The process of personal experience to update the site is down right after the snapshot is not includ

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the Shanghai dragon master, Scindapsus algorithm 2 in the sense of the soft subdomain is actually using the two level domain, accumulation of soft outside the chain is the object, Scindapsus algorithm to hit, and everyone in his direction, using his natural regeneration site is not strong, plus the anchor text means regularly updated, really fast, a week later, the right to be reduced the domain name already you can use the site command to query, and before is right down the rankings.



website is vertical O2O e-commerce website, KTV is to provide reservation service for those who love to sing K friends, there is a two level domain, and the competition ranking war played very badly, but is still in a stable state, several keywords are ranked in the home page, and there is also a main keyword "square is the best song of KTV is stable in the first place, in the last month of July 7th, when the domain name" 贵族宝贝huange.***贵族宝贝 "suddenly disappeared, use the site command to search only the inside pages, not search home, when we didn’t know what happened, many people have given a lot of opinions, due to the absence of a unified direction, only keep the regularity of the original update, reduce the hair of the chain during this period, because of the fear is because the new" green Effect of algorithm 2 "caused by.

this process lasted for three weeks, until after the new company hired Shanghai dragon master to come back, after the owners love Shanghai analysis software data is found before the over accumulation of keywords, and the chain explosion, causing the page to be loved in Shanghai so the next article punishment. Don’t add anchor text to reduce all kinds of packing, connection, and do not stack keywords, because "there is a green algorithm 2" stipulates: "the soft release station, will depend on the different degree of treatment. For example, a news website, has released soft phenomenon but the circumstances are not serious, the site was lower in the search evaluation system will release a large number of; use soft subdomains, the subdomains will be directly shielded, and clean out the love Shanghai news source; and even create a large number of subdomains for the entire soft release, the main domain blocked."

believes that for many web friends, have experienced their own site is down right in such a situation? When a site is down right, what the ranking will fall, and even have a hair feeling inside, at the same time, even if the website itself does not break through the original, regularly updated after going through this website, about a month after the right to be reduced, there will be a long period of love in Shanghai. These circumstances, it is a process that the author is currently being experienced, in order to let you do the hard work of my colleagues can have a chance to avoid mistakes, the author put the whole process to conduct a detailed.


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