The authority will also affect the rank of nobility baby

through the way to assist the identification of noble baby Author:


blog or the author of the article, the noble baby will check whether there is an association between the content, such as the author’s website, noble baby personal data.

A message from For example: Lou song song

brandongaille: if the author of the article can be added tags to make the search engine more understanding of the author, can also take the text has a better sense of trust, if coupled with contributors (other authors) marker, so, even if the author is not adding links, can let the author spread influence.

Authorship markup is one of the authority of the author, in the noble baby help center already mentioned:

For example: Lou song song

more detailed information please see here (a baby Help Center)

You can

In order to identify the

2, if you are a blog, you can add rel=" Bowen signature; author". This way for the vast majority of the site.

1, perfect nobility baby under the account of personal data.


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