Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng 2016 mobile how important

Zhuhai Shanghai dragon finally, hope everybody can pay more attention to mobile search, we also wish to make their sites are optimized as soon as possible, strengthen friendly mobile search, which is suitable for mobile terminal. As for how to make the mobile terminal Shanghai dragon optimization, please pay attention to

mobile phone access to the Internet, the author think it is necessary to move in Zhuhai Shanghai dragon with you under the search now in the end how important it became

in the domestic field of mobile search, love Shanghai is still a dominant, occupy the absolute market advantage, web export reached one billion magnitude flow every day. Mobile end love Shanghai search traffic has gone beyond the end of PC, and beyond is permanent.

With the popularity of next time!

we have to cause the attention of Shanghai dragon Er website, mobile search has become an important content of friends must pay attention to the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Due to different screen size, different mobile phone and PC website, click on the way. The search engine in order to bring a good user experience, will have the common requirements of the web site in the search, the user in the mobile phone can easily browse, use website, search engines will not give good rankings in mobile search. On site adaptation optimization in mobile phone browsing must cause the attention of Shanghai dragon.


(mobile phone terminal integrated search engine brand penetration)


if not see the above data, the use of mobile phone users search habits how strong believe in real life you are can feel. Such a large user group to the mobile phone, this is also an opportunity for the webmaster, adapted to the mobile terminal site will certainly than the single PC side of the site has a huge traffic entrance, first make a mobile optimized website to Shanghai dragon eat a few more, Why not?


data from CNNIC, China accounted for the proportion of Internet users and mobile phone users, mobile phone users as of December 2015, Chinese Internet use rate of 90.1% compared to the end of 2014, an increase of 4.3 percentage points; the mobile search volume in the third quarter of 2014 Shanghai love has gone beyond the PC, and rise down trend. You can imagine the 2015 mobile search volume will exceed 2014. And in 2016 and beyond 2015, this is the inevitable result of the development of Shanghai mobile, how can an Longfeng foresee.


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e-commerce development speed, the author is deep. The electricity supplier from the initial single in the Taobao shop, now covering all walks of life. From the PC end is extended to the mobile terminal, just a few years time, the speed of the other people are really fast reaction does not come. Of course, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is no exception, Shanghai mobile dragon optimized role can not be ignored.


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