Shanghai dragon the enemy can ever victorious

a lot of website optimization orders blindly, what kind of list to pick up, results are often unsatisfactory, not do not go up, make up is being punished, in this case, often waste their time, and lost the trust of customers, to own in the optimization on the road buried the tragedy of the foreshadowing. Therefore, in order to optimize the site can in the industry based on the long-term, selective orders is the most sensible choice of website optimization.


, a yellow, gambling, drugs, fraud and gray industry bill does not meet

In addition to ability

even made this list, their own in the industry’s reputation is not very good, this list of customers are not sincere person, may not be able to make money, but as the optimization of his own case, I believe that this is the case of nabuchushou.

Website Optimization Website Optimization and many people have always thought that website optimization is a manual work, send the chain, Gaga content, then ranked in there, the rumor spread also made a lot of the layman to website optimization industry that came in, the content is not so good write, the chain is not so good, the ranking is not so good to do, even if the rankings do come up at any time, probably because the search engine algorithm changes and fall, even if the search engine will not change, because other optimization more than their efforts to optimize the site’s ranking declined, therefore, in this harsh environment, to grasp the macro website optimization is particularly important.

website optimization, should have a full understanding of their ability to know what words you can do it, what words do not go up, just finished or had just finished a website optimization optimization list, their mood is the same, most of them feel equal to anything in optimizing industry theory. Indeed, all of the keywords optimization is similar, however, in the process of optimization, you could have been because the search engine changes affect the solution ranking; if you have suddenly appeared a large number of the same type corresponding countermeasures to optimize the site; if you have not before alternative keywords walk slowly in a repeated a page…… All of this is a web site optimization should be expected to.

for love Shanghai index above 10 thousand; keywords love Shanghai search page 100 million; love is, Shanghai home government portal, BBS and keywords, this list, website optimization or not received as well, the reason is very simple, if the individual orders, the key word is a word a lot of competition website optimization competition, personal ability and energy, financial resources are limited, and the company is incomparable, therefore, first of all, you lose to the starting point, even if luck do go up, maintenance energy will be very large, you are likely to lose more of a list >

three, competitive keywords with

two, the bill does not meet


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