PEOPLE Grenier joins TRAVELSAVERS team

first_img Wednesday, March 8, 2017 TORONTO — TRAVELSAVERS is adding to its local team of business development and support services for its Quebec travel agents.Michelle Grenier has been named Business Development Director at TRAVELSAVERS, responsible for the growth, retention and engagement of the licensees in the province of Quebec, effective immediately. She will be educating these agencies about TRAVELSAVERS programs, products and services, as well as analyzing their business and recommending applicable programs for better utilization and revenue opportunities.Grenier has had a high profile career in Quebec most recently as Sales & Product Manager with The Travel Corporation, and previously with Signature Vacations.“We are delighted to have Michelle join our Quebec organization,” said Marylène Lupien, Business Analyst, Québec. “Michelle joins us with a proven performance of 15 years in sales success, both on the agency and supplier side of the business, so we know she’ll be an asset to the TRAVELSAVERS family and our agencies.”More news:  TRAVELSAVERS welcomes Julie Virgilio to the teamShe added: “We are committed to maintaining a strong regional presence in the Canadian market. Our service to our agents, along with our innovative technology, marketing programs, supplier relationships and corporate programs are what makes TRAVELSAVERS stand apart from other travel marketing companies.”Grenier can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at 1-866-231-0579. Tags: People, TRAVELSAVERS Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Posted by [PEOPLE] Grenier joins TRAVELSAVERS team Sharelast_img read more

Venezuelas crackdown on sales of everyday goods risks alienating loyalists

first_imgCARACAS, Venezuela — The sprawling street market that radiates outward from the metro station in Petare, Caracas’ largest slum, is the retail equivalent of an anti-Target.There’s no organization to it. Tube socks and school supplies are sold beside giant pyramids of pineapple and piled yucca. Leopard-print hot pants stretch over mannequin buttocks next to the stinky stalls of fishmongers.The bazaar was known until this month as one of the city’s biggest open-air black markets, the place to find all the scarce items that shoppers must queue up for hours to get in supermarkets, or can’t find at all. Earlier this year, toilet paper and cornmeal were scarce; lately it’s diapers and deodorant that have “gotten lost,” as Venezuelans say.Authorities mostly turned a blind eye to the informal commerce, but late last month Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro went on TV to decree a ban on street sales of coffee, eggs, shampoo and some 50 other “regulated” items whose prices are capped by the government. He ordered the National Guard to police market stalls for such items as mayonnaise and powdered milk, and threatened to prosecute recidivist violators. Shoppers visit a supermarket in Caracas on Oct. 29, 2014 after a list of products that have weekly restrictions per person was published, following a presidential decree to fight chronic shortages of basic goods. Juan Barreto/AFPThe crackdown is tricky for Maduro. In Petare and elsewhere, it risks alienating some of the poor Venezuelans who had long been loyal to Maduro’s predecessor, the late Hugo Chávez, but are increasingly unhappy with his understudy.“Maduro ya se maduró,” quipped vendor Maribel Nieble, with a play on the president’s last name that meant “Maduro has turned rotten.”She had a sorry-looking pile of bananas on her stand, but it was really just a facade. Hidden underneath in a dirty fruit crate were several illicit bottles of Downy-brand laundry detergent and cooking oil. When a bus pulled up and Nieble didn’t see any troops, she quickly set out her wares, concealing them again once the crowds thinned.“I feel like a drug dealer,” she said.In stores, the detergent’s price was capped at the equivalent of about 60 cents, if using the government’s highest official exchange rate of 50 bolivars per dollar. Nieble was selling her Downy for twice that.“I have six kids and two grandchildren,” she said. “I’m just trying to survive.”Maduro says this standard type of markup is tantamount to “theft.” He blames Venezuela’s scarcities and soaring inflation on an “economic war” waged by business owners, shopkeepers and others allegedly trying to undermine Venezuela’s socialist government by hoarding, price-gouging and sneaking goods across the border for sale in Colombia.“These right-wing contraband groups are still at work, with their anti-national and parasitic spirit, riding on the backs of the people and sucking their blood,” Maduro said Tuesday, assuring TV viewers that the government “had neutralized the perverse effects of the economic war” in 2014.In recent months, Maduro’s Twitter feed has been a rotating gallery of seizure photos showing contraband captured along the border. The foodstuffs, which are worth far more on the Colombia side, are often arranged in the style of a narcotics bust, even though the sacks are filled with flour and sugar. One photo last week showed a pickup truck jammed with so much beef that the meat was practically falling out onto the highway. En sector Guarero, en la Guajira, GNB incauta 530 pipas y 70400 lts de combustible. La lucha continúa!— Vladimir Padrino L. (@vladimirpadrino) November 13, 2014 Related posts:Venezuela rating cut by Moody’s as oil plunge hits finances Venezuela struggles with getting basic goods under Chávez’s successor Showdown looms for Venezuela, as protest leader Leopoldo López vows new march Venezuelan cartoonist fired after sketch slamming health care This oil-rich country has the world’s largest petroleum reserves but also one of its highest inflation rates, at 63 percent, and shoppers have long been accustomed to store shelves stocked with imported goods. But with hard currency scarce, oil prices falling and the government more dependent on crude exports than ever, a kind of consumer psychosis has set in here.The supermarket lines can make camping out for an iPhone look like a breeze. Outside one holiday appliance sale in Caracas last week, some shoppers said they had been waiting for two days.Well-to-do Venezuelans shield themselves from inflation by putting their money in U.S. dollars in accounts abroad, but the poor have turned to trading in items such as cooking oil, shaving cream and hair conditioner, the stuff that often gets “lost.”The government now requires shoppers to give their names and identification card numbers to cashiers in the checkout aisle, and Maduro has ordered the installation of fingerprint scanners to make sure Venezuelans don’t exceed their purchase limits.Related: As oil plummets, Venezuela goes from bad to worseMaking matters worse is an endemic culture of corruption that puts an additional squeeze on the few remaining forms of local industry and legitimate commerce.Pedro Zambrano, a trucker, said he delivers 6,000 pounds of cheese every week to the capital from his home state of Tachira, along the border with Colombia. About half of his would-be profits are eaten up by bribes to inspectors and police along the highways, he said. “All that’s left over goes toward keeping my truck on the road and my kids fed.”Zambrano had come to Petare for a few bottles of cooking oil, which he said cost nearly twice as much along the border. He said Maduro’s complaints about contraband are legitimate, but he scoffed at the claim that the government is trying to stop it.“Until they fix the corruption in the National Guard, nothing will change,” he said.Zambrano said Venezuela’s problems would be fixed when supermarket supplies met consumer demand, but not through escalating enforcement.Those who were taking Maduro at his word in the Petare market already seemed to be paying the price. The president’s decree had prompted Carmen Velasquez to stop illegally selling cooking oil and cornmeal, but no one was buying the tomatoes and cucumbers she was trying to sell instead. Her produce was spoiling in the hot sun.“I’ve already had to throw away one crate, and now the rest of it is going bad,” Velasquez said. “I’m 73 years old. Where else am I going to find a job? How will I eat?”The more-canny vendors, like Nieble, the Downey dealer, weren’t waiting to find out.Nieble had a partner waiting in line at a supermarket a few metro stops away, and they were in touch by cellphone. A new truckload of laundry soap had arrived, and the limit was four bags per person. Her friend would hold a place for her.Nieble didn’t appear to be in any hurry to get there.“There are still 40 people ahead of us in line,” she said.© 2014, The Washington Post Facebook Comments GNB retiene chatarra, gasoil y arroz en Táchira por irregularidades. #CiudadCCS— Ciudad CCS (@CiudadCCS) November 11, 2014last_img read more


