The station of Shanghai dragon skills share update details

3, note: do not appear typos, mistakes, unsmooth in describing the inside; remember not to accumulate words as a form of description; keep the correlation description and long term, otherwise not recognized by search engines, the descriptions of what you do will be wasted, it will automatically transfer to other content >

what is the most important Shanghai dragon? Personally feel a little more important: three, insist on thinking, detail. The problem is not good thinking, adhere to the problem about what didn’t, and I will share my personal time to do some of the details of the Shanghai dragon skills, I want to talk about the station update problem in this article.

1, with a long tail words to write the contents of the article, suggest that you add a complete description of the long tail word matching. This is when users search for the long term, the search results will be rosy, very helpful to attract users to click. Add a full, enough, not much, but have a negative impact, will make the imposition of description is not smooth.

I want to say about the title, or to the long tail keywords for the title to write, or to allow the user to generate some new desires if you can click on the title, the combination of better. Another point is that the more important keywords to put at the beginning.


describes possible for many enterprises owners are not very seriously. Generally speaking, most of the sites are called the first description of how many words, even not written description. Now the search engine has to get rid of the influence of the Keywords tag and description tag. We can not do Keywords tag, description tag, but still can not be ignored, because the description for attracting user clicks has great role.

?When The title and description of

I suggest you every article manually add a description. Let more people get a website for it and fill the box, no fee what. Manually add description is the advantage of good controllability. Because the search engine is not necessarily a call description tag inside the content, if the search engine keywords feel content and search your discretion tags in the "agreement" not relevant, it will think it is related to the content as "description" that appears in the search results page is automatically retrieved. It is automatically retrieved obviously controllability is bad. Why don’t you go to edit fill out a good correlation, describing the content and can attract users to click on the. Description of the main function is to attract users to click. To allow the user to generate click desire is the aim and purpose of the description. How to add a description of

2, how to make the description more attractive, I am afraid this we need the development of its energy. For example, you can use the networking method, is described in which deliberately set a suspense, cause the user’s interest, to attract them to click on…… A description of the creative people can enjoy the play.



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