Zhongguancun business street is the entrepreneur’s most ideal venture, but only one street, Zhongguancun 20 thousand square meters of space is limited, while the business is infinite, when Zhongguancun venture street from the land across the country to


May 25th, the youth community sample ("sample") officially announced new, completed at the same time with a number of institutions and enterprises signed the financing plan in advance. According to reports, the future, the youth community will continue to sample more city layout projects throughout the country. read more


Abstract: the

Line quickly became popular is the unique "chat expression map", the official Line cute design and distinctive Brown bear, Ni rabbit, and James suffered from Steamed Buns. According to IPO documents show that these popular chat expression for the company’s global contribution of $268 million, accounting for 1/4 of total revenue.

[titanium media] because the expression package and the surrounding products in China fire up Line is about to be listed.

11 this month, Japan’s instant messaging service provider Line announced that due to strong market demand, the final price of IPO will be set at about 3300 yen (about $32.3). Line 14 will be listed in New York, listed on the market in Tokyo on the 15, respectively, the issue of shares and 13 million shares of the 22 million. read more


Abstract: in theory, everyone has the opportunity to rely on a short video fire up, but in reality, every entrepreneurial tide hit, are accompanied by running more, less success, I am afraid that the short video is no exception.

Spring Festival, the Internet has been a phenomenal topic: Papi sauce by directed and starred in a short video overnight in the United States took root, the number of fans reached 989 thousand, the average daily amount of play after reaching 150 thousand, the opening of the WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms, WeChat reading article 100 thousand +, micro-blog fans have done 5 million 300 thousand – a month ago, this number is 2 million, the fire of remarkable Papi sauce. Together with the Papi sauce fire up there Ercoli Lee, Luo Xiuxiu and other short video grassroots star, the United States beat the number of video playback 10 million broken more than 4000 users. It is easy to draw a conclusion from these phenomena: short video entrepreneurial opportunities come. read more


QQ cool double Taobao guest investment 300 yuan can earn $30 thousand per month

did not do a part-time job at school, that the future work, part-time and I certainly do not have the edge. Fortunately, when I work with a part-time, and make it get out of hand. Because this part of the job, not only to bring me a huge income, but also a self-confidence, a growth.

everyone thinks that when you go to work, do your job well. This is not the case, only to do their job well, never be able to make money from it. Because the salary is too low, because the salary is too fixed. To get a better development and life can only find a part-time job. That’s the way I am, so I’m looking for a part-time job. My part-time job is to do QQ cool double Taobao guest. read more


Abstract: Recently, BiliBili website cartoon characters "2233 Niang" hand model auction in Taobao, the maximum amount is not set, the model set has sold 9 billion 800 million yuan.

recently, BiliBili website cartoon characters "2233 Niang" hand model auction in Taobao, the maximum amount is not set, the model set has sold 9 billion 800 million yuan.

many netizens exclaimed "this is your auction in the biography country Yuxi?" "hard life can not afford to buy two plastic figurines". Ultimately, however, the incident was referred to as a farce. read more


[TechWeb] April 25th news, the Internet sports service platform tiger bashing sports submitted to the SFC A shares listed application.


Commission official website shows, tiger culture communication (Shanghai) Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ESPN) submitted A prospectus draft report, documents show that the company intends listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, no more than 33334000 shares issued.

tiger sports means using the Internet Service Sports crowd, owns sports vertical website "ESPN sports network" and "ESPN mobile client, mobile client, provide the service mainly includes event information, community interaction, online value-added services, operations, events, sports goods and services guide the main business, by advertising, event marketing business and value-added business income etc.. read more


CEO share the leadership experience they learned in 2016 and the leadership goals they plan to achieve in 2017.

leadership experience: proper decentralization can help your team solve new challenges

Laura Powers Weidman, is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Code2040, a technology diversified non-profit organization (Smith) is currently a senior policy adviser to the White House chief technology officer Megan