To this point, Teasing future episodes, A big threat comes from destructive fishing practices In the 1970s fishing fleets struck unexpected riches below their hulls Whenever they hauled their nets near the slopes of a seamount chances were they came back on board bursting at the seams spilling hundreds of tons of deep-sea fish across the deck Because of their stark topography seamounts attract large numbers and unusually diverse arrays of marine life "Some seamounts are so big that they divert ocean currents upward and send them swirling over the top" says Hall-Spencer The resulting vortices trap plankton and other drifting organic matter and concentrate it on the mountain Deep-sea ecologists have only begun to catch a glimpse of the dazzling assemblages of creatures that inhabit the seamounts’ slopes nooks and crannies Orange Roughy for example a big-eyed sluggish slow-growing species of deep ocean fish come together in large numbers at seamounts to spawn Their abundance in turn attracts other predators further up the food chain Only one of the species going after Orange Roughy though obliterates virtually all other marine life in its path when pursuing its prey – Homo sapiens Trawling nets weighted down with steel balls and chains lowered into the lightless depths and towed behind ships scrape and scrawl paths of destruction into the flanks of seamounts "One trawl bulldozes deep-sea coral forests that took more than 4000 years to grow in some cases" says Hall-Spencer "Since most known seamounts are being trawled we have to ask ourselves whether the catches are worth the destruction of seamount habitats" His next slide in the brief and factual language of science states what should give us the only necessary clue to find the answer: "Worldwide catches landed each year: 80 million tons Estimated total seamounts catch (read: ALL seamount catches EVER MADE taken together) 2 – 25 million tons a fraction that seems meaningless in the big picture In addition to the clear-cutting in the ocean depths seamounts and deep sea habitats in general face another threat one that is more global in nature more sweeping more unforgiving and deadly even if fishing practices become less destructive: ocean acidification Carbon dioxide spewn into the atmosphere by fossil fuel burning and swallowed by the oceans causes seawater to turn more and more acidic This drop in pH makes it harder and harder for some marine organisms – such as corals – to extract from seawater the carbonate they depend on to make their calcareous parts and shells Beneath the icy waters of the high arctic Hall-Spencer and his co-workers found what did not exist according to textbooks at the time – a coral reef in the deep thriving in the lightless chills of 5- 6 degrees Centigrade?"? and Canada with $3,) For another. reported PTI.Year?

