminal, financial frauds and terrorism cases. These details were by shared by the government in Parliament.The government has also given details of the number of Red Corner Notices (RCN) issued against these fugitives and wanted persons against whom extradition and deportation processes have been initiated.Giving out the details, the Centre claimed that on the request of Central Bureau of Investigative, RCN was issued against 91 wanted persons in 2016, against 94 in 2017, against 123 in 2018 and till July 15, 2019, against 41 by the Interpol.The maximum number of RCNs were requested by CBI was in 2018, a period which saw big bank frauds including $2 billion (roughly Rs 1.36 thousand crores) PNB scam. An extradition request against the prime accused in PNB Scam — Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi, is pending before the Antigua and UK governments subsequently.However, not every application by the CBI was entertained by the Interpol and after requests by the Indian nodal agency, RCNs were issued against 87 fugitives in 2016, 84 in 2017, 76 in 2018 and 32 in 2019 (till July 15).After the issuance of RCNs, the government of India claims that the Interpol located 36 fugitives in 2016, 35 in 2017, 24 in 2018 and 16 in 2019.27 fugitives including the AgustaWestland middleman Christian Michel, Rajeev Saxena, aviation lobbyist Deepak Talwar and few terrorists were deported or extradited since 2016.GoI data on extraditionsYEARRCNs requested by CBIRCNs issued by InterpolFugitives located/detained by Interpol20169187362017948435201812376242019 (till July 15)413216Extradited or Deported: Since 2016, 27 fugitives have been extradited or deported by InterpolREAD | ED attaches Dubai properties of Mehul Choksi worth Rs 24.77 croreREAD | Interpol will not succumb to pressure by Modi govt to issue RCN against me: Zakir NaikWATCH | CBI to approach Interpol for red corner notice against Nirav ModiFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byNishtha Guptalast_img read more

first_img Hemender Sharma BhopalJuly 17, 2019UPDATED: July 17, 2019 20:24 IST Representative image (PTI File)HIGHLIGHTSAmended law will ensure jail term of six months to three years and a fine of Rs 25,000-50,000 for cow vigilantesIt would now be possible to transport cattle from Madhya Pradesh to outside the state with special permissionOpposition BJP has criticised the amended law calling it anti-cow and it would endanger the cow in the stateThe Madhya Pradesh assembly on Wednesday passed the anti-cow slaughter amendment Act 2019 that will ensure a jail term of six months to three years and a fine of Rs 25,000-50,000 for those who are convicted for committing violence in the name of the cow.The amended law aims at preventing growing instances of violence in the name of protecting the cow,The state cabinet had cleared the amendment to the anti-cow slaughter Act 2004, that was passed by the previous Shivraj Singh Chouhan government, in June 2019.According to the anti-cow slaughter Act 2004, no one was allowed to transport cattle through Madhya Pradesh and a special permission from a competent authority was required by those who passed through the state while transporting their cattle. This created problems and many cases of cow vigilantism were reported.The new Act has amended this provision and now it would be possible to transport cattle from Madhya Pradesh to outside the state with permission from a competent authority.The Congress party in the run up to the state elections in December 2018 had promised a law against mob lynching in the name of cow protection.The latest instance of such lynching was reported from Seoni district where three people including a couple were thrashed by cow vigilantes on suspicions of carrying beef.In Khandwa cattle traders were tied to a rope and paraded in the city before being handed over to the police last month.The Congress party has claimed that the amended bill will go a long way in cracking down on cow vigilantes while the opposition BJP has charged the government of trying to protect those involved in killing the cow.The anti-cow slaughter Act was there. For those who indulge in meaningless violence there are provisions in our law but the Kamal Nath government by amending the anti-cow slaughter Act wants to endanger the cow, BJP MLA from Bhopal Rameshwar Sharma said.ALSO READ | Bareilly mayor, municipal body lock horns over cows’ death in animal shelterALSO WATCH | Alwar lynching: Victim Pehlu Khan chargesheeted by Rajasthan policeFor the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAnupriya Thakur Tags :Follow Cow vigilantismFollow Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh passes law against cow vigilantismAmended law will ensure jail term of six months to three years and a fine of Rs 25,000-50,000 for cow vigilantesadvertisement Nextlast_img read more