"one of the joys of 2016 is that the Code2040 leadership team has accelerated the growth of management organizations in an amazing way. It took me six months to get to the Obama administration, and during this time, everyone in the Code2040 team took ownership to keep the organization running efficiently. In particular, the implementation of the team and the project leader, not only to strengthen the responsibility of the work, but also to convey their faith in an incentive way. I know that for all the people in the team, this experience gives us a new understanding of how to share responsibility, work together, exercise our collaborative leadership, and respect the diversity of the team’s strengths". read more


[TechWeb] April 6th news reports, Ethernet capital founder and CEO Zhou Zijing said to TechWeb, now has more than 300 monthly new project financing in the etheric platform, directly related to the real business, entertainment, sports and other fields and the upgrading of consumption, the number of projects since 2015 Q3 rose sharply. At the same time in the past 3000 months in the lead of the roadshow, investors are constantly working with the founder of the field related to the meeting, investors concerned about the growth rate significantly. read more


O2O community is a long time to explore the industry, mainly because the community is a complicated place, but great opportunities seem to really build a very high viscosity of the platform is not so easy, but no matter what the starting point from the platform, the complexity of the community decided to think the following four points set up in Ping Taiwan, respectively is the scene, content, carrier and fusion, and the discussion is to create scenes of life support and intervention.

community O2O platform had to think of one of the four directions: life scenes to create read more


technology website Tech Insider wrote today, a company called Cadre to come into contact with the high-end real estate market, let more people through the Internet platform, and has attracted many talents to join Google, Facebook and Twitter.

below is the full text of the article:

A few miles east of Manhattan in

Astoria Queeens, several residential buildings recently at a price of $60 million sale.

but this is not a traditional real estate transaction. The 20 investors involved in the transaction are not private equity funds; the building is not even listed in a large intermediary companies. Even more surprising is that, from listing to the completion of the transaction, the whole process took only a few weeks, compared to traditional transactions easily cycle up to several months. read more


[Abstract] Hugo workshop signed a cooperation agreement with 14 institutional investors, to provide financing through-train service for enterprises.


technology news (Le Tian) September 16th news, only five months of the establishment of Hugo workshop today announced the completion of more than two hundred million yuan A round of financing, the current round of financing by the CIC Han Fu gopher assets co led, led more than 100 million yuan.

Angel round lead investor Sequoia Capital and real investment institutions with investment, the other party with the cast also includes Gao Rong capital, founder and students, the investment in the city, sunshine 100, lead the potential investment, investment, collection of Shanxi QingChuang guest and many other organizations. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing. read more


is the lack of venture entrepreneur good common trouble, what are the rich project for young entrepreneurs to do? This paper summed up the first half of 2015, the most popular and most profitable 20 entrepreneurial project, are some of the benefit of small attractive opportunity, recommend to you intend to start young friends!

NO.1 New Technology Bookstore

with the construction of rural spiritual civilization deeply, many people have begun to pursue a good spiritual food. Which book is the best medium for farmers learn spiritual food. At the same time, "agriculture science and technology" of the faith has been buried in the heart of all the farmers in the rural market, the sharp increase of science and technology books. For in the county to open the shop, at the same time, a large number of young farmers are eager to improve their cultural quality and level of knowledge, see all kinds of skills examination have created the examinations, the county market. The young friends who intend to start a business, choose a county with a large population or convenient transportation, than to build a golden house in the book market. read more


live video recently very popular: in 2015, Twitter acquired video broadcast services company Periscope; soon, the release of Meerkat has achieved great success in the SXSW Music Festival, in addition to many other video broadcast services, including Facebook Live.

