SE0 small travel agency websites based on skills

most of the small and medium-sized travel agencies have been aware of the importance of electronic business for their own development, but because of funding, technology and personnel and other reasons, the majority of small and medium-sized travel agency is still in the exploratory stage of search engine marketing, Shanghai Longfeng overall level is not high, there are many problems in the construction of website content.

Search Engine Optimization English Shanghai dragon is the abbreviation for the Chinese meaning of search engine optimization, is a pointer to the search of a variety of characteristics, optimize the design of the website, improve website friendly to the search engine, the site in the search results in front, access to natural ranking and traffic. Effect of web search engine ranking many factors, such as web page tags, organization, links etc.. Therefore, Shanghai dragon also includes web content optimization, keyword optimization, external link optimization, internal link optimization, code optimization, image optimization, search engine login etc..

in recent years, China’s tourism rapid development of electronic commerce, according to iResearch statistics, 2012 Chinese online travel market transactions was 172 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 31.6% compared to 2011. At the same time, according to the Chinese Internet Information Center "3O China Internet development statistics report" shows that as of the end of 2012, China’s online booking air tickets, hotel and travel itinerary users to 42 million 580 thousand people, Internet usage is 7.9%, the total number of domestic tourism sites reached 50828. The sustainable development of the online travel market, the tourism industry has become the field of staggered competition. In the fierce competition, compared with other ways of online promotion, search engine marketing has put precise, effect is easy to evaluate the advantages of small and medium sized travel agencies has gradually become one of the important ways of Internet marketing. Therefore, research on the design of Shanghai Dragon Technology on small and medium-sized travel agency website based on the content of the necessity.

, a small travel agency website content are common problems in the construction of

first, the lack of clear positioning service. As a small travel agency website on the Internet to show the name card, enterprise core information, also an important channel and link is a small travel agency customer service, customer contact, so it should have a clear positioning. Many small and medium-sized travel agency website or do large, more and more complex, the contents of a pile is serious, the theme is not obvious, reading is not convenient, and the core goal of enterprise users browsing

does not match the habit; or by travel agency personnel, financial constraints, website content is too small, the lack of adequate information, not enough to attract tourists, visitors get a sense of trust. Small and medium-sized travel agency website content is excessive or too little are not very good to meet the needs of tourists, influencing tourists’ experience is not up to the purpose.

the second page design is not reasonable. Many small and medium-sized travel agency website blind pursuit of beauty, the excessive use of pictures, animation or rich media, logo by flash, navigation using animation and so on, these are unfavorable.


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