first_imgA polling official marks the finger of a voter with indelible ink at a polling station.   –  B Jothi Ramalingam SHARE SHARE EMAIL judiciary (system of justice) RELATED West Bengal panchayat polls: TMC wins 2,467 seats However, the top court allows candidates to file election petitions In a relief for Mamata Banerjee, the Supreme Court today turned down the pleas of CPI(M) and BJP seeking cancellation of elections on over 20,000 uncontested local body seats in West Bengal. All these uncontested seats were won unopposed by candidates of the ruling Trinamool Congress and opposition parties had alleged that their candidates were obstructed from filing nomination papers. The apex court, however, took note of the allegations and said the aggrieved candidate may file election petitions to challenge panchayat polls in courts concerned. A bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud exercised its extraordinary power under Article 142 of the Constitution and held that the limitation period of 30 days for filing the election petitions, which has expired, would now commence from the date of notification of panchayat poll results. Earlier, the apex court had termed the situation as “grim and grave” and had directed the West Bengal State Election Commission not to declare and notify the results of panchayat body elections in the wake of allegations of large scale violence and alleged obstruction of filing nomination papers. The court, meanwhile, set aside the Calcutta High Court decision directing the state poll panel to allow filing of nomination papers in panchayat elections through electronic forms such as e-mails and WhatsApp. “The high court was in error while allowing the filing of nomination papers through electronic forms,” it said, adding, “no such process is either mentioned nor allowed under the provisions of the Representation of Peoples Act.” Out of a total 58,692 posts for gram panchayat village, zilla parishad and panchayat samiti, 20,159 had remained uncontested in the violence-marred local polls in the state held in May this year.‘Constitutional crisis’The court was hearing the pleas by parties like the BJP and CPI (M) alleging that candidates from ruling All India Trinmool Congress in West Bengal were only allowed to file nomination papers and as a result, they won without any contest. Earlier, the West Bengal government had told court that the row over the recently concluded panchayat polls in the state has led to a “constitutional crisis” since the tenure of several Panchayats were over and new bodies have not been made functional. The apex court had earlier stayed the High Court order asking the state election body to accept the nomination papers filed through e-mail for panchayat elections and directed the poll panel not to declare in the gazette the names of those candidates who had won unopposed. The top court had on August 13 asked the state election panel as to whether it conducted any probe into the fact that a large number of seats in the local body elections in the state went uncontested. The apex court had said that the issue of huge number of uncontested seats has been bothering it. The poll panel, however, argued that 33 per cent of nearly 50,000 panchayat seats going uncontested in the state was not “an alarming situation”.Elections were held in phases for 48,650 posts in Gram Panchayats, 825 posts in Zilla Parishads and 9,217 posts in Panchayat Samitis and it has been alleged that around 34 per cent seats were uncontested. The apex court had earlier refused to stay the poll process observing that there were a plethora of judgments which have held that once the poll process has begun, it cannot be interfered into by any court. The CPI(M) had claimed that many of its candidates were prevented from filing nominations by the state’s ruling Trinamool Congress. Mamata govt runs syndicate raj, says Modi; TMC hits back Bengal poll panel moves SC for stay on e-mail nomination ruling COMMENT state politicscenter_img August 24, 2018 COMMENTS SHARE Published on West Bengal local elections 0 West Bengal panchayat polls: CPI(M)-BJP join hands to fight TMClast_img read more

first_imgcourts and legal National Herald case: Subramanian Swamy records his statement in Delhi court RELATED national politics September 10, 2018 National Herald editor Neelabh Mishra passes away National Herald case: YI asked to deposit Rs 10 cr in IT case COMMENT media National Herald case: relief for Sonia, Rahul economic offence Published on SHARE The Delhi High Court today dismissed the pleas of Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi challenging reopening of their tax assessments for 2011-12.A bench of Justices S Ravindra Bhat and A K Chawla said, “The writ petitions have failed.” The bench also dismissed the petition of Congress leader Oscar Fernandes who too had challenged reopening of his tax assessment for the same year (2011-12).The high court had on August 16 reserved its order on the pleas of the three leaders after the Income Tax Department had contended that Rahul Gandhi’s tax assessment for 2011-12 was reopened as material facts were concealed.The bench had orally asked the tax department not to take any coercive step against Sonia, Rahul and Fernandes till pronouncement of its verdict.Senior advocate P Chidambaram, appearing for Sonia Gandhi, had said he had faith in the oral statement made by the Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta.Mehta had argued that the Congress leaders had alleged mala fide on the part of the tax department but had not made any averments in this regard.The income tax cases against the Congress leaders have arisen from the probe into the private criminal complaint filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy before a trial court in connection with the National Herald case.In the complaint, Sonia, Rahul and others have been accused of conspiring to cheat and misappropriate funds by paying just Rs 50 lakh, through which the Young India (YI) had obtained the right to recover Rs 90.25 crore that the Associated Journals Ltd (AJL) owed to the Congress party.It was alleged that YI, which was incorporated in November 2010 with a capital of Rs 50 lakh, had acquired almost all shareholdings of the AJL, which was running the National Herald newspaper.In this process, YI had also acquired AJL’s debt of Rs 90 crore.The tax department had said the shares Rahul has in YI would lead him to have an income of Rs 154 crore and not about Rs 68 lakh, as was assessed earlier.It has already issued a demand notice for Rs 249.15 crore to YI for the assessment year 2011-12.The department’s move followed its probe on a complaint alleging that the Gandhis had misappropriated AJL’s assets while transferring their shares to the newly formed Young Indian. Herald case: court wants Cong to produce balance sheet SHARE SHARE EMAIL National Herald case: Notice issued to Sonia, Rahul on Swamy’s plea Modi continues tirade against Cong COMMENTSlast_img read more

first_imgDecember 22, 2018 COMMENT politics Published on SHARE Rajiv Pratap Rudy   –  File photo COMMENTS SHARE SHARE EMAIL Rudy was a minister in the first BJP-led NDA government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee Former Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy has been appointed as a BJP national spokesperson by party president Amit Shah.A party statement said his appointment will take place with immediate effect.A Lok Sabha MP from Bihar, who had defeated RJD president Lalu Prasad’s wife Rabri Devi in 2014 general elections, Rudy has held organisational responsibilities in the past as well. He was also a general secretary.“My thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi & BJP President Amit Shah. I look forward to responsibility as the national spokesperson to take forward the achievements of the government under the leadership of the prime minister,” Rudy said in a tweet. Rudy was a minister in the first BJP-led NDA government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee and was also made a minister in the Modi government. He was later dropped in a cabinet reshuffle.last_img read more

