The optimization scheme of ECShop shop system


website all list pages have become such a long title, people worried, but the method is always there.

3, 404, 301 no details.

for ECSHOP optimization, I really very shallow qualifications, experience a few months, now began to publish a long and minute statement, ashamed. However, accumulated, or let the station on a higher level, it is the "Shanghai Dragon Festival at the end of 30% the skills of +70% implementation", as only YY signature written on the "executive force to achieve perfection".

2, URL standard, unified use www.xxx贵族宝贝 this form, weight.

, a home page optimization

6, Shanghai

8, index.dwt, category_tree.lbi, modify the template file (almost all the template files to modify), relative to the absolute address. (thanks to Hainan. As a reminder of /love

share increased love

5, increase the navigation

1, in addition to the product list page to the absolute address outside, there are a little more important, such as web page title is the "gift website _ Beijing gift company -## mall", the list page title is set to " _ moon cake gift box moon cake coupons -## mall, " can be displayed when it becomes "moon cake gift box _ mooncake coupons -## mall _ gifts website _ Beijing gift company -## mall".

)9, static

2 screening property classification of goods in the background, it can achieve the effect of polymerization.

tutorial 1, how to choose the key zone will not say; in the case study area, how to modify the title and copyright, have been described in great detail, I also made changes as usual.

. I am static later the day included doubled.

because the former company pay more attention to the process, I have formed a habit of work logs, there are 2 documents, one for the completion of daily work, the optimization effect of daily, this post is the two document of a summary, and the optimization effect of combined operation. I believe a lot of friends in the ECSHOP, if I have a reference, I have to.

4, the search box below popular keywords, here you can list some key words, as follows:

7, in the template folder in the index_ad.lbi file, the flash homepage will delete, change pictures hyperlinks

two, product list page optimization



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