Keywords Shanghai Longfeng keyword strategy selection

according to our personal ideas is Shanghai dragon, keywords all together, when the optimization to a certain extent can reach the goal, but I want to say is this way is not efficient, do you know the website optimization needs a cumulative process, by keyword parameters above, we can see the auto repair school words are the most difficult to make up if you start to do this keywords effect is certainly not too ideal, if it is to do their own keyword optimization strategy, that person should do first school repair, Henan auto repair school, Zhengzhou auto repair school, etc. these words have a better ranking and then transfer to car beauty school, auto repair school, the last is auto repair school. This website can ensure that each different periods will have a certain flow, and the combination of the site itself will Shanghai Longfeng effect can be maximized.

effect will be better!

why develop keyword strategy


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is the number of target keyword query with Jinhua keyword tool case, some of the words love Shanghai index is wrong, the red label modified

keyword strategy

many things are easier said than done, Shanghai dragon is to do keyword keyword strategy thinking problems, according to the current situation of the site itself, as soon as possible to complete the target keywords ranking. Here is a simple description of the home key strategy, of course, long tail strategy. Keywords strategy is the most important data mining and analysis, using data to guide Shanghai dragon Er, this is the king.

Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng idlers that excellent Shanghai dragon Er is the biggest effect in different periods according to the website can do different keywords to achieve Shanghai dragon, they will analysis the advantages and disadvantages, reasonable choice, from easy to difficult, and gradually advanced, completed the final goal, which is to develop Shanghai Longfeng keyword strategy benefits.

in aftermarket training school www.lingyunxx贵族宝贝 this website as an example. The site mainly for the national automotive training services, including the target keywords (region) auto repair school, training, learning, and automotive aftermarket repair project keywords. How to choose keywords here is not to say, we look at how to do a few key words

How to develop the

optimization in front of the written website how to select keywords in detail here, write about a different period what keywords, how to choose keywords is the keyword strategy, the following are some of their own experience since the station experience, have the wrong place please home.


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