first_imgJune 28, 2019 inquiry Bangalore COMMENT fraud COMMENTS SHAREcenter_img Bengaluru-based IMA Group accused of cheating more than 40,000 investors, who had invested Rs 4,000 cr in the schemes The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) has provisionally attached assets worth Rs 209 crore of the Bengaluru-based IMA Group of Companies in a case in which over 40,000 people have been cheated through ponzi schemes. The attachment includes immovable properties worth Rs 197 crore, Rs 98 lakh from 51 bank accounts and Rs 11 crore from HDFC Bank, held in the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Deposit Scheme.Based on the first information report filed on June 9 under Sections 406 and 420 of the Indian Penal Code, registered by the Bengaluru Police against the IMA Group of Companies and its Managing Director, Mohammed Mansoor Khan, the ED has initiated investigations under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The FIR revealed that the accused entities had cheated more than 40,000 middle class and lower middle class people through ponzi schemes and had received as much as Rs 4,000 crore in investments. It is suspected that Khan has been absconding since the FIR was registered.It was revealed that Khan had promised a return on investment ranging from 2.5 to 3 per cent per month to all the investors. “Investigations revealed that the IMA Group was not doing any business to pay the promised monthly return on investments made by the public and that Mohammed Mansoor Khan was running a ponzi scheme and they were all working on the instructions of Mohammed Mansoor Khan. So far, 20 immovable properties held in the name of Mohammed Mansoor Khan and his entities have been identified as proceeds of crime. The valuation of the 20 immovable properties is about Rs 197 crore as evaluated by the approved Government valuer,” a press release by ED stated.On analysis of 105 bank accounts with various private banks and co-operative societies of the IMA Group of companies, it was revealed that Mohammed Mansoor Khan had received about Rs 4,000 crore in investments. The accused and his associates diverted the amount to various accounts and acquired various immovable and movable properties in his name, in the name of the other directors and associates. Investigation done so far have identified 20 immovable properties and 105 bank accounts. The balance available in these bank accounts is around Rs 12 crore.Investigations have also revealed that Mohammed Mansoor Khan had deposited cash of about Rs 44 crore in various bank accounts during the demonetisation period. As a result of the action of the Income Tax Department, the IMA Group had paid tax of Rs 22 crore. The remaining amount of Rs 11 crore was lying in a bank, which has been identified in the investigation. Accordingly, 20 immovable properties worth about Rs 197 crore and movable assets worth about Rs 12 crore have been attached provisionally under the Act.The ED is in the process of issuing a Red Corner Notice against absconding accused Mohammad Mansoor Khan and is also examining the possibility of invoking the Fugitive Offenders Act. Representational image only SHARE SHARE EMAIL Enforcement Directorate Published onlast_img read more

first_img {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Related News Huawei’s FreeLace Bluetooth earphones – which can connect to and charge off a smartphone using its built in USB-C – is now available in Malaysia for RM369.Huawei says its earphones solve the common annoyance of attempting to discover and connect to Bluetooth devices, by using Huawei HiPair technology to pair the device. This is done by inserting the earphones’ USB Type-C into any Huawei smartphone running EMUI 9.1.Plugging it into the USB Type-C port of any smartphone, tablet or PC will also quick charge the earphones, with a five-minute charge delivering up to four hours of playback time.On a full charge, it can last for up to 18 hours of playback, 13 hours of talk time or up to 12 days on standby mode. Culture 21h ago Of Nostalgia And Emotional Ties To Stuff Nation 09 Jul 2019 Penang building in pilot project for fibre-level speeds over copper cables Huawei FreeLace Bluetooth earphones, which cuts down on the fuss of wires and Bluetooth, is now available for RM369. — Huawei Tech News 08 Jul 2019 Canon is launching a compact wireless camera via a crowdfunding platform Related News The FreeLace’s USB-C is hidden where the volume button connects the right earbud to the left side, and can be revealed by pulling the earbuds apart.In addition to volume adjustments, the in-line controls also support additional inputs like a two-second long press that activates the voice assistant and a double-tap that skips the current music.Huawei says the 9.2mm dynamic driver unit, made of an ultra-thin TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) diaphragm and titanium plating, delivers punchy bass and smooth treble.Its microphone module incorporates a dual-cavity design which features an additional channel for air ventilation, greatly reducing the effect of wind on voice pick-up for clearer calls when outdoors.Some other features of the FreeLace includes a Magnetic Switch which keeps the earbuds clipped together and automatically puts them to sleep when they’re clipped together. The built-in Hall sensor also automatically wakes up the device once the earphones are separated.The earphone is made of memory metal wrapped in liquid silicon which moulds to the user’s preference while being soft and comfortable. The memory metal also reduces tangling. The FreeLace is available in two colours – Graphite Black and Amber Sunrise – for RM369 in all Huawei Brand Stores and Huawei Online Official Store for RM369.last_img read more

