Not just Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng different meaning of death

this link before actually quite popular, for example, before many sites have love always make a point to the home page of the link in the article, the purpose is to improve the home page target keywords ranking. Some refer to the column page, it is as long as the text appears in the website more popular keywords will be a link, in order to put weight on these popular word page. Of course, in the past, this method has a certain effect, otherwise there will not be so people do. But now, this phenomenon is obviously a lot less, especially in the field of love Shanghai at the start of the strict chain of time.

say such links as "dead link", is standing in the point of view of the needs of users. In general this link are not on demand, no extra click is link to search engine optimization, is excessive. Some of the best blogs usually see, do links are directly to an article, not read this article the user generally will click on the link, because it hides the information needed by the user, or you can add the information in this article.


but today want to say this is not the dead link in the traditional sense, but would like to look at the abandoned "dead link". The so-called waste is no one click No click demand, purely in order to transfer the weight and the link.

, 2, the low degree of

actually this kind of practice is typical for Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng example is to search engine, basically ignoring the user experience. Is mainly reflected in two aspects:


generally do link to the home page or column page links are popular keywords, meaning more widely, such as some people on the site is Shanghai dragon, when people click on the link to the home page to see is full screen Shanghai dragon, all kinds of, not only for the concept of Shanghai dragon encyclopedia explanation, this kind of situation, the degree is very low, the anchor text and more precise requirements draw further apart.


is one of the things that the dead links Shanghai dragon hate, because it is one of the factors to the search engine’s unfriendliest. The link should be smoothly, dead link is a dead end, let the spider will be at a loss what to do search engine trust on the site, of course, the degree will be greatly reduced.

articles within the chain usually with some of the more obvious signs, such as color will be different, underlined and so on, if the link text appeared in the article, is ugly, on the user’s reading will also cause some interference;

In fact,

had two kinds of links are commonly used. One is the hidden links, that is the link color to the background color, made of the same, hiding in a corner, the user can not see, but the spider can climb up; there is a semi hidden links, which appear in the text, but also can see the text >


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