QQ spatial analysis can make love Shanghai keyword ranking


ranking is temporary or can persist for some time, but the friend insists on at least 2 weeks, the show is still relatively stable, not due to sudden changes or love Shanghai data errors.

two, ranking

interested friends can try to see, because the layout or do what optimization sake.

, QQ key word ranking Shimonoseki space


most of the time, there are many things that we cannot explain, like an article of my friend reproduced write about "iphone5.1", ranking second, every day with a flow rate of more than 100 IP, we can see the station to do 35 days.

Summary: in the


Study on QQ space

also met a lot of guest, on a single page, thousands of index ranked first, there may be a lot we don’t have the technology or do not know how to operate, but some still do not explain, only thanks to the magic of love Shanghai.


2, and QQ space setting is related, this feeling is not the main, Xu Guoxiang personally think that factors not too big, because many of my friends also have that kind of layout, there have been no ranking, we can see that space, is composed of several modules, there are some products, people feel like a enterprise station:

in a friend asked me QQ can participate in the keywords ranking is group in the US, and the index are almost 200 words; I was immediately answered, this should be no such thing, I believe you and I almost certainly reaction; we all know that love Shanghai not included in the QQ space, so a lot of people write original articles, to find the source of the local QQ space is also one of the original articles; the friend then gave me a screenshot, I’m afraid is playing with me, my PS, I love Shanghai, love is the sea, ranked second, the key word is "chopping" we do not believe, can search, combined with the situation of Xu Guoxiang and everyone together to talk about:

when we first got some unanalysable phenomenon, can we exchange, you do not understand, others may understand, others will do so, but did not get a lot of ranking, through the exchange, we can draw a correct conclusion. It also proved that master.

3, is the signal love Shanghai QQ began to include space, because now a lot of micro-blog keywords ranking has, whether it is love in Shanghai began to use QQ space to the rank, not the personal feeling is not, although micro-blog is now ranked, but is also just a few specific keywords.


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