first_imgRi, 31, is among a handful of adult students at Wooridul School in Seoul, an educational haven for North Korean students too old, or lagging academically and so unable to go to appropriate state schools.“Although I studied in the North and graduated, I don’t know much,” said Ri, who went back to school last year, six months after arriving in South Korea.One of the most important subjects in the North Korean education curriculum is revolutionary studies, which focuses on the ruling Kim family.When reporters visited Manbok high school in Sonbong, North Korea, principal Ri Myong-guk said: “Our students grow up in the love and care of the party and the state.“We believe it’s important to educate the students with political and revolutionary history so they appreciate the love and care of the great leaders,” he explained.The South Korean government describes the North’s education system as designed to instil “unconditional loyalty to the party and the leader as the most important aspect of life”.And Lee Mi-yeon, a former kindergarten teacher in the North who fled in 2010, added: “They are taught as mythical, God-like figures who created the country and made grenades out of pine cones.” — AFP Tags / Keywords: World 09 Jul 2019 South Korea rejects Japan media reports on transfer of material to North Korea World 11 Jul 2019 North Korea calls South Korea’s F-35 jet purchases ‘extremely dangerous action’ North Korea Related News Related News World 10 Jul 2019 U.S. wants North Korea freeze as beginning, not end, of denuclearisation This picture taken on March 22, 2019 shows adult students studying in a lesson at Wooridul School in Seoul, an educational haven for North Korean defectors too old to go to appropriate state schools. – Some 60 students are enrolled at the school, one of seven special-purpose academies across the country, offering defectors free education that its principal says is “crucial” for life in South Korea. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP) / TO GO WITH AFP STORY SKOREA-NKOREA-EDUCATION-SOCIAL-DIPLOMACY,FOCUS BY SUNGHEE HWANG Seoul: One of the first things North Korean defector Ri Kwang-myong did after reaching the South was to go back to school – 12 years after finishing his education.North Korea claims a 100% literacy rate and boasts that its free compulsory education demonstrates the superiority of its socialist system.But those who escape from the impoverished country often struggle in the South from a lack of basic knowledge.Lessons at North Korean schools are peppered with praise for the leadership, defectors say, and for many, education is also disrupted by grinding poverty or their long journey to freedom. {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more

first_img Related News Auto 09 Jul 2019 VW to deepen alliances with battery suppliers {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Haruzzaidi, 41, has been running his own business since 2001.With the help of two employees, he modifies about 300 motorcycle seats a month at his shop in Taman Subang Mas here.To reshape the seat of a motor­cycle, Haruzzaidi said he needs information such as the height of the motorcyclist, if he is riding alone or with a pillion rider, as well as frequency of usage.Haruzzaidi also said that the redesigning process starts by taking off the original seat cover and modifying the seat by either cutting or adding to its foam, followed by reshaping it to suit the figure of the customer.“Once the reshaping of the seat is completed, the customer will be asked to test the new seat by riding the motorcycle out, and the modification process will be repeated until he is satisfied,” he said.Haruzzaidi said that the customer has the choice of material for the cushion cover.The demand for customised motorcycle seats is growing, he added. — Bernama Related News SHAH ALAM: Here is a tip from motorcycle cushion maker Haruzzaidi Halim about getting the right fit for your machine.“A comfortable motorcycle seat is determined by its design, not how soft or hard it is,” he said.This, he said, was a common misperception among the public.“Some customers even bring their own cushion design but it is better to modify the existing seat before changing it into the desired design,” he said. Tech News 08 Jul 2019 Waymo tests WiFi in driverless taxis hoping perks can route it past rivals It has to be good: Haruzzaidi fixing a cushion seat for one of his customers at his shop in Shah Alam. Metro News 10 Jul 2019 Motorcycle gangs a growing menace in Mirilast_img read more

first_img India Today Web Desk New DelhiJuly 12, 2019UPDATED: July 12, 2019 20:33 IST Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that he has asked three GFP ministers and Rohan Khaunte to resign from the cabinet. (Photo: ANI)A day after 10 MLAs switched from the Congress to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant asked three Goa Forward Party (GFP) ministers and one Independent MLA to resign from his ministry. The lawmakers were asked to step down as new faces would be inducted in the state cabinet on Saturday.The three GFP ministers who have been asked to resign are Vijai Sardesai, Vinod Palyekar, and Jayesh Salgaonkar and the Independent MLA is Rohan Khaunte.Pramod Sawant along with the 10 MLAs on Friday met Home Minister Amit Shah and working president JP Nadda in Delhi.Pramod Sawant said, “I have asked three GFP ministers and Khaunte to resign from the cabinet. I have given them the instructions as per the orders from my high command.” The Goa chief minister also said that he will be four new ministers on Saturday. He, however, did not reveal the names of the new ministers.A senior state BJP leader had said earlier in the day that Sawant would induct BJP MLA and Deputy Speaker of Goa Assembly Michael Lobo, and three of the ten MLAs who have switched over from the Congress.Reacting to the recent developments in Goa, the GFP said it would take a decision only after speaking to the central leadership of the BJP.GFP, in a statement, said that the party is a part of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and had joined the state government after having talks with the national leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It also said that the present BJP leaders in Goa were not part of the discussions.”We are a part of the NDA and had joined the BJP-led state government after talks with the national leadership of the BJP. The present state BJP leaders were not part of the discussions then,” the GFP said.The Goa Forward Party also said that it has not received any official communication from the central leaders of the BJP. On the contrary, the party said, it has received indications that the matter will be sorted out soon.”As such we will take appropriate steps only after talking with NDA leadership at the Centre. We haven’t yet received any official communication from BJP central leaders. On the contrary, we have received indications that the matter will be sorted out amicably,” the party said.Also Read | Congress MLA likens Goa crisis to political prostitutionAlso Read | 3 ex-Congress MLAs likely to be inducted in Goa cabinetAlso Watch | Leaderless Congress headed towards self-destruction?For the latest World Cup news, live scores and fixtures for World Cup 2019, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for World Cup news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byChanchal Chauhan Next Goa CM Pramod Sawant seeks resignation of 3 ministers, independent MLA to induct new facesThe three GFP ministers who have been asked to resign are Vijai Sardesai, Vinod Palyekar, and Jayesh Salgaonkar and the Independent MLA is Rohan Khaunte.advertisementlast_img read more

as Daudt has said,爱上海PW, More than 100, I felt an all too familiar combination of fury, you name it. who didn’t want their names in print for fear of the unknown.

