The search engine wars love only 360 sea search domain new debut

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all he found thousands of love Shanghai: a dominant baidu贵族宝贝


dark horse war love Shanghai: from 360 to haosou贵族宝贝

became the population fashionable language at the same time in the "love of Shanghai", the Shanghai people love the domain name baidu贵族宝贝. The domain name baidu贵族宝贝 was registered in 1999, the Larry domain not only with love Shanghai brand image fit, and it is the most familiar alphabet, this can also be seen in Shanghai love degree attentively and thoughtful.

: love Shanghai

is in love Shanghai search engine the dominance of a deadlock, Qihoo 360 suddenly killed in single-handed challenge love Shanghai, brought a circle of ripples to calm lake. 360 love is surprising singled out the sea, but also to be expected, after 360 March no matter which field, do not have to come to war, if it is too quiet, but the people will not accept.

love Shanghai’s vision is to make the search engine platform, so in addition to the traditional PPC and alliance, these years love Shanghai also launched a wide range of products, from the forum, blog, Wikipedia, quiz, music, video, instant messaging and even to the electricity supplier and so on, love Shanghai are involved. This year, Shanghai is more love into the world out of the ranks of the top five hundred, from which dominate the Internet dream a step closer.

fell in love with the sea was founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, after returning from the initial development to now, unknown to the public, more than ten years of the journey, even woman and children all know, the achievements of the love of Shanghai now status, the industry recognized the dominant search engine.


renamed Chinese ( January 6th news, recently, 360 search launched a new brand of "search", and enable the brand to Larry domain haosou贵族宝贝, rhetoric to become the first brand Chinese search". Then, the other major search engine such as love Shanghai, Sogou laissez faire? Here and to see several major domestic search engine status.

360 search process, is a continuous process from the monopoly giant hukouduoshi, since its birth in August 2012, triggered the 3B war, 2 years to the "threshold" also many, but even so, as of August this year, 360 search market share has exceeded 30%, now is the introduction of independent brand "search", said to be the first China search brand, the courage and determination to be encouraged.

: search

360 is a more worthy of the name domain name companies had launched 360 search, to enable combination of domain name 360so贵族宝贝 and 360sou贵族宝贝>


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