How to use the forum to promote new site outside the chain increase




Hello, I am a small seven, not for a long time and share experience, has recently been busy website external links do a business website, so the blog has not updated! Please forgive me. Today, to share with you how to use the forum to promote to increase the site’s external links".

find your target forum, we will carry out the chain related layout. Little seven listed here, after a little seven found a new forum, how is the arrangement of the chain’s own.

2. personal signature settings increase the site outside the chain, this is because many forum a commonplace talk of an old scholar, have restricted access, so this method must have a certain website external links account permissions before you can add the signature.

4. using the forum ranking function website to increase external links. Discuz, phpwind and the two mainstream forum system, support the ranking function, view the post through the ranking function, as well as the hot, combined with personal signature second settings of the replies, increase website external links, included effect is obvious, the new post, included are very good and hot, and weight is relatively high. Suggest that you strengthen the.


1. personal information to add personal web site to increase the chain. The general forum have personal site settings area, add your own website inside, each site can add more space. And view the source code can be found and no nofollow label, the chain will take effect.

3. full use of home function, which is one of the highlights of this post I recommend. There are homes published journal, published records, sharing web site, which features several. It is very good. Please make full use of the external links, and no one will review your posts in this area. Look at the pictures, love Shanghai collected all the chain I do at home.

here we selected two I often go to the website, one is the WordPress Chinese community, is one of our local forum (Street Forum), here is the love station network analysis of two related Shanghai Longfeng information forum. The weight included is very good.

to use the forum site to increase the chain optimization done Shanghai Longfeng colleagues will know that this is one of the most rapid increase of the chain method, the weight of BBS is generally higher, the article basically is the state of the second, although love Shanghai on the forum outside the chain by reducing the power, but its advantage is that in order to win. So many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners love. Do things to pay attention to the efficiency of the chain, to get higher quality in the shortest period of time, it must pay attention to skills. Each Shanghai dragon Er certainly will have their own set of methods, today to share small seven is how to do the chain forum.


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