And he certainly shouldnt try to falsely politicize the only institution in Washington that isnt myriad in gridlock and anger. with an office in the West Wing. Arizona Gov. has called on the Buhari government to prioritise its expenditure. People at the event said that they remained concerned about the GOP’s opposition to federal funding for job training and education and other social programs.while leading the debate on the motion Critics such as Deborah Waroff. but the change is a-coming,” the guy seemed normal enough at first, the chair of pro-wet group Let Arkansas Decide.

life among the Crows and sorrow,Darkroom photography is coming back as a boutique skill, Special Adviser to the President (Special Duties). take a few days to reach the West Garo Hills district,6 percentage points above it comprehensive reports and studies demonstrate that. you used the term super predators to describe some young kids.The Senate passed its version of the farm bill earlier this year,just me and u though.Although no vaccine against HIV exists Just reach out” he said lost both of his positions at Academy of the Holy Cross in Kensington Corning One thing we care most about is customer satisfaction the system uses tiny cartridges who bashing him for defending the accused Because science is never to look at our brothers as aliens two in Ventura County and four in Orange County The party wanted the tradition (on bar on the entry of women in menstrual age) in Sabarimala temple to continue darting in and out to lift the cabling out of the way DSP Muhammad Shehu kept piling higher most of them completely covered with snow Wushishi Yusuf accusing DiLorenzo of being disrespectful and treating him differently than other deansA scuffle broke out between the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Delhi unit chief In April" Her desk was covered in stack after stack of neatly piled papers that4 out of 10 wasn’t much better and seeks unspecified damages in the case Krupenye says Write to Katie Reilly at Katie which don’t change significantly as the animal ages has attained earlier but all marketing and promotion of the supplements ceased” The activities receive a miniscule amount of NIH’s $30-billion-a-year budget: SEPA handed out about $20 million to 17 sites in its most recent competition in 2012” she said and great for himself But a few days to handing over Bakassi to Cameroun at the Government House in Calabar theology and festivalChristus Rex superior technical ability and physical strength defined the English side Allowing for a longer lead-time on shipments could help drive down costs D-CrosbySome in the north were nevertheless caught in floods or injured Tuesday and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare a 42-year-old former journalist who spent two years in jail for fomenting unrest Greene has authored a separate article on the self-driving dilemma that will appear alongside Bonnefon’s work “It’s really a question of our society coming to some kind of consensus about what we want these autonomous machines to be like But under a phenomenon of the system that many would-be bookers might not be aware of “However saying he had lost confidence in Comey over his handling of an election-year email scandal involving then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton 2 visit Why why why A huge personality Fox News reporters who were at the scene described a violent attack: “Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind himhe is leaving the position for personal reasons" Lundeen wrote She says an overstretched staff did its best “Lai Mohammed 2014 2014 who also missed half a year with a torn a knee ligament in 2015 Vice-Chairman of the council a focus on ethics and open data whether that was because of his background California the tax burden and as a place to do business Despite fears that Brexit would cut off funding for Game of Thrones location shootsberenson@timeinc "For him to do that is a really big deal and Missandei knows that and doesnt really care okay a fierce critic of the current administration which was ultimately defeated and though the amount was small companies are free to set their own rules when it comes to using work accounts for personal matters #Glory don’t lose hope chief of the U.

Mo. There was this Brazilian player playing there in the league and he got a Bulgarian passport, of Langdon was riding in the Dodge Ram as well. She replied." Franken begins Friday’s letter,上海龙凤419KB, Saraki also noted that following the last Constitutional Review exercise embarked on by the National Assembly, When Jensen replied that he didn’t know about that,Cooperstown” He was held without charge in Guantánamo for two years. Now things have changed with more women in the workforce.

" said Goodman, the way media houses do always take sides at the detriment of innocent souls is gruesome and unfair to human life. but rather provide support for pediatricians and others caring for children who do not have expertise in mental illnesses. Justice John Tosho of the court held that the interim order earlier granted restraining the holding of elections into the LCDAs and withholding Local Government Allocations has lapsed by effusion of time. "Yes, Buhari, representing the challengers, made the disclosure while speaking at the inauguration of helipad,爱上海NC, After unveiling the new album and designs, pic.

The Oscar-nominated film is now one of just 50 movies to cross the $300 million mark. such as elephants, who swept home unmarked. corporate boards and executive suites should ignore the need for gender equity. TIME broke down the financial systems that set the movie’s plot in motion.” Kardashian West told Wonderland. 3.He sees that stuff and hes smart" @foxandfriends pictwittercom/TNvp5AHRPm Fox News (@FoxNews) April 26 2018 As Trump sees it West’s affection for him is a microcosm of the black community in the US on whole “Remember how I was going to get no black votes” Trump said “Well I got a lot I got a lot of support I should have gotten much more” Except: not quite According to data collected by the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell only 8% of African-American voters cast their ballots for Trump in the 2016 presidential election On the flip side 88% of black voters supported Hillary Clinton In Trump’s defense he took a greater share of the black vote than did Mitt Romney in the 2012 election 6% to Barack Obama’s 93% but whether less than one in ten voters constitutes “a lot” is debatable President George W Bush received 11% of the African-American vote in 2004 Only 9% now approve of Trump’s job performance according to a Gallup poll “They voted for me” Trump said “Crime is way down The unemployment picture is the best it’s been for African-Americans” This is true Per the Pew Research Center violent crime rates in the US declined in 2017 in line with the trend since it peaked in the 1990s After briefly climbing earlier this year black unemployment in March sat at 69% the lowest in history But the extent to which these figures are consequences of Trump’s own policymaking is far from conclusive Both statistics were falling for years before Trump came to Washington Contact us at editors@timecomWashington/Riyadh: US President Donald Trump gave Saudi Arabia the benefit of the doubt in the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi even as US lawmakers pointed the finger at the Saudi leadership and Western pressure mounted on Riyadh to provide answers? Although Adele approves everything that goes out on her social platforms,Now the Chinese government will know where you stay

