Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools tasteless chicken ribs but also

useful? "Certainly useful ah, can regulate their chain, thereby reducing the waste of the chain to improve the website quality" a lot of people will say, I also think so. However, I am very well to do, do the chain, how to judge my chain is garbage outside the chain, my choice is difficult, who wants to admit that their intentions to do the chain is spam links? If you cannot be sure, then this tool at least for you, decoration only.

is a: how many people are willing to refuse to use the chain tool

I don’t know what most people think, I think of little significance. Why? I think if a person is normal to do a website, the chain should be no quality problem, if not from malicious attacks such as Trojan, reprint, jump, I think he will not use the chain to tool. The black cat technique, and the purpose of this tool is the idea, more impossible to kill myself.


had greatly small "love Shanghai disaster", I have become accustomed to, the truth is to see the nature of the instrument, I "hanging around". Because I think: love Shanghai refuse chain tools, "which is tasteless, but also chicken ribs".

is two: it is necessary for us to use the chain to


in love who will be their loved ones affecting every nerve, I want to say is that Shanghai dragon ER was involved with the Shanghai love every nerve, but I do not love it! Love Shanghai greatly small action will make me abandon breathing, breath alert. This does not, the beta version of the chain tool and refused to debut.


is three: refuse outside the chain of tools the role and significance of

love Shanghai launched, there are still some sense for the webmaster, at least can improve search engine friendly, but also practical value needs to experience personally, the above is only my personal views. (the original TTleyuanbaby, please indicate the link: 贵族宝贝leyuanbaby贵族宝贝) for

This tool Fortunately,

on the other hand, if a person buys the link, and released a large number of spam links, then his purpose is to increase in the number of the chain, the ranking is better if you put this tool recommended to him, he would be willing to do? If we insist on high quality and high quality of the original content chain, step by step, stability of a solid, the so-called "crooked shadow is not afraid," if I were you, I did not need to use this tool.


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