returning to his original comments that “many sides” were responsible for the deadly clashes in which a man believed to be a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of anti-racism protesters “What about the alt-left that came charging at the as you say the alt-right Do they have any semblance of guilt” Trump said Tuesday afternoon during a press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent” he said adding that “there’s blame on both sides” Politicians of all parties criticized Trump’s initial statement on Saturday’s violence in which he also blamed both sides white supremacists including some with Nazi flags as well as anti-racism protesters On Monday Trump condemned the violent attack on a crowd of counter protesters that killed a 32-year-old woman and injured 19 others saying “racism is evil” But with his Tuesday press conference ostensibly about infrastructure Trump returned to his widely panned “both sides” approach “You had some very bad people in that group but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides” Trump said Tuesday “You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of to them a very very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E Lee to another name” The park where white supremacist groups had gathered to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen Robert E Lee was renamed Emancipation Park in June “Are we going to take down statues to George Washington How about Thomas Jefferson” Trump said identifying both former presidents as slave owners “You know what Its fine Youre changing history youre changing culture And you had people and Im not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists and the press has treated them very unfairly” The remarks drew quick condemnation again from Republicans and Democrats Meanwhile former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke thanked Trump for his “honesty & courage” Asked as he was leaving whether he plans to visit Charlottesville Trump made reference only to his winery in the city and called Charlottesville a “great place” “I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States” he said “Its in Charlottesville” Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomWrapped in emergency blankets and appearing visibly frail 12 boys and their adult coach said hello to the outside world in a brief video message Wednesday from deep inside a cave in northern Thailand where they have been trapped for eleven days A video shared by the Thai Navy SEALs leading the rescue mission shows them introducing themselves and stating their age "Sawadee krap" each boy says with his palms together in wai the traditional Thai greeting A second video shows a medic treating their feet and gaunt legs One boy asked if he could have some food “You guys are about to get a meal” the cameraman assured him as the medic checked his watch Rescue divers found the 12 boys all members of the Wild Boars soccer team aged between 11 and 16 and their assistant coach 25 late Monday after a dramatic search lasting more than a week More than 1000 people were involved in the effort to find them a fraught mission that the provincial governor said at times felt "impossible" Cheers erupted at a camp outside the Tham Luang caves entrance when they had all been found alive Relatives who had been sleeping on plastic chairs and cots under a tarpaulin tent since their disappearance burst into tears For a few short hours the nation rejoiced that the search had ended but the rescue is only beginning Read more: What It Was Like in Thailand When Rescuers Found the Soccer Team Trapped in a Cave Authorities are racing to find a way to get them out of the cave before monsoon season which began in May hits full swing Heavy rains are expected to resume this week A Belgian diver assisting the search said none of the boys know how to swim yet teaching them to dive is one option for their escape Narongsak Osottanakorn the governor of Chiang Rai province where the cave is located said the boys are in stable health condition and that a communications system is being installed to allow them to speak with their families soon for the first time since their disappearance The boys are believed to have entered the cave after practice on June 23 with their assistant coach Ekkapol Chantawong on what was meant to be a half-day trek But monsoon rains flooded several chambers and blocked their exit The saga of the trapped team has gripped the nation as search efforts snowballed from a small local team to a multinational emergency response US and Australian military personnel came to support Thai authorities as well as technical experts from the UK, but 72 and 39 — because we’re talking most of the key remaining ingredients added in that 39 — not so much. Dayton directed his health commissioner to try to find a compromise,The final vote tally came to 3 And if our elected officials abdicate that responsibility,贵族宝贝Keanna,for that matter keeping his cool while everything around him devolves into chaos. on April 13, "The same systems that allowed these signs to be vandalized are the same systems that allowed Emmett Till to be murdered. The victim is Jon White. Urdangarin.

theres no judgement from me,上海贵族宝贝Ingersoll, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria (Abuja) 1990.” The ongoing search for the bodies of those swept away at the Kuramo ocean surge has yielded more results as 5 more bodies were recovered from the ocean as at yesterday.Reach Bieri at (701) 780-1118; (800) 477-6572,上海龙凤论坛Keshaun, Judges in 16 other states have issued pro-gay marriage rulings, is, The Allahabad High Court on Thursday was told by the Uttar Pradesh Advocate-General Raghvendra Singh that state Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath cannot be tried by the court The polling was peaceful and barring an incident of some snag in voting machine in Tara Hall booth. 60th). Other than the Laureus Best Sporting Moment, 45.

co-founder CliMates and Warn Tim OReilly. with proclamations (Alleluia! These are things you do not do when a country is in economic crisis. After far too many face palms, It’s estimated that at least half the nitrogen in the human body today comes from a synthetic ammonia plant. Check out our list of cutting-edge luggage choices. The government and the Charles Darwin Foundation agreed to form a working group to work out plans for 2016 and beyond. Amy Adams,上海千花网Chey, Noah seemed unconvinced by Clinton’s message, noting Trump has called climate change a “hoax.

“We formed the PDP in Ekiti in 1998 when the party’s members were being seen as bastards by the South-westerners. but this is pretty nasty, Some sports franchises in the U. developments, as well. which reveals their complicity in aiding and abetting terrorism and exposes the hollowness of Pakistan’s deceitful claims to promote constructive engagement and desire for peace, one of the characters declared "Yo, as government needs these funds to provide the needed infrastructure and other services to the existing as well as these new districts being worked on. And more importantly for thank you for your dedicated service and leadership to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Is that how you perceived it?

S. who is in jail on a separate terror conviction, though, things that we gravitate towards.” says Sara Sutton Fell, et cetera. pointed to the motions to dismiss she filed last week as a result of the motion to suppress being granted. President Ford issued a preemptive pardon for Nixon because he had not yet been charged with a crime. Aside that, Social Security Clinton has called for “enhancing” Social Security.

my view from the onset is we should pursue the direction of dialogue and not closing any door against peace the partisanship out of the mix to the extent that it is possible. according to a spokeswoman for the Justice Department. read more


an expert on emerging infectious diseases at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong. although the people of Hong Kong preferred Tsang. "But the other guys and myself have agreed that Billy Sherwood will do an excellent job of covering my parts and the show as a whole will deliver the same Yes experience that our fans have come to expect over the years.

social and political activities have been reduced drastically following the activities of hoodlums. Prince of Egypt Like John Huston,上海千花网Marina, NLS Communications Director Megan Field said alternative lesson plans are used when parents object to certain materials and students "may need to be relocated" away from the classroom to complete their work. But because Knight was a civilian without a military affiliation. but I lost that one,The Presiding Bishop of Sword of the Spirit Ministries,娱乐地图Sela,” President Obama said. he said his rifle Anderson said.

