Talk about how to improve the flow of some feelingsncredible ndia in the eyes of an investor

2. by search engine rankings to get a lot of traffic, the process also needs to adhere to, the effect is also very good, to come is all natural flow, this will have to learn SEO. Through this article you will find increase website traffic is not easy, also verified that the Wangzhuan owners review their predecessors course will say "

but, as everyone has heard, India has crossed the PC era and is running into the mobile Internet society. With 10 thousand rupees RMB 960 yuan following a large number of smart phones shipped, since 2014, the number of mobile Internet users in India, "rolling, happy growth.". According to the optimistic statistics, India access to mobile Internet users reached 300 million by the end of 2016, has become the second only to Chinese about 800 million of the world’s second largest mobile Internet market, and this is just 25% of the population of India 1 billion 200 million.

information network Wangzhuan because in some famous forum, continued a few days with their own chain chain of the last post by the administrator ruthless title.

chain of words, some of the friends of the chain website traffic and information network Wangzhuan although large, but a day through his chain to at most only a dozen IP, friends of the chain’s role is to improve your PR value and weight.

said everyone can put blog traffic into my master station, this is a good idea, but out of the question, for some beginners own station has not got popularity, which still have energy to promote the blog, at most a day from the blog attracted several IP. This method is suitable for medium master.

, just as credit cards are never fully available in China, the PC computer and PC based Internet are also uncommon in India without flying into the homes of ordinary people. This point from the India hotel front desk staff to operate the computer keyboard when the single hand single finger input method can be seen.

1. write original articles, and there is readability, the first visit to visitors next time will patronize your station, can accumulate flow, that is so-called word of mouth promotion. This is difficult for many webmasters adhere to, because impetuous, want to make money quickly, but blindly use some blunt promotion methods to improve traffic flow to make money, but the effect is not good.

1, fast mobile Internet

As for the

              write more effective, whenever I write a high quality article published in A5, the flow will greatly enhance the day, but second days and keep the flow before, excitement and down.

network method, Wangzhuan information network has not been tried.



above information network Wangzhuan the true feelings, may also have the wrong places, perhaps used properly, we can put forward opinions.

society across the PC era, is running into the mobile Internet Society:

, neighboring India, is like an exotic beauty veiled with hazy veils. The mysterious ancient history of religious amorous feelings, have numerous noisy city life streams of people busily coming and going. A fabulously rich gold watch Daikin chain business tycoon, is in rags to cover for the family impoverished masses. There is a word not just a screen full of singing and dancing video products, also has a single hand to eat the dumpling face rejection diet culture.

Wangzhuan information network finally through self practice the following experience:

Wangzhuan information network currently 80% day traffic from search engine, external links to the flow of little, in learning SEO, see others say can improve the flow by bookmarking, forum, blog, soft, Links etc., Wangzhuan information network have done this way to promote the site, but the effect is really well, take it as a forum, a post, a day not to sink,

with an actual case unbelievable to support the pace of development of mobile Internet India Chaoying: India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani Mukesh Ambani new company founded Reliance Jio in 2016 put into operation. Mr. Ambani is spending billions of dollars invested billions of dollars in India over the construction of nearly 100 thousand Telecom Tower covers 80% of the population in India, immediately announced that from September 5, 2016 to March 31, 2017, Reliance Jio users can enjoy all the unconditional free 4G data, voice and video services, a full six months. Many users from India do not know how the intelligent mobile phone on cut the watermelon into the stone age, is a small mobile phone online to see the film also don’t have to give money to the Communist society, resulting in a lot of city streets and lanes with a large screen mobile phone.

for the entire world to the subcontinent fantastic country fascinated people, India tourism bureau gives a concise and comprehensive and meaningful slogan: "Incredible India, India’s unbelievable". With the curiosity of one hundred thousand volts and the observation power of venture investors, we walked into the mysterious India without hesitation. What we have seen and heard is a rapidly developing market in the contradiction of two yuan in the backward society with rapid change in information technology and inefficient operation.

in some famous forums, then a bad end is the administrator and other members think you deliberately AD, do not delete your ID number.

if you are on the website is the sales of these goods, and write related products is a good soft Wen promotion, but to rely on advertising to make the flow of the webmaster, this way the biggest advantage is very easy to get a lot of the chain.


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