this report contains three quarter investment cases, the industry and regional distribution of the 531 cases of mergers and acquisitions, trading volume of Top10, as well as related to the discovery of various industries..

first, investment activity analysis

(a) data overview

three quarter investment in the number of 1624, compared with the two quarter rose by 13%. Three quarter investment turnover of $19 billion 900 million, compared with the two quarter fell by 13%. 1-3 cumulative number of transactions in the 4114 quarter, the cumulative disclosure of the transaction amount of cases from the case of 3404, the cumulative disclosure of the transaction amount of $56 billion 170 million. read more


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the answer is yes, and may be a few tens of dollars per month, much higher than Ali’s mother and Google Adsense’s income! This is a good Dongdong Backlinks, selling text links.

to sell text links to earn the most famous dollar is, but the platform to accept the site’s standard is too high, generally small sites simply do not want. The advantages of Backlinks is almost completely solve the problem of Chinese webmaster. First, the flow is not required, as long as the PR is greater than 0 to accept, and can separate the home page and the inside pages to sell links. Second, the link according to PR to pricing, PR2, PR3 and PR5 website a text link can earn $1, $2 and $4.5 per month, the higher the price of PR increased exponentially. Third, the Chinese website. Fourth, payment by Paypal, pay $10, quickly and without fee. read more


As the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning", who would like to have a free, modern, high returns, strong personal interest, but not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success. Several entrepreneurs experience shows that starting from scratch a studio, entrepreneurs need to have some essential elements.

Guizhou jinxiunianhua floral design studio founder Chen Qing, Guiyang three eye studio head Liu Fei told reporters, a good entrepreneur, first of all to start a career with courage and determination, have the ability to take risks and pressure, good psychological quality is the starting point of entrepreneurs, with more business always, it is also an important factor in the success of entrepreneurship. read more


Dü sseldorf Robert Gentz now; is a famous commercial economy, since the creation of e-commerce company Zalando, he was a great success, but behind the big boss of the story and where to start? Here, let us start from a beach in Guatemala.. At the beginning of 2007, Genta to Guatemala on vacation, he saw a report in the newspaper at the time said above, there is a social networking platform StudiVZ was acquired by Holtzbrinck Publishers, the trading price of up to a staggering 85 million euros. "I think it’s very attractive," Gentz recalls, so he asked himself, "how can a website be so valuable? What is the value of it?" read more



technology news January 10th evening news, 2014 Park geeks Innovation Conference held in Beijing today, innovation works founder and managing partner of Mr. Wang Hua at the meeting with a theme of "2014, where innovators go?". Wang Hua believes that innovation is to meet the demand, and all innovation comes from changes, and pointed out that in 2014 the innovation will occur in a more detailed, more vertical field.

Wang Hua predicted that in 2014 the mobile Internet and the Internet is likely to reconstruct the whole society and the entire national economy. He said that the mobile Internet will be possible from the original occupy 10% of the economy soared to 60%, 70%, or even 80%. The whole methodology, rapid iteration, remove the middle layer, and so on, no longer limited to the Internet, but it is possible to spread to the entire national economy in all walks of life. Of course, at that time the Internet is no longer simply called the Internet people, and become the vanguard of the entire national economic restructuring and transformation. read more


Apply for Google Adsense ad:

      many people regret Google Adsense website to do more and less effect, but there are very good summary, today to see several web site optimization is very good, especially the experience out for everyone to share.   1) Google AdSense and the article in the forum or the perfect combination. 2) do not cheat click. 3) increase the display rate appropriately. 4) this skill, for reference only, did not get the official permission of Google, Google was not allowed to blame this site to mislead. Google

31 QQ entertainment website
  41 users to provide Google shielding Adsense cooperation site list
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mentioned the original DJ song, I believe many people will think of DJ56, this is the first to sing the DJ song high streets and back lanes let people see the network DJ song power, and our DJ56 is the DJ digital music products consumption.

DJ56 network has become the largest DJ original music platform, has more than 50 thousand songs of the original music, was excavated from the DJ56 network and DJ56 network platform music music original song contest and to the public, in the field of wireless music created a very high value. read more


text advertising

text advertising is a triggered by the key words in the form of advertising, when the user moves the mouse to the key words on the advertisement is triggered, the user can see the advertisement. If the user clicks, the system will be charged. At present our company with the industry’s most advanced technology provider, has triggered text advertising pictures video speed, download speed, easy to attract users to click on new forms and other characteristics, with the increase of advertisers, for Adsense revenue will rise. read more


dear brothers and sisters, good!

              magic box advertising platform to add new advertising – magic box electronic album and dream of the United states.

              magic box network electronic album advertising expense settlement way: according to the registered accounting, each registered RMB 0.4 yuan. Dream United lottery advertising expense settlement way: according to the registered accounting, each registered RMB 0.2 yuan. read more


In this paper,

writing process, as the city of angels Liebo acquisition rumors spread on the occasion, what makes one of entrepreneurial sisters in the electricity supplier industry fengshengheli

stride forward singing militant songs?


| Yan Xiaolin

this weekend, Tom gale at home to find the book for the bookshelf to employees the right to play the draft stage, unexpected turn to the past when trekking in Nepal’s diary, she sat down to watch two hours altogether regardless of a "Liebo takeover of the city of angels" hearsay is network speculation cause a shocking commotion. read more


advertising code placement techniques

There are more effective clicks on ads on the

site, which is what every station wants. Here I talk about the placement of advertising skills, hoping to attract the attention of some owners.

