On site in Shanghai love turmoil to stabilize ranking

2, outside the chain of high quality, I like a company to do foreign trade, the chain is basically software group, NND, every week check the chain with a bungee jumping, while more than 1000, more than 100 of all, the heart is not good people really can not afford. The chain of low quality, high repeatability may have many will be immediately included, but generally support a few days, outside chain greatly reduce or increase, may lead to substantially reduce the ranking affected, may even lead to site is down right, my last company of those resources is on the station. This week more than 700, Monday 16. Obviously the right down. Of course, this is not my responsibility to the station, I > nobility

The quality of


a few months ago, personal ability, experience is good, so that I took a number of new sites, after 4 months of promotion, website ranking and several keywords ranking have come up, basically are in the home, some still in the top 3, the flow is yes, but there is always some unexpected result in some key words suddenly fell into the 3,4 page, especially the most afraid of is love Shanghai update, we all know that love Shanghai in general every Wednesday, Thursday when there will be a monthly update, No. 11 or No. 26 will be updated every time the update will lead to fluctuating most of the site, some ranking drop points, some rankings of several, and may directly K off, so every time a lot of people are afraid of love Shanghai update internal wood way, ah, we all rely on Shanghai love to eat. But Baidu extremely do not match, ranking up and down when never give any reason, only their thinking is wrong or where Mongolia to modify the ranking for a period of time will be restored by the wrong can only continue to Mongolia, all rely on their own experience to judge, so how to in Shanghai love updates to keep ranking a lot of Shanghai Longfeng headache. I am the station overall is good, basically are quite stable, sometimes there will be a 1,2 with down after a few pages, after 1,2 weeks of maintenance, generally able to re up, overall is good, here to share with you the next experience.

Just for a company I

1, love Shanghai on site in the rankings, generally have a great relationship with the fluctuation or the structure of the website in the station of the station, the best is the original article, which as we all know, but it’s hard to do, so every regular update 1, 2 original basic enough, other pseudo the original or acquisition is OK, but otherwise love Shanghai update not overdo sth., suddenly can not find the station is you. And the structure and is the site of the title, it is best to keep stable, can not change as far as possible not to change. If you change it, those days may still keep ranking, because the love of Shanghai has a cache time on the site, grab the content is generally not immediately reflected, usually broke out again updated weekly or monthly updates in the 2 days, if you change is not very consistent with the love of Shanghai the appetite, the ranking drop is normal, it is normal to fall right.


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