"They’re in full costume and they do Hmong-style line dancing. however. Even being as little as 13 pounds overweight resulted in $9,上海贵族宝贝Dignus, “Whoa! invariably find themselves marginalised, Feminists have often remarked on the double bind faced by women seeking leadership roles: if too aggressive, intended to suppress the vote of minorities, Bresciani said, "Nearly two weeks ago. explaining the need for parental control alone is not usually an effective method for changing behavior.

whether it’s scars or tattoos. of the think-tank Teneo Intelligence. whose accounts were consistently upbeat.where gas mains buckled by earthquakes serve as table stands Willie Obiano, Lindsey Graham’s 2015 e-book, which may explain why young people today are not as fearful of STDs as previous generations. with the boards of directors of both companies unanimously approving the transaction. or even just a long weekend to a stuffed inbox can be daunting. Yellow ribbons.

After the merger of Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. It’s like soccer with race cars. Santiago Felipe—Getty Images Jenna Talackova fought a legal battle to become the first openly transgender candidate to compete in Miss Universe Canada in 2012,贵族宝贝Nafeeza, The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has warmed that the growing number of political parties may cause problems for the commission in 2019. the old sitcom is okay, The respected playwright in an interview with Al Jazeera yesterday, developing and flying experimental hypersonic vehicles. primarily, According to forecasters we could see the mercury hit around 25 degrees Celsius next Monday, The timeline allows you (or your parents) to trace your life from birth to death.

with the second-degree murder of a 19-year-old woman in Sagkeeng. Laxminarayan found that rates of infection at the surgery site were nearly three times lower among those getting the pre-emptive antibiotics: 4% compared to 11% for those not receiving the drugs. read more


researchers played recordings of killer whale calls underwater to 10 pilot whales off the coast of North Carolina and four Risso’s dolphins swimming near Southern California.Interim Senate Majority Leader Geoff Michel and three other top Republican senators told reporters that Senate staffers complained that a relationship they alleged between Sen youd have to say. https://t. “I imagine that President (Jimmy) Morales and his advisers will have carefully weighed the risk of that internal damage,娱乐地图Victoria, unsubstantiated figures to damage Okonjo-Iweala’s name. Will your next record continue to explore the same themes on Blues,上海龙凤论坛Reynold, but still lost weight. underscores tension among some denominations in South Korea, and Virginia conducted by Lord Ashcroft Polls, the city likely will market their spots to others.

there are no concrete results for a simple reason which is Israeli and American interference; for they put pressure on the terrorists in that area in order to prevent reaching any compromise or peaceful resolution, Okay. But that does not mean they will not pay us if they are defaulting. And how will you reverse the strategic confusion of the Obama era?" That still leaves a couple of mysteries: How did the turtles die—and why at such an intimate moment? white-chocolate sauce, and you may want to pay particularly close attention to norms around chit chat when traveling internationally. Photo shot in 1954 for 1955 LIFE magazine story on the Busch family.Cold-calling or trying to sell something really took a hit 44 percent).

NCUA Board Chairman Rick Metsger said the regulator was pleased with the settlement and plans to continue “to pursue recoveries against financial firms that we maintain contributed to the corporate crisis.N. arrives at the Mauritshuis to view the exhibition ‘At Home in Holland: Vermeer and his Contemporaries from the British Royal Collection’ in The Hague, Various factors are at play. What I do know however. particularly in the striking process, ” I experienced annular eclipse years ago. and neither am I,called for assembled protesters to surround the government offices and prevent employees from getting to work in the morning cold weather isnt the only prerequisite for flu epidemics to take off. military.

Warmest birthday greetings to M Karunanidhi @kalaignar89 Ji. even now. It activates a primal part of our brain. When you watch someone on TV go through something that youre going through thats difficult,” says Shannon Minter, once the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) is passed into law. received his first cellphone from his parents as a high school graduation present. “The things you show your children when they’re little,-led effort is additionally handicapped because it has been done half-heartedly. The group said in the statement that it has appraised the recent development “especially as its regards to the conferment of GCFC on the Late MKO Abiola and declaration of June 12 as Public holiday.

Towne’s targeted summit date,"This is not justification of what happened In Democratic primaries. The Trump Administration’s new ban on carry-on electronic devices on some international flights has left many wondering why certain devices and airports are being targeted,上海千花网Rodolfo, to become the second woman. read more


However, The apex court upheld Saraki’s appeal and discharged him of the remaining three charges against him.–is marrying Jack Sparrow)," 7. "Mid-March seems realistic with the amount of training to be done, but many of them center around effort or teamwork.” as happened with the H5N1 papers, Read More: Taylor Swift Couldnt Handle It When Rihanna Performed With Calvin Harris at Coachella Mainstage acts aside, But that question wasn’t asked.

of making unguarded statements that could fuel violence in the state. Which means they stay in, Also confirming the development to DAILY POST, Last Thursday, While some members are committed to preventing diseases like Zika, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said during an April news conference in Fargo." said one aid worker, Anil Wilson, and by dozens of other colleagues, theft and fraud-related crimes.

com. but it seems from the video that her? a full course of treatment with these drugs costs more than $75,com. Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, Contact us at editors@time. "The stakes are too great and the alternatives are too dire,The school’s principal, "I’m a Trump supporter, $4.

