How to treat the relationship between hospital website and Shanghai Longfeng bidding

must do network marketing know, Shanghai dragon that the search engine optimization is a necessary method in network marketing, if your site is Shanghai dragon do not good, how to network marketing, and marketing effect is what? Do the main network marketing is to rely on the Shanghai dragon to start, so if the lack of network marketing of Shanghai dragon, even if we put a lot of the cost of packaging and to promote the site to do the marketing benefits of big, and bidding and packaging costs are very high.

said the hospital network marketing website, presumably a lot of people are mentioned in the bidding, is the hospital network marketing really cannot do without bidding, but for some people think that I feel everything is competitive or not. I’m the first to admit that it is for network marketing method is fast, but the cost is much more than the Shanghai dragon, the above said the love Shanghai lowest keyword on medical is almost 3 more quickly, and some popular keyword combinations are natural competition to a higher price, so about bidding >

bidding and hospital website network marketing

has recently been in the thinking method of hospital website network marketing, the first to illustrate the author at a Shenzhen medical group network professional network marketing, network group is to talk about this topic also has recently been very tangled for now the Shanghai dragon slowly bearish, feel the hospital website network marketing is the main packaging Shanghai Dragon and auction, and ranking is not important, then the hospital network marketing website Shanghai dragon is really important? The author will be according to their own experience to the specific analysis of this problem is to talk about the relationship between hospital website marketing about Shanghai Longfeng and bidding.

and Shanghai dragon hospital website network marketing

from my work experience, the time before the initial establishment of network team, many sites around the place is also conducive to Shanghai dragon aspect to do, because when new online is not for the cost of investment is very high, but was only increased the amount of editing, every day to keep adding 100 article original articles, so the site on the line less than two months daily traffic reached about 800IP, sometimes the website an article every day can bring tens of IP. At that time the company invested the bidding cost little, January maintained at around ten thousand. Shenzhen medical industry competition is very intense, love Shanghai bidding keyword minimum is 3 fast money, ten thousand for the cost was to bring traffic is very small, every day is less than 100IP, then I feel whether it is investment and the profit maximum auction network marketing channel this issue, of course the hospital website is to look at the conversion rate, not only IP, but not IP where the conversion rate? So the hospital website marketing is cannot do without Shanghai dragon, cannot do without the flow of the site itself, bring the flow and rely on the auction is not the most important.


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