June 2017

lighting industry has always been a hot industry in recent years, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, the lighting industry has undergone tremendous changes. LED lighting industry has become the most popular industry. Want to invest in the lighting industry, LED lighting is the focus of your attention. LED lighting industry trends? Together we analyze.

The rise of

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store rent is an important part of the cost of investment in the beauty salon, so for the beauty salon owner, store rents rose, but also means that the cost of beauty salons increased a lot. Then, when the store rents rose, beauty salons to renew? The answer is yes. The following are three reasons to renew:

for a reason

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with the development of economy, people’s lifestyle and consumption habits have undergone great changes, barbecue shop because of its unique taste, lively atmosphere favored by consumers, the market unpopular. For investors, do you know the top formula for street barbecue? The following small series to answer for everyone.

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in today’s society, some characteristics of the fast food restaurant is still very common, at the same time, in the fast-food business, how fast is the operators need to consider the talent shows itself, many, many entrepreneurs want to invest on their own, the following small secret shop fast food shop to improve the efficiency of the preparatory process.

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one day down, whether it is mental work, or physical labor, backache is very normal thing, so choose a suitable massage will become more people choose. However, now massager brand of the big market is so much, we should choose which brand? And let Xiaobian to introduce you to massage the top ten brands list, so that you can choose to have a better reference.

ten massager brand rankings, RongTai NO.1 RONGTAI: the Shanghai famous brand, set the development / production / sales of health massage equipment as one of the enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Shanghai RongTai health Polytron Technologies Inc. read more

as the owner, a lot of customers from the point of view, to provide more with love service, access to higher customer recognition, which will make the store business better. In business, sometimes a very small move will impress customers. As the saying goes, "remarks to a winter three", when we recommend the cigarette, even a good word, will cause the attention of customers, we will buy more goods in the shop.

to help customers choose the goods needed, when the customer left the shop owner kindly remind us to help customers to repair the broken underwear, see a number of disabled customers rushed forward to support, etc.. These small moves, will allow customers to remember the good of our owners, and sometimes our little move is a fortune. Here is a look at the following several retail users is how to impress customers with a small move, to share their friends to share the retail: read more

Shaanxi hamburger is presumably not a few people do not know, it should be said that this is the Chinese burger, but is a Chinese from local people’s taste for China "Chinese style hamburger". If you want to run a hamburger shop, it is a good choice. Here is Wang Huafeng hamburger do you recommend. Wang Huafeng hamburger snack business market prospect is extremely broad, very low risk, low investment returns, snack market contains huge business opportunities. Suitable for most of the lack of funds, less skilled workers entrepreneurial. Can be set up shop, but also mobile operators, the minimum investment of a few hundred dollars can be achieved to do the boss’s dream, this investment is small, fast returns, lucrative projects in particular by the small investment entrepreneurs favor. read more

a lot of people like to wear silver, silver to join the market prospects, the attention of entrepreneurs. Open a silver shop, to understand some of the decoration skills. How to decorate the shop? Need to pay attention to what matters? Let’s take a look.

This should be the first

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