Shanghai love flow determines the size of the weight of love Shanghai



first took Xu Guoxiang’s website, I love the flow of Shanghai is 59, Shanghai love weight is 1, the weight is 0 of the Shanghai love I do not say it, love is the flow of Shanghai for those 0 web site. Love the website of Shanghai traffic between 1 to 100 of the weight of 1 love Shanghai.


, a Shanghai love influence factors of traffic sources

4, the weight is 4 (love Shanghai love Shanghai flow at 1000 to 5000

5, the weight is 5 (love Shanghai love >

1, the weight is 1 (love Shanghai love Shanghai in 1 to 100 between the size of the flow)



3, the weight is 3 (love Shanghai love Shanghai flow at 500 to 1000

in front of Xu Guoxiang has been analyzed 2 factors that influence the flow of Shanghai Webmaster Tools love, a love of Shanghai is a key index, keywords ranking. So we want to improve our love Shanghai source of traffic to and from the 2 aspects of the same, because love is like the Shanghai traffic factors, love Shanghai so we want to improve the weight, weight also fell in love with the sea from these 2 aspects, for those website weight down friends, you can see your love Shanghai traffic is reduced, most of the time is not your optimized website have what problem, you do some keyword ranking reduced, some keywords you do love Shanghai index is reduced, cause you love Shanghai traffic is reduced, which leads to reduce the weight of your site, you may have to improve.


2, the weight is 2 (love Shanghai love Shanghai in 100 to 500 between the size of the flow)


really, many of my friends love Shanghai website weight change, I heard the most is why I love Shanghai’s website yesterday or today will be 3 weight 1, of course, I am here to say love Shanghai weight refers to the use of webmaster tools to check the weight of love Shanghai. Xu Guoxiang’s own website also experienced changes a day Shanghai weight, the morning found love Shanghai weight is 2, the afternoon will be 1, I want to upgrade the weight will not change so fast, we carefully studied the lower site, and all love Shanghai weight website, the final analysis out of love, the flow of Shanghai is a decisive factor affecting Shanghai love weight, and your site PR have no relation, do not believe, you can go to see a lot of garbage sites, their PR is low, but the rate of flow is high, the same high weight, behind I will prove my point:

two, why love Shanghai love Shanghai flow determines the size of the weight of

Analysis of


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