Shanghai dragon Er should focus on the site itself

on the list because more, if not taken into account, a few days ago in Shanghai dragon why took one of the task list released out, and soon there will be a applicants with my qq. Through understanding, I learned that this is a click on the brush is also called black hat Shanghai dragon Er, one of which made me change for black hat view:


by K in sixth days after I received the customer when asked me is not hard to take the black hat tactics of abusing his website. I guarantee that this is definitely a white hat techniques do, and only sixth days to do ah, you can not. Later I look at this website, found this site really is the reason: K server problems. This server is quite unstable, especially to the 10 points later in the evening, it is difficult to open or not open the site, although the author has previously told the customer, but the customer did not pay attention, it also led by K. This case is a good explanation of why will be white hat techniques K, the website itself can not be ignored, not only the arrow pointing to the white hat or black hat tactics.

started to hear the Shanghai dragon predecessors two methods referred to Shanghai Dragon: white hat and black hat. White hat refers to the conventional technique to optimize the site, let site in the specific period of the rankings, while the black hat hand thumb is to buy the chain, brush hits, hidden black chain cheating methods to optimize the website, benefit is to quickly upgrade the rankings, the downside is that once they are found very likely to be punished. I also have as many white hat Shanghai dragon Er, extreme contempt and disdain for those black hat Shanghai dragon Er, until the black hat Shanghai dragon Er never changed my mind.

believe that many webmaster have this experience, obviously I honestly do SEO, but to love Shanghai algorithm update, your site is  collateral damage ? I don’t want to talk about here, I have had this experience, with ever a station for example:


this sentence so I began to think about the black hat and white hat, also realized that love is not the sea K black hat and white hat, but your site, so the site was K should learn to focus on the site itself, rather than the black hat or white hat. Of course, if you still doubt that the author’s point of view, the author will give you two question and answer.

the first question: all the rules, why would it be in love with the sea K


This site is

second questions: the brush flow site ranking has been so stable


or back to the black hat Shanghai dragon Er, the author then asked him to do one of his website, found the website keyword index is more than 500, brush ranking techniques do. >


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