Shanghai Longfeng questions fifth period how to deploy enterprise web content keyword is the best

answer: Hello, the problem encountered a lot of business owners in the group in question in 2015, I simply say that the distribution of enterprise website keywords in the article:

I have a question has puzzled me, would like to ask Mr. Huang, to experience your point of view, the enterprise website when doing the content, how to deploy the keywords in the content is the most appropriate? In my concept has been that natural writing can be, but the overall feeling down keywords the increase is not great, and I in the more stringent density control.


this is the fifth issue of Shanghai Longfeng questions record:

first: the first paragraph of content the first sentence to words, because the search engine will give the key words of this part give high weight.


answer: "timeliness" the word should not be strange, love Shanghai now has been emphasized in the word. So, you have to look at the same website when reprint articles, their website article is what time, how long the release? If it is just released soon, was reproduced on other websites a few times, generally 10 or less, content to meet the needs of users, the quality is no problem what you can go to reprint. However, this column will itself you >

by the way I say, almost a page visible text optimization is completed.

: my site is vertical type of industry website, one column is to do original content updates, have special editor to write original every day, was also included. Now my website weight OK, not too good nor bad, now want to reprint or intend to do. I want to ask teacher, what good suggestions for this reprint? Haven’t begun to reprint, I fear will be reproduced after weight or reduce the quality of whole station. Especially now Shanghai to strictly control the quality of this love.

: at the end of last part again keywords


introduction: quality of the integration of Shanghai dragon, can let more webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel find their problems quickly and solve, or to learn more knowledge of Shanghai dragon. So, the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong had made Shanghai dragon problem from the media, will continue to update the solution quality problems in each period. Love friends can add micro signal: 343031031 interaction.

note: natural writing is the key, do not stack keywords, don’t write articles without a user experience, we write the article is mainly to make it bring traffic to marketing. In addition, keyword density don’t care too much about love, Shanghai has already cut the density.

: then the middle part of the contents of your keywords to 2-3


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