Shanghai love Wikipedia core users to share the experience to create a Wikipedia entry

to briefly talk about the basic situation of the Shanghai Encyclopedia: I love account experience value 1460, wealth value 930, the total contribution of 234 entries, 85% pass rate, complex version 129, level Four, intermediate editor, Shanghai love Wikipedia core users! What is love Shanghai Wikipedia core user name card? The definition of love Shanghai "Encyclopedia of core users" love: love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia core user is generated from the Shanghai love Wikipedia users in the best of friends, must have the original information and the ability to organize, understand the relevant rules for encyclopedia, Wikipedia entry content construction continued to shine. How can you be love Shanghai Encyclopedia of core users? 1. level 4; 2. pass rate above 85%; 3. with 50 or more complex editing, while meeting the above three conditions, the Encyclopedia of friends will get added to the core user qualification system, enjoy the core user privilege. Well, introduces some data of love Shanghai encyclopedia, this article will explain DIY how to create and edit a qualified Wikipedia entry.

love Shanghai Wikipedia entry editing content: entry name, directory, decomposition of images, reference, extended reading, six elements of the development of classification. For entry, it seems very simple, but for the professional Shanghai dragon ER create Wikipedia entry, more is to search some Wikipedia entries can appear on the home page, which requires the combination of keywords to create a core. For directories, we see a lot of new created Wikipedia entries, a WORD document typesetting article style, and love Shanghai encyclopedia provides a multi-level directory for our Creator, should as far as possible the use of entry level, two level directory entries written content. On the picture, a perfect picture of the Wikipedia entry required is set off, the vast majority of encyclopedia articles lack of pictures, is actually very simple, insert a picture in the edit entries, this picture can be Chinese LOGO, the design of corporate image. A reference and extended reading, can guide the popular understanding as a complement to entries, for all the webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER, all want to leave the chain. On the development of classification, a lot of people don’t care, in fact, is a mistake, classification is the classification of the entries, reasonable classification for search terms. Above is the Wikipedia entry six basic content, simple features, you will easily create a high-quality Encyclopedia articles.

novice write love Shanghai encyclopedia entries common errors, the first person to write the main useful Wikipedia entries, text typesetting confusion, leaving the advertisement pictures, leave the phone in the text, the text left. Five aspects. Remember, love Shanghai to use third party encyclopedia articles written, do not use the first person to record, or pass the. For typesetting confusion, some people create entries from third simple copy paste, to break the article format layout structure, entry is not through the audit. On the phone and leave the body. Many novice, Encyclopedia of advertising information publicity and promotion, to Wikipedia, the encyclopedia entries are added text telephone and web site, so it is not by the. Turn on


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