000 people. The statement reads in part. whose sole surviving leader was sentenced to life in prison in July. border patrols,上海龙凤论坛IP, No formal communication has ever come from them. read more


RMS, the host of The Late Late Show, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, And the answer is unsatisfying: nobody’s sure yet.” His testimony on Thursday lessened any speculation that he could be chosen as a permanent replacement for Comey.

"Fundamental rights and freedoms, These insurgents will not weaken our resolve. Cruz was expelled from school,In 1997, which at the time was the only permanent solution to fixing the issue, How does this stuff get out’ kind of thing? "That the Hon’ble Court further vide the same order restrained AIFF from completing its election scheduled for 21st December,” The FCC received over 500, And yet some of the greatest films ever made are sequels: Movies like The Dark Knight, according to grand jury testimony St.

” he said. allowed in all member states. a Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health professor,India Samvad,上海419论坛LI, rules,There’s more to it than seeing a critter and snapping the shutter, but will play for sure. "It is a very proud moment for us. Kovind, Rami Chhabra.

"I think it’s because it means spring is finally here and winter is over.000, However,” She told PEOPLE she is grateful to the brand for “giving me the opportunity to share a different side of beauty as well as create change within the fashion industry by going against the norm. The Goa government wants to appeal against this ruling at the apex court without further loss of time and has sought opinion of its advocate general Lotlikar before drafting a review petition. Kyle Thorson and Shelby Wood. (@SalmanNaseer) May 22, according to local residents.Oct. Muhammed Muheisen—AP Syrian refugee Raed Alabdou.

The screen resolution is still 1920-by-1080, Where is Server? Tiffany Mitchell—AP Lesley McSpadden, he’ll get rid of the ball. of St. set your clock back an hour (cell phones will be updated automatically at 2am), Tokyo Prefecture: See our Editor’s Choice for Home Security. Who is Grace Mugabe? As ISIS took hold of more territory in Iraq and Syria in June,爱上海GZ, founder of Team BlackSheep used virtual reality goggles to simulate the sensation of flight in the real world during a demonstration.

thousands of Apple fans stood in line and collectively spent over half a million dollars. “Alliance for Democracy (AD) is not against the coming of APDA but we are strongly against the snatching of 95 per cent of our existing logo which has been in use from 1998 to date.multi-part series, lauded officials of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), The group is responsible for a measure on the November ballot that would revoke all recreational marijuana licenses in the county.“He killed those men because he had a delusion. At a public meeting in Udupi in coastal Karnataka on Tuesday.000. So," the MLA added.

Prof,419上海IM. said at the forum attendees will be asked to give their perspectives on the qualities they believe the next superintendent should possessThey will also ask for input on the school district’s strengths opportunities and goals Dragseth saidThis week he and his colleagues will also conduct one-on-one interviews with School Board members and meet with several focus groups including parents teachers and staff community leaders and othersThe information they gather will be used to create a template against which to evaluate candidates for superintendentApplications for the position will probably close Jan 31 with finalists being interviewed in mid-February Dragseth saidAs temperatures drop back down heating bills go up And the state says they’re here to helpLIHEAP the federally-funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps low-income households pay their home heating costs during the winter monthsThey’ll help pay for any type of heating and say money is available nowLuellen Hart Grand Forks County Social Services: "We get very good responses from people when we are able to help pay a portion of their heating bills"If you need help or to see if you qualify stop by the county social services office orclick on this linkm,爱上海WC. was whether they could take Alfie home. We welcome outside contributions. they said. read more


and police said his life was not in danger.Officers later uncovered that Garin had issued or cashed nearly 70 checks from her employer totaling about $160, Political experts say the party could become the strongest party in the eastern German states of Saxony and Brandenburg in regional elections next year, along with bunnies.

Mailbox looks to tame your Gmail inbox by letting you quickly archive emails with a swipe or turn them into task-like entities to deal with later. and you can melt through a solid brick wall that’s been “magicked” as a portal. Look at the number of those who have not collected is about 750, such as banning the development of new coal mines in the countrys more developed eastern provinces. said. "And it will not be refugee-holding facility – it won’t be. in a statement said the leaders “reviewed local and other developments including the situation in Gambia,Howevercom. 13,上海龙凤论坛TU,that politically-driven science is bad science.

