Once you do the conversion page Shanghai Longfeng demand

on several years of Shanghai dragon handles the novice, no ranking is the most difficult, the most difficult is how to promote the transformation of the site. A problem is a real problem, because the craft size of Shanghai dragon geometric years to certain levels, of course, change of search engine has always been, the fact end of infinite width, Laoniao is very simple to test out the legislation. But this is to touch the transformation limitations of each collective headache with this achievement, many outside Shanghai Dragon technology related affairs. You have to understand with the customer, you will understand you, understand your career, depositors, users need to understand. As long as the ability to imagine a good page as the page names, good range of elements. It is yesterday and didn’t tell about your conversion rate, to chat with their website is each on demand once the conversion rate of the page.

can do many people think that as long as the competition time needs to do once the sales page, some people think that the conversion rate of the page is not consistent with the Shanghai dragon also can’t even think. This period I was stumped a conversion result, the optimization range is not the what too big achievement, each website ranking is promoted, the flow is one step in the promotion. But the conversion rate is not with it, you know the flow more, key words ranking to have transformed you still do not eat. The distance of time has been considering a range of three grades, the conversion rate is the most important element in order, accurate flow – Page reveal – customer service. Let’s do the Shanghai dragon can control the first two, I feel a little I did.

will advance if you dip, the conversion rate of the page very consistent user experience, the user is your site for a long time to stop, jump out of little, for the user experience or promotion. But you can’t get some light for users not price goods, let users look to receive, but not what the quality of the results of disposal. Users see a page to understand the root of your back will not second times of trouble, I feel this is a lot of people are doing when the conversion rate of the page was wrong. When doing conversion page has been the company’s main emphasis, expect users quickly finalized, did not allow users to access the real price.

conversion Page > Exit

is the key to the second points, in fact there is little friction with optimal competition, few people can use these two links to do well. A marketing website is not good to do optimization, optimization of the difficulty will be increased. Well optimized no marketing, not so tough without hearing charge into the enemy ranks, allowing users to purchase immediately moved, perhaps is the art, show the scope of the total can not give people the air, people are the main form. I think this is only once can compromise style, that is the optimization of the site pages once hung as conversion page, so as to enhance the conversion rate. Home is conspicuous position was compared to a chain of images, the conversion rate of the page.

When the author is thinking of This is for the optimization of


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