Shanghai Longfeng brand effect will have what abstract meaning

1 the overall strategy, since it is the brand is not limited to a certain area, just as we do in business, if you just go to marketing, from the perspective of a garment to promote, then the overall plan will appear if starting from care for this and lose that, the whole industry, then the brand strategy is a good many the. But the overall strategy to develop from the future trend of the industry to describe, only in this way can operate.


The long-term development of

website optimization can be said to be a tool for us to get the most direct traffic is the most expensive, but with the love of Shanghai often ventilation and constantly updated Shanghai dragon algorithm, very difficult to say the future we will not because of an own operation resulted in no ranking. So under the existing conditions, we should start from what, to change this situation? I think the word brand, we need to give enough attention. While some grassroots webmaster, the brand is a cloud, who has the time and energy to manage it, do first rank money again, but this quick idea makes us in the future is filled with uncertainty. What about the brand, we should consider from what

2. The brand is not one or two days, the brand is considering the future repeat traffic based on the operation is based on the whole, so all the programs will use 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years to define, or brand building is no meaning, but there is no value. Of course, you just want to earn a money, so no matter whether these have no ground for blame.

4 integrated and systematic. Brand promotion and not as simple as that you say, you say I want to build a brand can easily established, the design of marketing, implementation, protection and cover etc, so that the brand strategy should be separated from the transformation of the concept, let the brand to give users the idea to boot from a demand rise to the attitude of life, and this is clearly our ultimate goal.

5 independent and original. The market is always new, the user also is such, if you use some old-fashioned marketing means, so the final result is not necessarily to the satisfaction of all, may be less effective, from this perspective, the Shanghai Philharmonic live love is a living example, although foot B2C, though they have the concept of time axis, but the Philharmonic live when brand promotion, always with a kind of life service providers means to gather the user, but these methods have been in dianping贵族宝贝 to >

3 guide, I think this is the ultimate goal we do the brand, because before has said, is to do brand one day without their own home or ranking, can also absorb the influx of new users, since then has stressed the brand’s guiding force, then it is decided to have control propaganda and control efforts, in other words, in the concrete steps of planning and publicity, the specific behavior of all and the brand strategy of all.


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