May 2017

although a lot of people are now aware of the glasses store can earn high profits, however, this profit is how to earn, for many laymen is still a question. So, glasses store profit is how to earn? And let Xiaobian for your analysis, to see if you understand the industry.

glasses industry annual output value? Speak out to death, 30 billion! Most of them are glasses store profits. According to statistics, there are about five hundred million people wearing China or buy glasses, according to conservative three years change a pair of eyes to calculate the annual market demand is close to two hundred million, this is not tainted glasses glasses. It is clear that the glasses market is a huge cake, and for outsiders to be a bit confused: the glasses store profits come from? read more


is indeed a place gold, but now the number of operators it is too large, resulting in the competition is very intense, if not a good name, for business, business development will be very difficult to. But want to give Taobao shop a good name, in fact, there is a related principle. So, what are the principles of Taobao shop name?


1. name implies the variety of goods on sale:

* *   shuijingzhilian; Dunhuang Remanbar digital harbor……

to give the name of the benefits of Taobao shop is that buyers look at the name of the shop, you know what kind of goods you sell, really intuitive… Looks more atmospheric. read more

every morning, awakened by the alarm clock and then dragged the body to squeeze the bus to work this is most of us life portrayal, but also some people tired of this life of their own, which businesses to open shop who occupied the main part of the shop, but low cost to the fast, want to say today is such a pair of small the couple they sell Foie Gras on the Internet, a year can earn 4 million.


customers a word let him open up a new world

Lu Huafang is from Xiaoshan, the pioneer of Cixi. Two people are reading marketing, so understanding, and then developed into a lover. Lu Huafang, a fluent Cixi dialect, she said shyly: "Cixi married, and the husband runs France Landes geese career, learn Cixi dialect is necessary, although initially for me, this is a threshold." At first, the two just simply sell French foie gras online, accidentally encounter a customer, they become the catalyst into the field of electricity supplier. read more

Internet era, many people want to open a shop at home to do business, there are many online business choices, and master the skills of online management is more important. Online shop is also the need to spend a lot of money investors things, how to avoid the loss of online business?

Of course,
read more

electricity supplier in China has become a very attractive choice of entrepreneurship, almost zero threshold access system so that e-commerce everywhere in the land of china. In the distant Xinjiang have electricity supplier figure.

wheat seeds, vinegar, cheese, honey, jujube…… A superb collection of beautiful things filled with goods shelf; shelf next, five or six figures are busy packing goods sent; not far away, a green computer desk, "small 2" the click of a mouse, flying like snowflakes orders, they are busy awfully. read more

open cosmetics stores, purchase choice of brand products is very important. If you want to work with a supplier, we must carefully examine whether the brand products meet market demand. If you don’t know how to look at it, learn from it.

choose to join the brand, if the brand management system had at least 5 years of history, is a very good choice. According to the survey, the development of at least five years of headquarters, very competitive, but also to improve the operational security. How to choose to join such a brand, is very easy to profit! read more

dumpling is a traditional delicacy in China, over the years have been loved by the people, and some people targeted in the dumplings above, to make their own brand, here’s a look at his entrepreneurial path.

"ice dumplings that we store the most proud varieties of dumplings." Nine mine often smiled and said, this year, although not to own dumplings, fried dumplings can best practice research, from the choice of cooking pot, fire size, concentration of starch to water, then simmer pot time, all of the details, he carefully analyzed. read more

catering venture capital must first consider the issue of investment funds, if you want to open a Korean barbecue shop about how much money? For this problem is a lot of barbecue grill investors will ask questions. Then open a Korean barbecue shop how much money? Is the most powerful brand of famous Korean barbecue in the investment market, LuxeHome house joined the project as an example, as long as the 5~10 million fee, a total investment of 20~30 million will be able to open a shop! Korean barbecue shop, choose LuxeHome palace join, there is authentic taste Korean barbecue, delicious taste, consumers love, be worth to share, here are delicious assorted skewers, meet the diverse needs of consumers here, there are a variety of meals and delicacy, meet the needs of consumers in a nutrition! LuxeHome Palace Korean barbecue shop, a lot of delicious, small investment, money prospects good read more

clothing industry entrepreneurs should be aware of the terms ", now in the business market, saying gehangrugeshan, people also have a lot of homework to do? Look at these "technical terms" what.

