View of the wonderful Links exchange link = friendship

: in exchange Links, and pay attention to the snapshot time as more attention to the content of the site construction, because the site does not update the content or long-term low quality under the condition of same snapshot will be updated, so the snapshot time reference value and /p> where? "

for web page number included, Ye Jianhui believes that the need to look at the reason. Included poor website optimization, website ranking is bad? Take a good 123 navigation station, site included page is only 3430, but you have a few dare to do well site 123 also take the cattle? We have often heard some single page station, even if only included the home page, the weights can be the ranking is still underlined, this is how to say? We can that some novels stand even some trash, but it included the number of leverage, can rank and weight must be able to guarantee

, is not reasonable, at least in the opinion of Ye Jianhui link words have no ranking is not much significance, if Shanghai is willing to love with my blog for Links, he what keywords, as long as willing to change what is to say, right.

wonderful 2: home page snapshot snapshot 3 days slower than me, right to be reduced

wonderful 1: regardless of other keywords website ranking, link words must be ranked

of love Shanghai snapshot, love before the official website of the Shanghai have also issued the relevant documents, the website that the weight and whether it is k or drop right there is no direct correlation, there was not much to do to resolve, that shouldn’t be too concerned with the exchange time snapshot website Links in.


wonderful 3: your site included page number

the first to explain the word link ranking, such as "Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog website keywords" Ye Jianhui "and a web site to exchange Links when Ye Jianhui must have ranking in search engines, such as a row in the home page or the first three pages. With Ye Jianhui this keyword is ranked in the home, so is to meet the requirements, and if you got a "Shanghai dragon" the word it? Do not rank, not the meaning of exchange.

: give a lot of examples, just want to let everyone understand, is only one of the factors included the reference, do not be too tangled, the chain in exchange for reference from the aspects of site type, site quality and so on.

: link words and their websites have correlation can, can increase the website keyword density and correlation, if there is also a supreme elegance.

However, for the

recently, Ye Jianhui saw such an interesting discussion in a Shanghai dragon group, is discussed on some problems of Links exchange, the following five kinds of wonderful on the road to the Links theory.

is less than me

wonderful 4: link must take /



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