Analysis from the perspective of the user do optimization

site title above, this was written in order to highlight the website keywords, to search engine recognition. For example: XXX, how XXX what is the effect of this kind, this kind of title in our opinion is the key, but do not know Shanghai Longfeng users do not understand what it means to see how this kind of general XXX will doubt what you even don’t know how products are also sold. The most authoritative? This website, so that the title of the site must be written in concise, more authoritative website in the minds of users. For example, the c.etuan贵族宝贝 website title is well written. Keywords we choose in the appropriate position.

, a web site content

Er Shanghai Longfeng knows the importance of search engine rankings, so, we construct site within the chain, the content is in order to get better rankings to do. Daily updated web site which are conducive to ranking on how to do, really do not know we are blind optimization, we ignore a very important point, that is the user experience. How do the Shanghai dragon from the user’s point of view? The author to share a few problems, I hope to help the webmaster.


website internal links known as " in ", the chain chain; optimization of the site is very important, we usually do in the web page anchor text is to let the spider into the site, know our site is doing what. But some owners in order to better the spider climb to the keywords of the anchor text in many web pages also bold color. This will make the user experience greatly reduced, users generally love is a simple, elegant, clear site module, see a web page with anchor text links and some bold color fonts, affecting the site overall appearance, the user will give you the site as inferior advertisement station, directly off page. So we try to do the site simple and beautiful.

two, the internal structure of

Each We will put the words into a general

summary of the above three points, this is the author of from the angle of user >

general our site articles are collecting or false original site to increase capacity, the purpose is to let the search engine spiders to climb, can greatly increase the site, get a better ranking. From the user’s perspective, the user needs is a high quality content. What is the quality? Users do not care about your article is collecting or false original or the user’s attention is your article can meet the needs of users, or to help users, so that users on your site produce interest, and pay attention to your site. For our website article or the original relatively safe, not only by the original search engine, can also according to the needs of users to write articles, won the user’s favorite.

three, the title of the site


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