replenishment and single supplement: replenishment refers to on the new season after the subsequent purchase, including fill pin old version of the goods and the goods. Fill a single general is a batch of orders with the factory to do the old version of the goods. read more

is our underwear must be necessities, the huge market demand, so the underwear product is a good choice of business, but how to do the underwear brands? Good agents and manufacturers are often willing to regional cooperation in the operation of advertising, and in a timely manner to push out your own company. So as a clothing brand to join agents, how to better manage it? The following small series underwear brand agent, for example,


a brand choice should be careful

a Shaanxi agent within a year for 3 underwear brand first brand products, because the style is not suitable, Europeanization, changed in 3 months; second brand for about half a year, the price is too high, always open the market, had to give up; third brands had less than 3 month, the brand manufacturers will specialize in single processing to, no longer do domestic products, the agency also had to withdraw. A year later, the warehouse was filled with 3 brands of products, capital, energy invested a lot, but it is not profitable, you say this agent tired? read more

Internet industry is developing rapidly, more and more people want to grab wealth in this industry, many entrepreneurs have achieved success in the Internet industry, but some people end up in failure. So what Internet entrepreneurs are most likely to fail? Read the following to know.

1. to the product to mention a lot of features

There are a lot of

As such read more

food and clothing is a human need, no matter how the times change, will have a huge demand, so do catering business, clothing business has been a hot. Now, there are a lot of entrepreneurs keen to do clothing stores to join the business, here Xiaobian want to give them some suggestions.


clothing franchisee must first understand, to join us and not profit guarantee.

The basic concept of

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What is

famous Sichuan cuisine? That is, of course, Sichuan, Kawa Nanobu is known for its spicy, naturally there is a bit of bold plot in which. While the Sichuan has always been the most loved by customers and obsessed with the taste, let countless people dumping, variety, is famous for its spicy! Open restaurant? A two Shu Shu Sichuan Museum, authentic Sichuan spicy delicious, spicy cool love like home! Here are delicious spicy dried juice, have take the Sichuan style dishes, there is often thought of the spicy hot pot! How to join a Shu Shu two Sichuan Museum? What is the procedure for joining read more

white-collar workers are now the most bitter life force, doing a tiring job, holding a high salary. Therefore, more workers think entrepreneurship. Qinhuangdao will help the poor workers to help solve the difficulties of poverty relief entrepreneurship employment support.

to implement precise helping, strengthen the "blood type" support, help workers, unemployed workers, migrant workers realize the difficulties caused by the difficulties of employment, the day before, the Qinhuangdao Municipal Federation of trade unions issued "employment to support the implementation of the special action plan", from this year to 2018, with three years of time, with special action as the starting point power, the difficulties workers solution of poverty. read more

due to the downturn in the real estate industry in the past few years, leading to the emergence of a lot of local property market phenomenon. While the property market in Kunming has gradually settled in other places inventory, still face greater pressure on the stock. So, Kunming commercial real estate in the future where?

traditional business district vacancy rate increased, the new commercial district intensified competition, the commercial real estate market suffered before and after attack, ushered in a longer period of time than the residential market, dormant period". From the market survey data, as of May, the Kunming market is only a commercial project in Yinhai is still a royal happiness Plaza, into the city area has shrunk to 50 thousand square meters. read more

can now be said to have become an era of entrepreneurship, and there are a lot of people are in the business, in the life also emerged a lot of more heroic entrepreneurs, and some of their personal business stories also bring us inspiration.

during the holidays, people’s Park in the square, there will be many children "armed" skating, they were divided into elementary, intermediate class learning, walking, sliding and other techniques. Each class has a coach, two hours a day for training. The children’s coach is born in 1985, the big boys hair press day. read more

taxi in our daily life for our travel provides a lot of convenience, but it is also a matter of supervision can not be ignored. November 30th, the Fuzhou municipal government issued on deepening the reform of the taxi industry implementation plan, since December 1st implementation. On the social widespread concern about the car taxi reform, network management, the "program" provisions, including new taxi franchise free use, in the net about car service vehicles need to comply with the relevant conditions. read more