Love is the official website of the Shanghai online certification beneficiaries who

here benefits needless to say, if you are a doctor’s degree, they will give you a certain expert, you will refuse? So your website even has been popularized in Shanghai love certification, but with a website logo is necessary. The webmaster, act quickly, purify the Internet for your website, website authentication! Respect the original, reproduced please indicate from acne products list www.wsbuying贵族宝贝

second, users benefit. This is obviously, to understand the operating principle of search engines you may know, love Shanghai to grab the site after a series of analyses to ranking, here, some people in order to improve their website ranking, take some measures, fake brand can also get good rankings, the user will not exactly which one is true, for example, want to find a company’s official website, search, home a row down at all, but only a website, which one is true, if a website, users soon know what is really the official website. This is very helpful to the user.

certification website


friends said to me, this is me, love is definitely Shanghai user benefit, you write what rubbish!. Wait a minute, let me explain it, I believe that love Shanghai and users have the benefits of a win-win situation, do you agree with



first, to say why is beneficial to love Shanghai, or from the "3B" about war, since cannon search, love relationship between Shanghai and the 360 is not very good, 360 search market share soared, so love Shanghai action frequently, while the PC side search field is the boss, but if don’t do yourself, how to win user acceptance. Love Shanghai love Shanghai as the core business, which is really what advertising are Internet users in Shanghai love search to find information, cheated is normal, if more than one " official website; " mark, if you are a user, I think you will click on the official website. Some people say that love Shanghai certification has also been why a website security authentication, double well. Don’t say so.

first reported the news that Shanghai Webmaster Platform today issued a notice of love, love the official website of the Shanghai Certification Center officially launched. The webmaster can go to apply for official certification, can refer to the specific content of the. I tried it, you don’t love Shanghai account login Oh, because this is not love Shanghai and login account data communicated with each other, you have to re register a. Specific certification link click free registration on it. And today we discuss a question, the official website of the Shanghai love certification online, who will be the beneficiaries of

Why ?Why is the


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