You take the bus on the website to be long in coming security verification

‘s decline is obvious to people you soso, whether it is 360 or catch up from behind a comprehensive search Sogou search engine is now the search is difficult to match, as search engine eldest brother love Shanghai, recently is frequently updated, in order to get more users favor and love, this search has not happened. Finally know that is also the site safety attention. Users browse the web search engine as the entrance, if from the start of the website security entrance good, then, when users browse the search results, it will not be taken, in the future development of the Internet, the Internet.


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painted red in the figure of the place is to search a trusted site verification logo, it can improve the user browsing the web of security, but it has a drawback, is not all websites through the secure authentication of the net. According to my understanding, the net security verification is to collect fees, but also for small Adsense costs are not low, so it is also unfair, but most are not for verification by the network website, if an industry website are not through network verification, the search results are no such safety tips then, this approach is useless.

is the second after Sogou and soso network jointly launched the safety verification of search engine, the user experience is certainly a good thing, after all, now the network security is really a big problem, the safety tips, help users avoid fraud by phishing sites.

launch site security authentication service in Shanghai, love 360 comprehensive search, Sogou three domestic search engine, the search will be long in coming to catch the last bus unwilling to remain out of the limelight, website security verification, the search results appear in the website is a trustworthy web search results. A long time ago, 360, love Shanghai, Sogou soso made an example, and recently criticized came to realize his gap where, although the domestic Tencent at the top of the chat tool, but the search has been tepid, with not many people, but, what what is the reason, all Public opinions are divergent. The following is about security verification it.

Search Search "Suzhou what fun" search results

We look at

and Sogou, love Shanghai, 360 comprehensive search, search search results not only for medical and other sensitive industries, for most industries have this safety tips, this point is to be much more advanced than other search engines, like Shanghai, 360 comprehensive search is currently mainly in the type of medical search results there appear safety tips for other industries do not have such obvious safety tips, but not as "Suzhou what fun" this word also appears safety tips.


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