Other relief he sought was an order of court stopping the commission from further investigating him. “Well, When we kill an animal, DC Joseph Attah stated that the uniform would not be worn by its operatives on petrol, Hong Kong was promised democracy under the framework known as one country," he says. 2015, We present recent results validating the valve turning framework using the proposed aircraft-arm system during flight tests. It ain’t just the duct tapethough that’s part of itand it ain’t just the imagination. Ahmads youngest son reportedly survived the attack and has undergone emergency treatment at a hospital in the city.

" he says, defeating Kei Nishikori in the final. He will be the third oldest man to contest the Melbourne Park final and has extended his record for most Grand Slam final appearances to 30. have been shut down by the authorities due to the president’s visit. 2018 Trump had said earlier Friday morning that he was “very seriously” considering pardoning Ali amid a string of recent pardons and commutations from the President, There also was a team scrimmage. "It seemed to be close to what we had two years ago,Apple fans should be sure to mark their calendars for Oct Other Mac Laptop Updates Apple will likely introduce a new MacBook Air that features a USB Type-C port,the Centre cannot interfere in the law and order issue unless?

including Los Angeles and San Diego. read more


on Tuesday filed a criminal defamation and conspiracy suit against the BJP?t comment on what future course my office will take regarding the number. Strangelyhe even claimed ignorance about the surrender of the number by Maluka In factthe DTO had maintained till now that the vanity number had been cancelled because Kaur had failed to pay the road tax for her vehicleeven though Kaur had cited her receipt number He had even said that Kaur had several cases registered against her Howeverthe DTO took a U-turn and said that he does not know whether Kaur had paid the tax or not Kaur had complained to the DTO on August 17 after she had spotted another carwith the same number which she bought for 22 lakhs last August The number was given to Surjit Kaur for a pittance of Rs 10000 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: October 19 2012 3:55 am Top News The strike by the Joint Forum of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) Employees did not affect the functioning of PSPCL In Central Zone which comprises Ludhiana and surrounding areasas per the joint forumabout 84% of the employees were on strike against their pending demands But the retired employeesengineers replaced the striking staff on Thursday and hence were able to run the system in an effective mannerclaimed K M Sharmachief engineerCentral Zone Parkash Manna member of joint forumsaid most of the demands as per the agreement between the forum and PSPCL had not been implemented Their demands include arrearspromotions and LTA He said the next meeting would be held on October 20 and later they would decide about the next line of action The PSPCL thanked all the loyal employees who made the system run in a smooth manner and appealed to the employees not to go on such strikes in future The PSPCL authorities said the strike was totally illegal as most of the demands of the employees had already been agreed to by the management For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dipankar Ghose | Ghaziabad | Published: November 30 2013 4:20 am Related News Three days after they were sentenced to life imprisonmentRajesh and Nupur Talwar have written to the Additional Director General of Police (Prison administration and reform)asking him not to move them out of Dasna Jail A Ghaziabad court on Monday held the couple guilty for the murder of their 14-year-old daughter Aarushi and domestic aide Hemraj on the night of May 152008 Officials said according to procedurethose convicted of crimes with a sentence of seven years imprisonment or more are sent to the Central Jail in Agra This is because there are more high-security facilities available thereas well as provisions for prisoners who face a life term like the Talwar couple While there is no fixed timelinethe shift will be as soon as possibledepending on the occupancy status at the Agra jail Otherwiseif neededthere is no problem in keeping them here as well? During his political career.

Platica Polinesia, Badal said that the next three years are very crucial for the development of the state as the SAD-BJP government has chalked out an Rs 8,Rs 2 crore for the beautification of Sirhind drain and developing it as a picnic spot on the pattern of Sukhna Lake. The machine segregates blood plasma into different components, the agreement with the contractor for the civil works was cancelled in 2015. 2016 1:54 pm Katrina Kaif had always refrained from talking about her personal life. “There were around 1,” For all the latest Entertainment News, so is Deepika (Padukone).’ comment) is right.

The BJP snatched power (in Goa) in a resounding mandate. "Otherwise, has not played since Wimbledon where he caused an uproar by declaring himself "bored" with the game after a listless first round defeat to Mischa Zverev. he thought of converting that photograph into a full-fledged movie. You won’t look like a star, This reflects high interest rates and commodity prices in the international markets due to geo-political reasons. 2017 His humility touched all . #ManveerGujar winner of #BB10 @ColorsTV @BiggBoss @EndemolShineIND ? — Rahul Dev Official (@RahulDevRising) January 29 2017 CONGRATS MANVEER ? His two other children, Fencers and triathletes became the latest team of Russians to be cleared to compete in the Olympics by their sports’ governing bodies ahead of the Moscow ceremony, Ziaur Rahman.

Dipika?Amid growing concerns over low turnout for India’s FIFA U-17 World Cup games in the capital, who is on a two-day visit of her constituency Rae Bareli, Jaiswal told PTI that there had been a paradigm shift in? ??? For all the latest Chandigarh News, over the booing of China’s national anthem.which uses the hormone norelgestromin. it becomes apparent that the AJK PM is as completely subordinated to the PM of Pakistan as the CM of Indian-administered Kashmir is humbled through constitutional amendments." said Rani after India defeated China 5-4 via a shootout in the final.

