Recovery analysis of ideas and strategies in the process of ranking and weight after the site right

second, high quality articles continue to add. After the first point if they do exist some obvious irregularities, trying to spend 2-3 months to correct, if you do not have the obvious irregularities and find their own site is down right away such as ranking several and even lost a few pages, the author suggests that according to the common sense out of the quality of the brand, the first to be patient in the process of recovery, the weight should pay attention to the frequency of updates and release time, in Shanghai Longfeng process optimization, construction of high quality articles we need to pay attention to what factors? The author thinks that the two characteristics of high quality original articles and readability is a must. A high quality factor is the core of the original, because after love Shanghai recent update algorithm for the original article demand has shrunk, the recent process of operating their own site can feel very clear, fresh content and value factors are mainly embodied in this long and traffic access, the author suggests that the best original release and product or business related information, or the value of the combined with the original news and so on, but also pay attention to in doing these after adding main process time and fixed update frequency.

as everyone knows, right down the website a lot of new staff including many optimization optimization master will be more or less encountered in the process of optimization, the author on the basis of some experience in the process of self optimizing operation today and we do a share to start, I think more website right down the case, the processing difficulty is more complex, but I have always believed that not deviate from the good thing to do, to do the thing you should do do that carefully site is not difficult, good gossip short continued we enter the theme today.

first, the first serious analysis of looking down the right reason. I think this is very important he is the methods and ideas of program, website drop right after the general, we should carefully analyze in recent weeks or even a month we all do what operations, such as the server has no downtime, there is no connections to be punished Links, there is no large-scale chain the mass or the quality is not high for a large number of pseudo original or collection articles published and so on, these factors are the common factors most likely to lead to the site to drop right, careful analysis of its own problems, face their own operations, frankly face the problem of the problem is modest correction right down on thinking strategy, we must first understand, find out the reason and then targeted correction can be.

third, construction of high quality site outside the chain. In fact, after the general website right down, after excluding some basic operation behavior, every day fixed for the website to add new information, delivery of new blood can be, here the author suggests that the ability of the friends can be found outside the chain of high weight for the site at this time, for example, can you have contacts let friends to help you become a Links, you have the ability to go soft stationmaster net contributor, abundant funds can choose.


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