How to do research on building materials enterprise website and the competitor’s website

is enterprise website radiator building materials, the author analyzes the chain of competitors, and found that the chain quality competition website is very good, and the number reached more than ten thousand, far ranked in the top three, and the weight is very high, click on the chain can also find a lot of the chain are in the weight of the high site, and related soft stationmaster net contribution, if you want to.

excellent enterprise webmaster will do research and Analysis on their website and the competitor’s site, the author is the same, each face of a new website will be on the site now doing research in the analysis and optimization, the author also proposed to develop such a habit. Recently, I have been building on the types of enterprise website optimization, the optimization process is not on their web sites and competitors to do research, to see what the difference on his website and the top three sites, where is the difference, how to improve this area will not go beyond the competition, so I think study on the competitor’s website and then make a difference beyond the opponent is the most important, the author according to his experience with the majority of building materials enterprise owners under the exchange.

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For example: the


sites and competitors

powerful corporate website to rise above the common herd in the same industry, are relying on analysis to victory in the decisive battle. Usually, each enterprise website in an industry will have a lot of serious competitors, but in the search engine optimization in this industry and people beyond the day outside the day to say optimization powerful personnel ultimately rely on the analysis of the competition website won, in fact to business in the webmaster website optimization is a big problem, for leadership to is the enterprise web pages and keywords in the gorgeous home search to other foreign competitors hit, from time to time will be beyond all a major problem in internal and external, and to discuss can make optimization scheme, accurate external? You must make the analysis and research and to grasp the competition website and information After surpassing competitors.

first, look at the quality of the chain, the number of their website and the competitor’s website. Compared with the previous small website is on the outside of the chain do rankings, that era has a "content is king, the chain for the emperor" concept, can imagine the chain that’s how niubable, several high weight the chain can make the ranking, if the number of the chain that strong no more Niubi? To love Shanghai now Scindapsus algorithm 1 and 2 have been updated and implemented, the chain number has been unable to make a strong ranking, unless you have a high quality of the chain. But when the analysis of the competitor’s website to see if they are the chain number and quality of the chain in the end how, if it is yellow web information and signature information that can determine the forum of this website is spam sites.

, a look at the site outside the chain of quality and quantity of


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