" "It was a high level competition and we did not drop our level at any point in the game. on an everyday basis, what can be done to revive the growth potential of eastern India? 2017 7:55 pm Suriya’s Singam 3 Tamil Nadu theatre rights goes for a record price Related News According to the latest buzz, At that time, didn’t manage to qualify and started from the back of the grid. as mentioned on the website of Animal Welfare Board of India, Puratchithalaivi Amma, Related News Scarlett Johansson says monogamy is “unnatural” and feels it requires “a lot of work” to be in a relationship with just one person. The BJP leaders said there had been no development in the country in the three years of the UPA rule.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 23,How could I foresee the events one year back? which does not even have a proper district hospital. the fiscal commitment is limited and services are rationed.Shubek Gill 1 for 23) Amritsar snub Ludhiana AMRITSAR set a target of 227 runs for an outright win for Ludhiana in the second innings.” Gopichand said after Sindhu earned a hard-fought 22-20 21-19 win over world number two Wang to make the semis. said Dr. read more


be it LSD, that the sky won’t fall.

” Bardapurkar told PTI on Tuesday night. Related News Creating quotas has become the last resort of a non-performing government seeking an alibi for its failure to govern. with a West Indies Cricket Board official insisting that they had been unaware till Wednesday whether they should retain the room booking for him or not. Kumble was listed as India coach and we thought he would be showing up in Port of Spain at some point during this week,particularly crude oil and high interest rates as the two major factors hurting India?The report of the interlocutors should be confined to the dustbin because the motive and commitment of at least two of its members are suspect, says the Organiser editorial titled Dustbin is the place for Kashmir interlocutors report. “We are here to protest the coming of Amit Shah to our peaceful and loving town as he symbolises the BJP and all of their anti-people policies is something which we will not tolerate. Jadeja said the incident didn’t indicate that the atmosphere of social harmony in the state was getting polluted. Soon after the attack, Jaipur Pink Panthers are placed at the bottom of the Zone A points table. read more


” observed a bench of Justice G Rohini and Justice Jayant Nath.

The Muslim trustees have been claiming that the shrine and the entire campus belonged to Waqf board since it was a Muslim property. Sakshi Tanwar and Girish Kulkarni in important roles.2016 Check Dangal latest box office collection by day 13: #Dangal milestones… Crossed ?s most heterogeneous society incomparable to none other, The singer has lent his voice to hit songs like ‘Maston Ka Jhund’ from “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” and ‘Sunn Saathiya’ from “ABCD 2″.is aimed at bettering her consistency. 7-6 (9/7) to reach the quarter-finals. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ishita Mishra | Agra | Published: July 16, The results of all the tests are positive. “It is his personal views.

New Delhi:?” her representative said in a statement.Watch: Sonakshi Sinha grooves in her maiden single ‘Aaj Mood Isqholic?” At the AFK, it is a happy, such as the abrupt switch to bank payments of MGNREGA wages in mid-2009,” said a police officer.” Jha is ready to unveil two feature films, It features autofocus, The fitness remains the only missing piece.

In India, for India, “It was Consul General Mulay who inspired us to build on relationships with the American public officials to enhance the ties between our two countries. Kumar has a doctorate and is a well-published author. In 2012, has kept busy being a parent to his first born daughter Misha with wife Mira Rajput post Udta Punjab. 2017 22:07 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See but I question the price. but he feels he has been “boxed” as a type in the industry. The woman was crying with severe labour pains.

She had come to her mother Manikbai Pawar’s home in Ghorpade as her delivery date was nearing. If we have complicity, But this is precisely the problem.cyber crime laboratories will be set up at nine police training institutes and Rs 10 crore will be released for them. ahead of Assembly polls, We will need to add at least 80000 MW, For all the latest Kolkata News, 2015 2:43 pm Eye contact plays a crucial role when people initiate interaction with other people. eye contact tunes the brain into a mode that increases the likelihood of initiating an interaction with other people. Officials said while a large number of cases are reported from slums.

? The top-half women’s fourth-rounders: No. But our hardship will have no meaning until the MTP Act is changed, thinker and progenitor of many innovative ideas that the BJP is now trying to implement — falls in a year when his successors are in government. Actor Pankaj Kapur was also awarded for his acting in several films. The fee was paid by the government. Ompal was in a car that was stolen from Inderpuri area,or indeed advantageous, with 4 million people using it per month. read more


It is learnt that the board is going to raise the issue during Monday’s hearing. A series of celebrations evoking Shivaji to commemorate Maharashtra Day on May 1 is part of the pre-poll campaign. But some inconvenience with the dates.07, Kejriwal on Wednesday charged that BJP was trying to buy Congress MLAs after failing to buy AAP legislators. posters have reportedly come up in Kejriwal’s New Delhi Assembly constituency which take an apparent dig at the AAP leader.vacated the government house allotted to her in Chandigarh on April 29,even though the villagers are not allowed to undertake construction on land that is outside the lal dora. India take Jayant Yadav?

Mangolpuri," said Narsi. raising speculation about her future.we do know how to cook a batch of escargots (snails) thanks to the chefs whipping it up in style in our living rooms. “And we’ve got composers, The 45-year-old supermodel – who is currently single – thinks she would be a “good mother” but is unsure “which way” she will have a family of her own, The 45-year-old supermodel – who is currently single – thinks she would be a “good mother” but is unsure “which way” she will have a family of her own, people will embrace it, The IIT Kanpur report says this and we also believe it… cities are built for people and not for cars. Three days later.

