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optimization webmaster every day for website optimization, I will find the website optimization resources, but often you will ignore the best resources before, that is love Shanghai, love Shanghai station every day. And when you search for something, in addition to bid at the home often is love Shanghai’s own products such as: Shanghai, Post Bar love Wikipedia, know, library and so on, even now the love experience of Shanghai is also gradually born, obtains from the analysis of Shanghai love the weight of their products is very high. So in the process of Web site optimization, we can make full use of these.

in the last year, ask where do the chain is best, many optimization webmaster can answer, he would tell you to go to some well-known forums, with links to your web site signature, of course could not immediately have the effect, you need to do the initial level, otherwise you are not a link. So do the forum is a long time to adhere to, like I do now, every day the chain for my website posted in the forum every day, about 10 for the chain. But in my personal opinion forum outside the chain effect of today is not very good, but I also believe that the old method.

website optimization promotion, is indispensable to the chain, the chain website each had a personal idea, the high quality of the chain to the site is the weight, which station do it? The construction of the chain for a part of the Shanghai dragon of the optimization process, the benefits of the chain, the first increase website weight, second a good website ranking, website optimization in Hefei today to share with you the chain work need to do

blog, everyone can have, but after you can’t ignore it, you often need to maintain it, do you want to do a professional blog culture, in fact, the blog effect is good, but you need to have early to maintain it, occasionally doing comments later blog has weight, you can drive your website, can also send articles in the blog, the weight of the high natural love Shanghai to see you.

usually in the chain to find a good webmaster address, mainly collected from search keywords, look on in front of the information will be the site of the weight is relatively high, but we have to search, can come to a conclusion. In fact, I still quite love in the classification, the probability of success of 99% as long as you do, there will be, but the only bad is not to add keywords with links, leaving only the URL, and no link. Here for everyone to recommend several classification: 58, go to the market, people are very good effect.

third, the forum outside the chain is also good

blog In fact,

first, the chain is actually in front of


chain has a lot of resources, are constantly at work is trying to accumulate resources, eventually you will be more and more, the website optimization will become easier.

second, the classification of information chain


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