(I) example

let’s take a look at the two sites of GGAD placement.

(1) coral, object page is: we can get a glance at the GG ad has two: one on

right, in fact, this page has a GG advertisement, the station to the middle he placed on these QQ expression content (see Figure 1), mixed up, so that when users are looking for their own love expression, click more contribution will not, but this is also a point defect. If we can according to the first GG ad code pattern layout ", let GG and on the table within the content of a vertical line, the effect will be better read more


1: Tencent 360 dog bite dog


and 360 by the Tencent, after the upgrade to slobber war strike violently, Tencent requires all QQ users to uninstall 360 software, if not unloaded, then do not use QQ. It was the day of the presidential election in the United States, where Americans chose between two parties. Chinese people in the two rogue software to choose a rogue software.

have seen a lot of people shameless countenance, but a respected company shameless is really rare, that day I saw a return. read more


introduction this adjustment is called a gamble.


founder Wang Feng

technology Tencent Fang Kun reported in April 3rd

Beijing Wangjing, a huge poster hanging downstairs Qiming building reads: "Innovationin mobile games from 2013", two days ago here in La Gang online announced the transition to the mobile game business, the original end of the tour, although Webpage Game continue to update, but no longer approved new projects, has been in the stage of research and development project code named double sealed. CTO, cancel operations center and R & D center, and will operate, propaganda, integrated into the project group, jointly responsible for the results of project. read more


100 MMS bell alliance officially opened, welcome all webmaster cooperation!!!
single on demand 1 yuan after our test, union registration is very high. It is your good choice on the order quantity of 1000.
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Hello everyone, I am a grassroots webmaster, today to share with you about the webmaster industry the most fire of the most concerned about the Taobao passenger industry, I do not know much about, we are clear.

in the past few years, as long as access to the Internet friends, especially as a grassroots webmaster you, want to make your first pot of gold on the Internet, it will be very hard to learn, to get more things, I am no exception, the earliest learned is the higher the industry, before the most profitable is the use of color flow to make money, of course, I did not do the operation. read more


said that although the added value of advertising is not the webmaster to the direction of the struggle, most people still want to make money through other profit model, but I think the fact you don’t look down upon the added value of the ads, these are often able to create your unexpected income


for example, the operation of the advertising package includes a large number of high value-added CPM delivery, if used on average and conversion rate so many sites will not be included in the media or in the encounter plan optimization for the first time after the cancellation of the results in the digital mode! But when additional value from a large number of text links the average CPC and CPA, click on the word, it can help us to optimize your web site read more


Do not rely on the rush in the IT venue, and more VC will be able to melt into the capital; do not think about the VC, the east does not shine bright west, there are always one or two will understand your business model.

to reiterate that the business model is very important! You must be able to stand up to the actual combat, not simply to think about what you will do and how to do, the most important thing is to include offensive and defensive and control: how to go on the offensive,.

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May 28, 2014, sponsored by the IDG capital wholly owned, venture capital magazine co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be held at University of Science & Technology China, twelfth. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus.

Han Zhiyong, vice president of operations,

percentage points in the keynote speech, sharing 7 years of work experience in Lenovo and entrepreneurial experience during the school. On the failure of entrepreneurship, Han Zhiyong learned the lesson is: young people are passionate, but not sustainable. Entrepreneurship is a long-distance race, what we need is a continuous passion. Moreover, entrepreneurs need basic preservation, especially in the entrepreneurial process. In addition, he also mentioned the importance of team and execution. read more


talent is the most valuable asset, which is the eternal truth, all the competition ultimately reflect the competition, so for start-up companies, the ability to attract excellent talents is very important, which is directly related to the success of the company.

first talent

Last year,

China has a very popular film "China partner", I think it is great, it is not only a good inspirational story, in fact, this is what happened in the real story of many companies on the body, I think for the first time entrepreneurial people first need to find talent is partner, Google, Alibaba, Tencent successfully express this point we are. read more


September 4, 2008 Taobao officially announced the integration of Ali’s mother, its Taobao and Ali mother immediate merger and development. Ali mother cut hundreds of employees. That is good with, at worst do not go on, move to Taobao. The mom wanted to create ad trading platform, but not up to now, a lot of publicity but less profitable Amoy Amoy. The guest stay long, Taobao recently live broadsword father change, OPEN platform, open platform. Is to eliminate some of the Taobao. Leaving only the strength of the webmaster. Help them promote products. The small guest is not the long run. read more