Love Shanghai recent subtle changes you find it

love Shanghai as the source of life of a large number of owners, owners need to rely on the love sea to survive, can say Shanghai is a lot of "God", so every day you love Shanghai is dynamic and timely attention to the necessary, then, what are the subtle changes in the

1. new home before the head prompted to download the sidebar love Shanghai client to move to the right, in the early stage of love is to love Shanghai Shanghai loaded client messages in love over Shanghai, now on the right side is hidden, a user view, the two is to make home more concise and clear, add beauty.

love the new Shanghai home hit "love Shanghai new home, one world, because of you, so the more brilliant" slogan, to provide their own independent personality page for every user in Shanghai love.

Real time news column

3. navigation part is divided into three sections. The commonly used web site, my collection, hot three columns, some commonly used web browser URL interception often used, my collection is equivalent to personal favorites function, popular URL is equivalent to the site navigation function. Can be said to be a fusion of the browser’s home page and love love Shanghai Shanghai collection two functions, while allowing users to rely more on the love of Shanghai.


2. add the weather forecast function. The new weather forecast function, make home more humane, we can reduce the local weather forecast query trouble. Set directly to the local level within the forecast range of smaller, more reliable, and can also check the weather forecast, tomorrow’s overall, this function is very user-friendly.

is a grassroots webmaster is very busy, to find the original every day, outside the chain of N, a day of work at least 8 hours or more, I have a friend or work for 16 hours a day, the grassroots is not easy. But every day, really hard look really useful? Sure you do not "dead"? The webmaster can only say do not know, in fact, I always think every day should take some time to enrich themselves, only know a hardworking stationmaster very difficult to live in the Internet because the Internet is changing the previous day, like Shanghai station official announcement, will vigorously against the sale of links website, website weight does not give these trading links, webmaster hard to spend so much money in the end but no effect, not ironic? So webmaster, should have some of the latest news about the Internet every day.

, a new Shanghai love home

4. new love Shanghai radio function. Since the love of Shanghai MP3 revision, love Shanghai did not reduce its influence in the field of music, home radio function obviously let love in Shanghai because the impact of increased, increasing the viscosity of the user, which can be worth all the webmaster to learn Oh, only to stick to the user, is the best policy.

5. on the right side of the. Direct display of the focus of the day news, see the Internet >


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