Three strategies to solve the problem of malicious Click Advertising

nearly two years to do prevent malicious click system are many, mostly based on visitor behavior monitoring, to check the malicious click object. Need to emphasize is to select, identify visitors with high accuracy, such systems are generally based on the browser to mark visitor information, clear cookies that is not what the meaning of new visitors. Check this basic similar products are almost nothing more than the server to send some computer program resources consumed.

also to click his bidding advertising, generally do not recommend in this way, after all, is a dog in the manger, but for malicious click behavior stubborn, do not suppress each other’s arrogance, understand the mind of hate.

, a unique love Shanghai account optimization background settings


there are many such services. To search for promotion clicks out of a group, but choose useful, Shanghai love to prevent malicious click engineer not him. A system of artificial heat transfer from the click click to view the same principle than a stroke above.

trick three, reciprocal

Two, the use of

optimization and selection of key words can avoid a large number of invalid click keywords.

trick to prevent malicious click system

promotion Keywords can be divided into the flow and effect of words in two categories, in considering the premise of promotion cost, recommended enterprises to choose the accurate keywords, before I contact some hospital network marketing friends, I see they submitted a "hospital in the background, such words in medicine, I do can not understand the search for the term" hospital "how many people can really into their customers.

love Shanghai promotion keywords matching are divided into four types: broad match, phrase matching, accurate matching, negative matching, different matching methods will affect the range of businesses in the Shanghai show love page appears in the reasonable use, will help businesses attract accurate potential audience, for example customers to submit "Guangzhou English training" this keyword, matching the keywords may search for the word: Guangzhou English training (accurate) in Guangzhou where good English training (phrase) training in Guangzhou (extensive)


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