Recommend eight to Shanghai dragon WordPress plugin

3, Add Post URL



Add Post URL plug-in is at the bottom of your article, set up such a comment:




of the plug-in, you can at the bottom of your comments on this article copyright, others reproduced in time, moral webmaster will be this piece to go together. This advantage is:

2, Advanced Random Posts


(2) indirectly more than a goodly outside;

first through the establishment of a Akismet API key, the general use of the commonly used e-mail you register a line. After registration, the key must be preserved, after the establishment of other website with WP, can use the same. The Akismet plugin to intercept spam reply effect is first-rate, use this plug-in, in the waste recovery, peace of mind, as long as to delete these intercepted message bursts on the line.


Advanced Random Posts plugin is a classic random article plugin, random article role is in no matter what time to search engine spiders, your page is always updated. This plugin is to make each page of your site is not rigid, every time you refresh will have new content. It is also the most important, you have not been found, will be randomly out of tune, increase the chance of indexed by search engines.

plug-in is used to intercept spam, I believe that many WP build blogs are using it, because this plugin to help blog is really great, is generally used as the default WP plugin installed, WP will have. General plug-in I will delete, in addition to this.


set up a blog for a long time, the blog is not a lot, I open my blog look, modify the dislike! So change my blog recently two days is big. The use of WordPress (hereinafter referred to as "WP") the greatest benefit is, what can be accomplished using the plug-in, is very good for the site of the Shanghai dragon is. I would like to summarize the main share today, from blogging to now I used the WordPress plugin, I hope I can recommend to everyone help in the establishment of the process.

(1) indirect told the author of this article, others feel that your article is good, also can through the above link to your

1, Akismet plug-in


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