, however, a year after the initial success of Meerkat, its CEO Ben Rubin recently announced that it will terminate the live video service, and the focus shifted to become a video social networking site. Details of the new social network is not clear, we look at the evolution of the Meerkat, you may find the development direction of the video broadcast. read more


in the face of internal need more transformation of the stock of employees, how to play their value in new products and new business development contribution has become a major issue, and encourage the media internal incubator will become a very good, very natural choice.

went to the transformation of traditional media advertising, the original business model is not sustainable, or not enough to support the economy once the size of the body of the moment, the traditional media need to find more innovative business and new business model, based on the development of the Internet and mobile Internet new products and new business development has become a must, to solve the research and development of new products, new path business model innovation is simply the following methods: read more


out of professional habits, whenever people say that this site is good, always can not help but use the webmaster tools to check the weight of this site is expected to flow, included, the chain. When you see the site’s data is relatively bleak, very little traffic, the inside of the heart to deny a good website that. On the contrary, if the site weight is high, included good, traffic, it can not help but look at its key words ranking, and then click into the site to see the content.

each of our grassroots webmaster in the establishment of each site, will dream about how high the weight of the site, how much traffic and revenue of a better future. Whenever you see a high weight and high traffic site, the Federation will analyze the site architecture, included, the chain, etc., and finally to determine what the site is doing so much traffic today. read more


[TechWeb] News reported in July 22nd, Shenzhou car Shenzhou car Limited by Share Ltd and operating company announced that the company’s shares listed public transfer application has been the national stock transfer company agreed shares will be held today at the national share transfer system listed on the official public transfer.

Shenzhou car company today listed on the new board of valuation of 36 billion 900 million yuan

announcement, China Securities and car stock code 838006; transfer mode for the transfer market, CICC, GF Securities, CITIC Securities, SW Hong Yuan Securities, Soochow securities, financial securities brokerage 6 became the excellent car maker. read more


recently, fresh electricity incident in town, two yuan Jun circle of friends is a similar incident after several days of screen brush.

do not know if you noticed, O2O fresh brand recently is greatly closed and shrinking, "love fresh peak" was held in the grand "downsizing" activities, every orchard has proved its line of nearly a thousand stores have been fully closed, have been living under the fresh O2O project "originally convenience" has also been suspended.

over the previous two years, O2O fresh or relatively prosperous, and now, fresh electricity come to this step, some VC and Internet bigwigs unexpected, after analysis of 2 Jun, O2O fresh to close the tide, there are several major problems: read more


each reporter Mu Xuan

do not know how much light media President Wang Changtian after repeated thinking, and ultimately decided to take another surname Wang man – the United States Mission Network CEO Wang Xing hand. The cat announced the acquisition of shares after investors exchange meeting, Wang Changtian said: "this is the biggest decision I do.".

Light media stocks

cash 2 billion 383 million yuan +1.76 million shares, Wang Changtian in such a large amount, won the "cat’s movie" the online movie ticketing platform 57.4% stake. At the same time, the proportion of domestic cat financial data online ticketing platform is the biggest show: last year, net profit of only 23 thousand and 800 yuan, this data is reasonable, but also reasonable outside. read more


in 2016, after the Spring Festival hot news on the Internet home of the first real world network emerge in an endless stream, giving up 666 straight business transformation platform, after the new March decoration, there are a variety of views and discuss 315 of the war also burn the decoration, construction enterprises leading to negative news.

compared to last year, through the Internet home are more low-key, more love bulkhead work, will mainly concentrate on standardization and iterative implementation, as well as the construction and service supply chain, and carries on the expansion of the city. We all know that one day how to do PR is not so important. read more


99 years, the first time in the computer room (at that time did not call the Internet), spend 3 dollars to the Red Alert 98 game at that time, my biggest wish is to have a computer, but when my mother said.

2000, know Internet cafes, access to the QQ and chat room, the deepest impression is to spend 10 dollars overnight packages, and write down the overnight objective on paper: 1, learn QQ chat, chat for a pen pal; 2, apply for a Hotmail mailbox.

today, I am just 30 years old, this is my contact with the Internet for the past fifteenth years, is also the first contact with the site of the tenth year. This is also the Lu Songsong blog was born six and a half years, the best years of life are used to do independent blog. read more