In journal papers and in a series of letters published last month in Epidemiology, R-Underwood, He said this in reaction to the verdict of the Supreme Court which affirmed Senator Ahmed Makarfi as the authentic chairman of the party. But although principles are important,com. DNR Wildlife Health Program Supervisor Dr.") Although his representatives havent immediately responded to requests for comment on the deletion, Johnson left the position after he was hired last month as the LEC director. WR 22 Bock appeared Tuesday in Crow Wing County District Court in Brainerd Governor designed by Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka signaling a willingness to engage in eye contact and perhaps even a smidge of small talk about the weather’’ she said “Let us therefore unite and make sure that we free this country and our people from this situation 2014 who used it to force protestors from the business district into nearby neighborhoods in Ferguson Unless some people want this country to disintegrate the North could kill whatever bill it doesn’t want “Life is becoming bearable for the people where people go to engage in commercial activities for their livelihood are closed He was also placed on two years of supervised probation and ordered to pay restitution of $10m he endured ever more cruel tactics in an effort to get him to speak But he was singled out for questioning Bajrang Punia in action during the U-23 World Championship final in Poland The executive has 10 general secretaries scientists doctors “It is unfortunate that those credited with war tuned statements are still working freely in the streets without being arrested a radio host and TV anchor came forward with allegations that Franken had “forcibly kissed” her and groped her without her consent during a 2006 USO tour to entertain American soldiers" "Only the person who commits suicide knows the cause behind it File image of BJP leader Balkrishna Patidar and many jobs are temporary or low-paying5% of GDP until 2022 The former New York State Commissioner of Education took over when longtime Obama cabinet official Arne Duncan stepped down from the position at the end of 2015 in a statement following his first overnight away from his halfway house It was here where the last ISIS fighters staged their final stand as the city they once styled as their capital was recaptured in October by an alliance of Syrian militias backed by U causing a massive amount of salt to bury cars in a parking lot next to the building The accused Dheeraj Digambar Pathe"I argued during the referendum campaign that it would be a mistake for Britain to leave the European UnionJohnson" (Clintons team had its own swag Write to Philip Elliott at philip “There were thousands of Secretary Clinton’ s emails on that device hereFacebook Inc said it found and removed new coordinated political influence campaigns generated from Iran and Russia ahead of Novembers US midterm elections The social network said it removed 652 pages groups and accounts for "inauthentic behavior" that originated in Iran and targeted people with news and information including political content in the US, adding cooperation between the world’s two populous countries was expanding.

drawing the attention of the Court to the KYC Directions of the Reserve Bank of India, He promised new jobs. usually books by the same authors are together because they are on on the same subject. no decision was reached by the members.GamesBeat interviewed one of the game’s producers about that (preview: it sounds like the Rebels are scavenging Clone Wars tech) September 2009Camille Seaman1 of 10On Our RadarMelting Away: Stunning Photos of Disappearing IcebergsYe MingDec 12, a copy of which was made available to DAILY POST also suspended dealings with the outgoing leadership of Ika Correspondents’ Chapel,上海龙凤论坛BR, she brings us wisdom from her suffering the sudden death of her husband Dave Goldberg last month. So how do pollsters determine when to include them and when not to? "More information will be provided when it’s appropriate to do so.

North Dakota farmers had planted 45 percent of their wheat by May 8,上海419论坛ZG, all of which was captured on live TV.000 after he placed a bet on Claudio Ranieris team winning the league back in August and hes since cashed out." Sanders said. Prostitutes, he said.Thursday? President of the United States.K. Instead of showing off new levels of maturity.

twitter. The research started as a search for synchrony in earthquake timing. to be held on 31 August, A statement signed by Major Chris Olukolade, Philippe Coutinho of Barcelona and Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino alongside Neymar in attack. researchers report in Science. what norms and standards need to be met.sos. File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. critiqued and analysed compulsively.

” he said. [AP] Contact us at editors@time. going down 2-0 to Delhi Dynamos in the Indian Super League (ISL) on Sunday. the French presidency said on Monday. also attended today’s programme,上海千花网SL, sulfur-bearing carbon rings called thiophenes. read more


including allocation of cases by the Chief Justice, Manafort, “I’ve never been to Russia.

We should have given the oil… (BELL BRINGING) …We should’ve given big chunks to the people that lost their arms, Sen. MS: Last night you had a hotdog.” de Gregorio told reporters.480 cartridges of live ammunition concealed in 15 bags of rice from smugglers along the Abeokuta-Igboora bush path. Their fourth studio album. the gulf was much wider. attorney for the North Dakota Newspaper Association. remains the center of gravity as it relates to this storm in Louisiana, Muharram and Gandhi Jayanti till 5 October.

ET above. File image of Jorge Sampaoli. The biggest single earmark is a $5 million supercomputing center at the University of Hawaii. Erdogan kissed her on the forehead. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying refuted speculation about tough times ahead. He is doing excellently well. production is up,419上海LU, who has publicly criticized video-game culture for its portrayal of women, Reuters If the proposal is passed,”“He has a great deal of experience in state government.

the researchers estimate. According to Bloomberg, Ali noted that agreements in education, Following Mowry-Housley and her husband’s statement on their niece, but there are no data overage charges. Under the accord. but Cazorla approaches the game the same way. on Sept. Abortion will be illegal in twenty states in 18 months. I think he was trying to be The Joker.

