Discussion on the optimization of our Shanghai Longfeng how

website external links

is one of the key links of a web site, a ranking in Shanghai, love the weight of the high site then the number of its external links must be very large, so we should master how to effectively increase the external links the site to learn every day, now is the fastest way to Admin5 and Chinaz for Submission if you copy the normal audit by then there will be a lot of websites to you this article were included and reproduced, so invisible to you outside of the chain number at a fast rate of growth and the efficiency is very high.

Three, learn to write original content

novice has certain errors and improper selection in the set of keywords and long tail keywords there, then we can consult a lot of predecessors, we should take into account the main keywords and long tail keywords will not be repetitive or conflict often appear with a key word, so pay attention to the keyword selection and setting at the same time we must not wait until later, love Shanghai began to find their own mistakes.

, a Links exchange.There are many


four, the increase of

love Shanghai

there are now many webmaster began to use this, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library Encyclopedia Shanghai space, Shanghai knows that love can be used to effectively promote the overall optimization and the results are very impressive, there are many web sites and keywords are included is very stable and all love Shanghai product optimization inseparable.

website started cannot do without the original content updates, I believe you all love love Shanghai spiders multi page on their website to grab a website, if the number of spiders to day so many web site snapshots and included page will also increase correspondingly, from the spider is very love a the site has its own unique original content so we must learn to love the taste of spiders in Shanghai to write the original content that the spider to grab.

with the webmaster ranks growing reputation to join the ranks of the stationmaster people more and more, a lot of interest in the establishment of the friends of this industry and hobbies are also attracted, but many novice friends into the webmaster circle so today to talk about how to start the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

are paid no attention to the importance Links for the new site, a lot of high quality and high weight of the site and Links are inseparable, can switch to a good Links is a good help for the website optimization, so webmaster friends should take and the website for phase similar to the exchange site, such as Admin5, Chinaz, im286 nets and so on some popular laggards good webmaster forums in exchange for some Links.

The above is my summary >

two, learn to use the product to promote the optimization of

five, avoid the key word accumulation


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