White hat Shanghai dragon also land you in your China

search engine Strategy Conference in Chicago in December 2004, the United States of Shanghai Longfeng expert Andrew Goodman published a report entitled "search engine Showdown: black hat VS (Search Engine Showdown:Black Hats hat vs. White Hats at SES) speech, first proposed the" black hat Shanghai dragon "and" white Shanghai dragon "of the two opposite the Shanghai dragon concept. Systematically expounded the Shanghai ideal and search engine — the Dragon Shanghai dragon follow the search engine to formulate the rules of the game, "coexistence, mutual promotion, long-term development.

in fact, now China webmaster (Shanghai dragon ER) on 2006 Zan Hui (ZAC) "Shanghai Dragon: you should wear white hat or a black hat?" said "and the black hat Shanghai dragon has a non >


therefore, China owners take the initiative to meet the search preferences, learning to adapt to a variety of Shanghai dragon white hat techniques, now about the "white hat Shanghai dragon", almost all domestic webmaster (Shanghai dragon ER) and they are closely reasoned and well argued, systematic exposition is not only stay in the empty talk stage Zhao kuo. Their reasonable application of the various website labels, selection, on website of choice domain 301 jumps, pseudo static treatment, dynamic web site content uploaded daily regularity…… The 404 page setup all the details, even white hat Shanghai Longfeng techniques that are handy, consummate.

love Shanghai encyclopedia "white hat Shanghai dragon" entries defined as "white hat Shanghai dragon": "white hat Shanghai dragon name is Bai Ming Tan, was outside. Is a fair approach, is used to meet the Dragon Shanghai mainstream search engine optimization method of the policy issue. It is in contrast with the black hat Shanghai dragon".

knows and skillfully use a variety of methods does not mean that the white hat Shanghai dragon China all the webmaster (Shanghai dragon ER) after they really understand the white hat Shanghai dragon style hat Shanghai dragon spirit and constantly applied in daily practice in the web site.

after 2005, "black hat Shanghai dragon" and "white Shanghai dragon" concept gradually spread China, along with the Shanghai dragon consciousness and technology popularization in Chinese in recent years, the white hat Shanghai dragon technique deeply popular in China webmaster and the Shanghai dragon ER heart, and in the vast majority of the site has been more widely used, and the not because of China webmaster and the Shanghai dragon ER search engine for exceptionally comply with the rules of the game; but because with the strong development of search engine, more of the owners and the Shanghai dragon ER realized that their website can not rely on the "approach in the black hat Shanghai Dragon" search engine for high ranking, at the same time also flourishes; not to be gathered, "brand site, to maintain long-term normal site operating income, you must press the search engine The rules.


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