The creation of their own articles with others to copy

do not know how many people remember my previous essay – "guardian of the bottom line to teach you how to defend their original", want to give you again mention this topic, in fact, mainly because today I was wronged.

to tell you the truth, I so lazy, but also really not interested to copy other site, that time I would rather sit in front of the computer and code word, the whole article out of their own. Maybe you had good to sit down, but also is the thing who can delete posts, vulgar to "offend by rude remarks". Said one breath, over a Buddha incense, so I also see more the more lazy to delete, love drops in.

this is what happened:

I find a private chat

blogger QQ today, said my website (not the two directory of the blog, but the top-level domain name website) within the article is copying his article, asked me to leave his copyright. The article exactly what he said to me are not copied, but is not well-known users every day unremittingly contribute to our website, in addition to these articles is with my website content, I passed.

1, the original article published, suggested to do love Shanghai.

well, it is explained clearly, we are back to business. Everybody in the network inside this circle mixed for a long time, than I was for a long time the nature is not in the minority, please say in this network world, "copy" is not what big thing? "Copyright" should also have common! To this matter I mobilize too many troops? "Guardian of the bottom line to teach you how to defend their original" in this paper is mentioned, true gold is not afraid of fire. As long as your stuff is the original you don’t have to worry about things you will be true to "steal", but we are don’t allow others to "steal" follow your own original hard to get things, the appropriate protective measures is very necessary.

had none of what the problem is, for man do not know for what reason, and did not leave any copyright information, and I for the purpose of the site optimization, these did not leave the copyright information at the bottom of the added "the article by Xiong Wei on the blog naturally, reproduced please specify: a result of". Okay, here’s the problem, the bloggers have to say is I to copy his article, there have been entangled chatter without stop. At the end of the clamor, said later to get me to write the article to send out his site outside the chain, as a threat to me.

2, the original article published, proposed to three different grades of website about the chain.

3, love Shanghai for its own products.

After After

was here do not want to repeat, but here the original said something, say it again:


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