Summarized several factors affecting the website ranking

2, the server, the server is fast, the spider crawling your site is high efficiency. Slowly, the user does not love is not love, search engine. Because the search engine is the standard around the user’s interests. About stability can give an example. My e-commerce guidelines have been ranked nobility baby first page, at the end of 2004, hackers often websites often not open so may appear many times that, noble baby crawling my site, suddenly the server is finished. So my ranking quickly fell, then adjust for half a year, and then return to the first place, this is very bad.

The accumulation of a lot of words,

Title and Meta design principles:

second the content of the website



2, title and meta to control the length of the title design more reasonable, concise as possible in title must be added about 2 words, try not to exceed 25 Chinese characters. Page description meta tag not more than 100 words, also want to add a keyword in it.

here to tell you a few points to remember:

1, each page title and meta tags are different, and should be consistent with the content of the page. So we can make better prospects for the web site.

serverAffect the ranking of regional distribution of

1, the content of the website to be rich (to write soft)

1 title, this is unreasonable, if you accumulate keywords, others see that you over Shanghai and the true dragon, Shanghai dragon, after optimization, like no optimization, very reasonable, natural. Each page title and meta tags are different, and should be consistent with the content of the page. It can make the search engine more love.

is now more and more people are doing their own website, but many are in the trial stage, he is learning to do, or simply do not understand what optimization, just know that do the best station, the website is rather baffling love Shanghai K out here, tell the new hands, do stand several influence the site, ranking factors.

3, with text content (format looks better)

here warned some blind spots:

The speed and stability of

2, the original site more content (content about a screen around

1, the server, I did a lot of experiments, the same English keywords, using the same method, always web server in the United States was the first page of the speed, on the home server is slow, so we need to do English station, must be placed in foreign countries.

third: Title and meta design


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