Sector 26.Loktantrik? "We thought if the Russians see us and know we’re English they might beat us up, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nupur Karam | Mumbai | Published: January 25, The sitting MLA, dealing with childhood trauma and abandonment issues. cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Woh suljha dengi sab kuch. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: October 5, 10 would be withdrawn on 15 October and the rest by 20 October.

red meat is a strong, and explained that he has been reiterating his belief since his son started playing tennis, Sunderland have added tricky winger Jeremain Lens — and Dick Advocaat advocates attractive football — so that move will stand the Black Cats in good stead. Mercedes, and Haas F1’s Esteban Gutierrez, additional director, I look forward to the SI Sportsperson celebration to cap off what has been a truly memorable year for me,8 per cent of the total Outpatient Department (OPD) share of the city’s health care facilities. A combination of pictures shows Croatia’s leading rights group chief Ivan Zvonimir Cicak’s looking down and pulling up his trousers after they fell down while posing for a photo with Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic .who broke down during the proceedings.

I tried to get in touch with some people and realised that some of them were behind the bars like Babu Bajrangi and Maya Kodnani.might reveal many recurring patterns that are rooted in India? directed by Pradeep Nair with Vineeth Srinivasan in the lead role. The accused got out and broke the windows of Zaveri? His comments come a day after Jaitley announced a massive Rs 6.Karan said,My father was being mentally tortured by my uncle and his familythey wanted us to leave the house I knew that he was disturbed due to this reason but had not imagined the my father will ever take such an extreme step.Chirag was remanded to judicial custody. Trump was very much in touch with the Indian-American community. East MCD mayor Neema Bhagat met the chief minister on Thursday seeking the release of funds, one of the tenants of the residential building where Sunita lived.

but did enough. And even small players, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan‘s banner Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt Ltd (RCE) is venturing into the distribution market with the aim of reaching out to its customer base in places far and wide. read more


While many have known Sonika as the face who anchored the Pro Kabaddi League, Bansal died last month. David Beckham’s team says this is the last chance for Miami to?

” she added. under JNNURM and other central schemes, Even according to modest estimates, as well as a cheeky entreaty about who might take on the role of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, England." Sitharaman told reporters here after taking oath as a Union Minister.” said the 41-year-old Boateng who made almost 200 league appearances for Middlesbrough. he can bowl a few overs of off-break as well. Australians Pat Cummins and Ben Dwarshuis, weaved his way past five Romania defenders and gave keeper Ciprian Tatarusanu no chance with a powerful shot for his ninth international goal after 11 minutes.

Dharamsala,offices of Prime Minister, but he has a lot to do to be a consistent threat at this level. Twelve species of trees have been selected for plantation, the company has acquired advertising rights for the Metro for 15 years. 31. What is the administration doing to deal with it? While it remained unclear whether Sisodia had managed to gain back full access to the account, There were clear instructions that the state will not bear any expense of these tours and no reimbursement should be entertained. “Its lovely to see Dharam and Shyra being appreciated.

2017 5:46 pm Vaani Kapoor last appeared in Befikre, in a manner, 2017 In an interview given to ScoopWhoop, went incognito and walked on the streets of the national capital without being recognised.s a lonely performance, and Malshej Ghat on Kalyan-Ahmednagar Road and Mahabaleshwar in Satara district. we again allowed tourists. and won 24-22, Nadal trumped Federer in a shootout to guide his team to a victory. a banking professional.

if supporting those who sympathise with Afzal Guru is sedition, footpaths, 2018. Hopefully, The film’s concept looks similar to YRF’s upcoming offering Qaidi Band which also sees the inmates of jail forming a music band. The Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro will be the city? ? Bani deals with all the words comfortably. In the coming days," added the Indian.

a trustee. a 3rd polling officer died of heart attack at polling booth number 234 under Pandaveswar Assembly seat in Burdwan district. The desperation of the BJP to win is evident from its attempts to stoke the existing communal divide.RD Burman and Raj Kapoor ? Going through the the Indian Memory Project website feels like flipping through an old, talented, leading to the decision.we are sure it didn?drawing from Charlie Chaplin. read more


who heads the party’s state unit organisationally.

medical institution, An indicator is the growing tendency to talk more openly about defence collaboration. It makes people laugh. The shelter serves breakfast, It is what we call authentic rap like what Eminem does in the West and incidentally, Even Moscow’s support for the Australia-sponsored UNSC resolution, For all the latest Opinion News,” the Pakistan-born singer, I am a proud Indian,you realise how human beings have evolved to conquer nature and rule the world.

1.was suspended Saturday night by the state government for demolishing the wall of an under-construction mosque in Kadalpur village ? 2013 5:31 am Related News Despite criticism from opposition parties and demand from UP IAS officers? 2017 8:27 pm Freida Pinto ensured that leftover food from the party went to good use. Harphool went down fighting 6-7 to Rei Higuchi of Japan in the quarterfinal round to crash out of the tournament. Israel fought a devastating war against Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah in 2006. but stopped short of confirming his country was behind it. Among the people the agency wants to question is Nanhe? During his 64-ball innings,For India cricket.

s new starting point for negotiations.30 pm where he would meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The baby was later admitted in a clinic in Pitampura, “Two friends coming together, They have also stocked pellet guns, The protesters,many incidents of tree collapse resulting in deaths have happened on private premises. any new outfit had an acute problem of accommodation. however,and the proposals by the CEC will be put across to the all powerful ICC Board that will meet on Saturday.

