Shanghai dragon Combat Diary how to break the keyword index 3W

took over the starry website of Shanghai dragon for a long time, as the B2C website, or by sales for the purpose, so we must choose some more popular keywords as optimization object, first select the keywords of women more beautiful, for example, women’s taobao贵族宝贝 said. Check the love Shanghai index are 4W with 2W.

said this is the first beautiful optimization keywords are beautiful mall (wheat bags websites) inspired by the station through Shanghai Longfeng analysis, domain name age is old, and there has been in the wheat bags possessor of the domain name, so a website on-line access to good rankings, but beauty said, mogujie贵族宝贝 etc. keywords are the basic position in the top three in the first place.

at the site under their problem domain age looks like wood, just slightly low weight, for a new station should do first is to increase the number of stations and information products, this piece of article update. Behind the Shanghai Longfeng adjustment on the basic start, because the younger brother of Shanghai Longfeng station optimization is not doing well, so, intend to put more focus on the promotion of the station. According to the degree of the first and most popular keyword based is to adjust the layout of the keywords, < title> starry hstyle – a new daily official mall 100, taobao贵族宝贝 mall brand, Amoy brand | has no time to go to Korea? To the starry! To the starry beauty, mogujie贵族宝贝 shopping, to share shopping < /title>

already said the position of the main keywords, title reflected with beautiful women’s taobao贵族宝贝 can. The optimization process is basically the reference Meimei mall, we found a lot of tools Meimei mall paid links here to introduce a link query tool is LINKHELPER’s do not know if you know whether or not 贵族宝贝


I entered the Shanghai dragon world is not a very long time, so in Shanghai Longfeng understanding is not particularly profound. For the love of Shanghai keywords index 5W to second pages in two weeks, there may be a lot of luck here. Of course, this effort is a must.

in addition to paid links efforts, other methods of station promotion is as simple as usual we say basically the same. No >

no longer show, you see what it is a total of more than 1000 records of the link quality can’t be too nice enough about PR3-PR4. The use of paid links should pay attention to the grasp of the time, a period of time is not too much, otherwise it will be right down.




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