Shanghai Longfeng Optimization how to avoid spider trap

if your website is an ad or icon is to do with Flash, to enhance the visual effect with the effect of starting point, there is no big problem. But if you are using the site ZhengZhan Flash file, constitutes a spider trap, the page might look very beautiful, but the search engine may cannot read, not included. If the site started watching Flash animation titles, titles have real, HTML version of the text of web page, but the search engine can’t read Flash, no way to the rear of the HTML website.

as the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel of us, from dawn to dusk every day to send the chain, is to write the original website rankings included I can get, and we do in the station optimization should also pay attention to the site’s internal problems, as we are going to say, how to avoid the spider trap. Website optimization what spider trap? How should we solve? Please read:

solution: don’t use the frame structure.

1. CSS has effect can be very beautiful, try not to use the Flash website;

If you must use the Flash

Flash, a spider trap

framework: other description text links click change page, but the page URL unchanged, this is the frame structure, the web search engine that is not included.

solution: try not to use the steering out of the 301, of course, such as the geographical position based on the jump is still possible, but the premise is your site in the search engine’s weight is relatively high.

贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Word=%e5%& 8A6…

is only 301 to search engines love, the other is to make the search engine guard, such as 302 jump, jump jump JavaScript, Flash etc.. General web games, web sites like yellow advertising use this love to deceive the search engines, such as the user visit the home page is automatically jump to a game page etc..

two, all jump

four, dynamic URL spider trap

… Some net >

2., then to the HTML version of the page to add a page, such as the home page navigation bar with the HTML version, the following pages with Flash.

The spider trap

three, frame structure

five, Session ID spider trap

solution: refuse to use (*^__^*) hee hee…



The spider trap


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