Love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm to update the low quality soft Wen site will be punished

Scindapsus algorithm

love Shanghai in the near future update algorithm Scindapsus, which affects many webmaster. As for the website, traffic is life, because love Shanghai occupy the network monopoly, it is everyone’s parents". So every time the love Shanghai algorithm updates, there will be countless countless people laugh and people cry. Especially those with cheating or even deception for obtain high flow personal webmaster website, there is a fatal blow.

so the soft market in the optimization and promotion of marketing promotion of soft paper marketing is gradually showing a "challenge" market situation. In the face of some uneven website promotion ferocity struck for some really need to promote the soft enterprises and webmaster friends, is a difficult problem. As an old saying "for their children to grow again how ugly, is the most beautiful angel" soft Wen promotion site is also so in the eyes of their parents, who want to do the best, but the strength of limited capacity, touted again well, until the need to promote the customer really after bargain, is not satisfied. This is a primary reason for a good soft Wen promotion platform to engage in the The atmosphere was foul.

is gradually perfect in Shanghai today Scindapsus algorithm, low quality of soft Wen promotion site will be severely punished, even some sites will not exist, and as a high quality unwavering platform should consider how to make can be more perfect. The healthy development of the soft industry, must rely on high quality copy writers as a source of power. For example, the original website also determines the quality of the website, push media network>

in March this year, love Shanghai first launched to combat the garbage chain, let the market gradually withdraw from the head of the line of sight link. Recently, Shanghai love web search anti cheating team released Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 update announcement, said will be mainly targeted at some sites everywhere obviously promotion of the soft release phenomenon, and a number of cases of significant promotion of the soft case. Love Shanghai this algorithm update is blow the low quality soft Wen site, has obvious soft advertising. Of course, the high quality original website, content, quality is to love Shanghai site development space of very high.

webmaster friends should know that a high quality of the original article has an important role for the promotion of products, a good soft Wen, can not be divorced from the public view, find the needs of users, from the user’s point of view. Choose a good platform for propaganda, is very important, especially the high reputation and popularity is related to you the platform. In the high weight website (sina贵族宝贝.cn, sohu贵族宝贝, Tencent贵族宝贝, NetEase, Chinese daily, Chinese, qianlong贵族宝贝, china贵族宝贝, China broadcasting network, Chinese Economic Net……) release, compared to the real meaning of marketing promotion through general channels to release the soft advertising like dozens of pieces of money can send dozens or hundreds of portal sites have been lost, pushing the media network through the authority of the news media, let more people understand the company’s brand and products, its authority is beyond doubt.


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