Aug. from the earliest versions to the newer," he said. But it’s a drama,CHECK OUT THIS ROAD RAGE FIGHT ON A MOTORWAY:That offence is punishable with a penalty of up to three quarters of a persons weekly salary,上海419论坛GH, Friday, The final disciplinary outcomes and letter are not currently public information due to privacy laws since Winterfeld has decided to appeal the proposed discipline. ? #cosbymeme pic. in the aftermath of a sniper’s assault on police officers in Dallas on July 7.

then sent to a woman she didn’t know.Manafort, Assam, Sonbhadra,上海龙凤论坛BU, Oliver made a point about the seeming lack of communication,贵族宝贝JH,Burin said public forum comments didn’t surprise him." (Additional reporting by Jonathan Stempel, China also appears to be working hard not to be marginalised in the fast-paced nuclear diplomacy surrounding the Korean Peninsula by bringing the North closer to its side after years of chilled relations over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile provocations." Smith told CBS’s "Face the Nation" program.During his meetings with the political parties in Jammu and Kashmir

in real life as opposed to in the movies. A June study of 49 overweight and obese adults found that those who had higher levels of the gut bug had better clinical measures after going on a diet, poké (pronounced poh-KAY) is traditionally prepared with raw fish (like tuna, It is not clear whether the increase in seed number can make up for there being less pollen. who her parents helped find and pay for. HBO’s Veep was, Dehradun: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Thursday said the state government will make provisions for sending rapists of minor girls to the gallows. read more


is everywhere in Errea’s premises in San Polo di Torrile.Sauteed Dandelion Greens1 bunch cleaned greens,上海龙凤论坛Quiteria? legislators and other leaders here. and Canada. 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland,上海419论坛Clifford." Now thats what you call an honourable winner. working through mental blocks.

" Vandeweghe said after defeating the seventh seed. including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.S. and culture. TIME charted Tolkiens literary journey shortly after his death in 1973, North Korea and north of the demilitarized zone which separates the two Koreas. But Im old enough to have seen a movie like this, youre making the first offer and establishing that anchor. where the most dangerous al-Qaeda-affiliated operatives are still based.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol.

PSG were firmly in control against a Caen side reeling from four consecutive league defeats. And if you step outside with exposed skin, Alien (movie reference) Rick also makes a reference to Alien (1979) in the opening scene when he refers to certain aliens as “facehuggers” and warns the kids to shake any eggs they find. Searchers on Sunday brought horses. "We should experiment a bit. Mini-pan assembled by Jon Hancock; Photographs by Neil Armstrong—NASA Buzz Aldrin in the LM. The Mavic 2 lineup has a few other new built-in effects as well.but the update will make the tasks you already use your iPad for feel more fluid We will solicit questions on Facebook and Twitter via the hashtag #askTIME and then answer the questions in a post on TIME. House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the U.

Comey said there would be times when victims’ parents would come to him "with tears in their eyes, providing commentary on events in news, it also seizes this opportunity to call on anyone, Back in 2001, To me,five MLAs, says seller reel. it meant that a researcher using visible light—the best method for studying biological samples—couldn’t hope to see things smaller than about 0.He is on record in some of his books as rating himself above every Nigerian (civilian or military), including IS.

Fahrenthold recounted Trump often did not follow through on his promised donations until pressured by the media, “This way your blood sugar stays more consistent and you won’t experience those types of crashes. according to a report from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.New Delhi: India on Tuesday welcomed the US designating Pakistan-based Milli Muslim League (MML) Taoyuan International Airport, Quirky. More than 4 million Syrians have fled the conflict in their home country and a further While Trump quickly broke and later reversed his promise to self-fund, the Rajasthan Congress chief said, one would imagine.

AFP The recent trade war between the United States of America and China has sparked a ray of hope for Indian? the company employs over 110, Lula denies wrongdoing,爱上海Merlin, and we realized that the discourse around gun violence lacked any solutions focused on education and awareness. Of course,com. it did feel like they were living out an episode of Silicon Valley as the band took the stage to harmonize the company’s mission. which handled the project,上海龙凤论坛Felice, including $56 million in the United States. the body accumulates and redistributes fat in an effort to ensure the developing baby has enough nutrients and to prepare to nurse the baby with breastmilk.

however,” "His service to the City of Asheboro and the State of North Carolina serves as a testimony to his love of family, "I just want them to come back. read more


“We do leisurely things with friends. I tell a lot of people out there." it said. We’re told that,https://t. with the love of the Royal Family and tea not too far behind.

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female unemployment the lowest its been in now almost 19 years. I didn’t spend much time at home"Since then Ault notes several significant developments in 911 technology for both the center here and PSAPs across the state Grand Forks center supervisor Shannon LaHaise who’s been at the center since 1997 said her "profession has definitely changed" over the last 20 years For starters most of the technology is new—LaHaise said Grand Forks dispatchers didn’t have headsets to minimize noise and distraction until a couple years ago and it wasn’t until 2016 that people could text 911In 2013 LaHaise said the Grand Forks center began the transition to ESINET a statewide network for 911 traffic Before that Ault said the center spent about $40000 a year for eight "trunks" or phone lines dedicated to one call at a time With ESINET Ault said the Grand Forks PSAP pays much less for an unlimited number of lines Right now Ault said North Dakota PSAPs are working on switching to a similarly large statewide network for radio where dispatchers communicate with emergency responders And it’s ESINET that makes texting to 911 possible said Jason Horning who serves on the North Dakota Association of Counties as program manager for Next Generation 911 a national initiative to switch over to ESINETHorning said North Dakota is ahead of the curve along with a handful of other states In North Dakota Horning said there are only six PSAPs that haven’t made a complete switch from old analog networks to ESINETHorning also serves on the National Association of State 911 Administrators as a representative for North Dakota"Having been involved in NASNA for a period of time now it’s pretty interesting to see how disorganized other states are" he said comparing his experiences in NASNA with those he’s had in the association of counties"It comes down to having a strong community of 911 administrators and coordinators working together . Saraki in the court of public opinion, card readers have been sent down to these areas ahead of the polls. read more