How to do web site optimization two integrated analysis of key words

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analysis of key wordsThe analysis of Keywords:

1, the main keywords: according to the actual situation of product, analysis of the main keywords, keyword keyword should be familiar to everyone, but also is the key users all know. Such words generally from the product features and purposes determine the competition strength of key words. For example, the industry of the generator such as little Ai Gang took over. Everyone should be familiar with the industry, the generator has been applied to various industries. But after receiving the case of this case must understand, familiar with the product, analysis of the main keywords, to determine the main keywords. But the generator is a big industry, through the analysis of the data and customer communication, the generator is divided into: wind generator, turbine generator, diesel generators and other fuel generator. The customer has been doing industry, how to do? Can only use the word generator as the main key words.

2, according to the analysis of the data and understand customer communication, to determine the target keywords, target keywords is here we must first do keyword search engine keywords position, is the first step to do. Through communication, the customer is mainly to diesel generator, diesel generator is the target keywords so I determined.

ready enough before the case, after a certain understanding of the product, as a cautious site optimization programme planners, must be on the website of the keyword analysis, integration. This analysis of keywords, integration of keywords, mainly for later optimization of implementation of the scheme, according to the product competition to determine the target keywords we start. Keywords to get the actual flow, the user needs is the keywords we need, so we must analyze and integrate the keywords.

3, long tail keywords: long tail keywords are keywords and related products, but also we must seize the keywords, long tail keywords layout determines our website can go far, whether long by readers. Only by constantly expand the reader need long tail keywords, we will get more traffic, more access. There are a lot of long tail keywords collection methods, such as analysis of the actual useful long tail search from love Shanghai, love love know from Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar, Shanghai love Wikipedia, even related search and other search engines, answer search, forum and so on. But no matter what we from the channel, in what way, the long tail keywords do should have read the demand of long tail. Keywords the diesel generator, through the analysis to the long tail keywords can be extended with (diesel generator, diesel generator, diesel generator plant, diesel generator principle, diesel generator maintenance, diesel generator rental) etc.. Here I not a example. I hope all my friends to do long tail keyword analysis must take into account the needs of readers of long tail keywords. Only the long tail keywords readers’ needs is what we need. I will write later (system length >


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