A little bit of experience sharing website and the competitor analysis

from this situation can see the love inside Shanghai new algorithm on the text pointing down the right that should be true.

link to my new site analysis, this is exactly the layout. Since people can do such a good ranking, must have all the details truly, and finally to have such a result. Here please forgive me not to say I analyze the competitor website maybe you did not see the real website ranking is not very understanding, if you are really interested in the love of Shanghai "Shenzhen site construction" view the top whois has a domain name is registered as "last year

From the layout of the

comes from a Shanghai Longfeng expert above layout optimization to do home page links to pages in page links should be linked to the home page, the link is not the kind of natural look deliberately in order to optimize the specially made the link to your home page. I use the method of the current position of the navigation page into the site keywords "my Shenzhen website construction". Page navigation menu with titel= Shenzhen website construction. This approach is to increase the page keyword density.

from site to domain, then whois. I dare to let the strange thing is the domain name registration time is June 13, 2010 registered domain name. Only my domain name as early as three months, why people can think of "popular keywords Shenzhen website construction" so fierce competition among the top five? To know the "Shenzhen website construction" this keyword is ranked first in the figure are also powerful technology to send the next master. But this new domain can squeeze into the home. Check the chain was more than 19000. And then look down the chain can not explain what, there are a lot of garbage outside the chain, then I analyze the keyword density of home page, Shenzhen website construction density reached 2.9%. Look at the front page of key words without a words at text plus links. A few days ago I saw an article about love Shanghai ranked website said the new algorithm at text too much will be appropriate to drop right, since it is my morning immediately to their "neracom network" page of all keywords at the bottom and remove the text, keyword optimization has been removed, after a few hours later I go to see the "Shenzhen website, Shenzhen website design, Shenzhen website design" these three keywords ranking, ha ha! The effect is really big, Shenzhen website construction the word did not change, but the Shenzhen website production this keyword can be a big change from 75 to 43 have the original.

in order to better put the words "Shenzhen site construction" do go up, I always insist on an analysis of the top five Websites Ranking for a week. Because of this, yesterday when ranking analysis "Shenzhen website construction" in front of the five key words how suddenly found a name not previously found among the top five. People how to do? With a lot of questions, I carefully started the analysis results.


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