Combat training in Shanghai is the best dragon in the training of training

Before combat is the best teacher!

2, Shanghai dragon to improve a teacher

for Shanghai dragon, we must first learn enough theory knowledge, then practice. This view is actually an article "in front of the Shanghai dragon learning theory first and then don’t forget to combat deep in improve the" I have mentioned, everyone interested can look at the article before. Here I want to give you to say is: we study combat is the best Shanghai dragon teacher. Many webmaster to learn some knowledge but do not understand Shanghai dragon theory to use this as China education, we have learned more than two decades, but do not know what to learn what the role of the situation dictates, don’t blame you. But Shanghai dragon is not so, we need to take the initiative to learn, rather than passive learning. The best way is to take the initiative to combat. What is the Shanghai dragon combat? The most basic are: the update, the internal link building, the construction of the external links, select keywords. A little deeper: for a keyword density grasp, for external links high weight to grasp, to grasp the internal interconnection, for standing group of operation of the grasp, try for a variety of simple ways. Constantly enrich and improve ourselves in these basic and in-depth combat, the combat as their best teacher, so that we can quickly improve.


for our personal webmaster to the rapid increase in Shanghai Longfeng, need theoretical knowledge as the basis, to sharpen their own actual need, but sometimes need a teacher to guide their way forward, it has always been my point of view, many people think the "master" wrong, in fact. The "master" is not necessarily "masters", the teacher like Shanghai dragon why teacher Cardiff, there are a lot of famous Shanghai dragon combat skills, but the masters can be any of the owners of a small, as long as his experience is stronger than you, he can be your teacher. Is the so-called "three of us are walking together there must be my teacher" is also.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently Shanghai Longfeng training more things, the most popular still belongs to the rain Shanghai dragon forum and he engaged in training, do not know the case he received a number of students, but certainly earn a lot. Here I want to talk about some of his views on Shanghai dragon training, mainly from the actual to give you talk about what kind of training is the best training.

and everyone was introduced, I was very happy and friends in communication, for some novice webmaster problem is very willing to answer, because it is not only to help them, but also to help me sort out some usually do not pay attention to the problem, can better grasp in some of the details, can get more clearly we are prone to making some small problems, small problems, and supervise their own improvement, sometimes inspiration will be the time to come up with some good methods, or write a two article according to all the questions. So these stations >



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