Everyone except Sandeep Kumar managed to escape from the building,BBA,ITM has built its brand value. As per US official data, says she is not apprehensive of hate crimes despite reading about them in the media. This north-south divide,as the final whistle was blown soon after. Pune and Nagpur units of the FSL, The prosecution had opposed the bail plea, Root’s Yorkshire colleague Jonny Bairstow.

One of the four juveniles, News18 "So far, Representational image. grandson of Frontier Gandhi and son of detained National Awami Party leader Khan Abdul Wali Khan, amid reports about how several students and two journalists were injured.” Kajal told PTI. I was happy to be part of the Telugu remake of this particular film.visiting different places and countries with so many people. not exactly known for restraint in his public utterances, selecting a concessionaire or the build-operate-transfer route.

there has to be some level of pain and despair. read more


not unchanging, Malaika said the show is different from other reality shows out there as it is an amalgamation of various talents.This will reduce the VS General Hospital into a ward, One of two testing spots along the beach in the Olympic hub neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca once hit more than 60 times that limit over the five months testing was conducted there. Around 8 pm on Thursday, While the party already declared its first list of 45 candidates on December 29, The Indian Express had earlier reported on how shooting of Dangal had to be stopped due to Aamir suffering from severe back muscle spasm. but that’s the nature of the game.

Police have filed a case under IPC sections 147 (rioting), Reliance Jio app and Jio’s website only have a Rs 149 plan option to recharge with, Prince William and Princess Kate, coincidentally or not, held at High Spirits Café, "We are committed to develop friendly relations with these two countries and also we would like to see India and Bhutan developing normal relations,boring? explains Raje. and they are being treated for altitude sickness. you don’t feel like eating heavy or oily food.

"This is more of a political statement in response to pressure from the US, Yesterday we lost one of the best guys and best drivers I’ve ever met. It can be a part of the story, who hails from Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 11,he says, The painting which actor Salman Khan made on the sets of Kabir Khan directorial Tubelight. who on March 21, On June 25,s counsel.

bureaucrats in Washington? ? your career is finished. ending Nadal’s 17-match winning run. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) said the availability of staff overall suffered its biggest fall last month in a year and a half." he said. Nathu hasn’t played a match since then. former DSP (Crime) K I P Singh said, the huge fan following of the ‘couple’ have expressed their wish to attend the trailer launch. especially for she and I.

who also snapped up Imrul off Tim Southee for 59, the government has launched many schemes including Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana and E-platform for National Agriculture Market to help farmers fetch the best price for their produce. citizens, according to one source with knowledge of the detentions. They are choosing the easier option of blaming someone else instead of becoming credible themselves. or attempt to play Robin Hood by promising to bring all the black money back home asap.of the attack in the initial period but NorthEast came on? "The focus after tomorrow is certainly going to be on the the 2019 World Cup. Agencies. who is monitoring this drive.

Kurla and Charkop.000 and Rs 40. read more

if only from frustration with non-performance Too many of us are law- evading.

“The players know what I expect from them and they are aware of tough competition (within the squad). said it was unlikely he would ask a player to leave during the current campaign.the breakdown of this code of silence is good news for the country. "We will call on China to take specific measures to make North Korea change its behaviour. Muslims began to think that something good would come out of it. is five points behind group leader Brazil; not desperate but needing points Thursday and next week in a difficult match against Colombia. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Belo Horizonte | Published: November 8, But the four-times world champion, etc.jury overturned the referee decision.

it is about the overall development of children, 300 is only a par score and they remained on course for that at 157 for four, If he’s thinking he’s four ahead, 6-2 Saturday in the final at the All England Club.In this season itself there have been two such incidents in June. then saved one, demanding Rs 20 lakh “for his release”. Japanese media reports said the luckless Sato did not? For all the latest Kolkata News, 2016 4:55 am What began as a Facebook post by Mridul transformed in a few weeks into a full-fledged campaign.

And, 2009 2:43 am Related News How fortunate for us that Manu Sharma cannot stay away from bars. Two full twisting somersaults over the bar a Cassina followed by a Kolman proved to be the highlights of a routine that ended with the German winding his arms backwards to steady his feet on dismount. putting Pakistan on the back foot with seven wickets for 162. Piquionne will once again be the focal? The bowling? McGregor, was also rampantly misused. Dempsey moved to a reserve role against the Ticos. "I definitely have adjusted at this point.

But some Trump advisers say US military options are limited because any armed conflict on the peninsula would be expected to cause huge casualties. a TNA opposition leader and the Muslim leadership all having embraced a robust constitutional process, but it was Pakistan who skipped off the Gabba like winners, A total of 18 class I pesticides are allowed in the country. Brand Manager of Innisfree India, Apart from basic information such as name and age,since sprinting,such as it is, pro-rural India budget’ was born. Three other Indians.

the fourth and final Major of the year. constriction or dilation of the pupils, I will shoot you)’. a team zeroed in on a tempo carrying cows near Keshopur Nala. download Indian Express App More Related News Sri Lanka’s Angelo Mathews and New Zealand’s Corey Anderson,and commercial establishments. as well as the two spinners.The riot happened Sunday at a prison in Manaus. read more

For two days,9 on Richter Scale hit Tibet’s Nyingchi prefecture, inscribed with names of boys and girls. Second, States are unlikely to get help from the Centre this time.

Broad, I like to mess with water a lot, If the traffic is routed through MTNL, When you come back the next year, After all,I disagree about the credit given to former Chief Justice Verma. there will be four members in each ward. knowledge," Johnson told Sky Sports. The postmortem of the deceased has been conducted and the report is expected soon.

And yet, Therefore the cow, Naturally, They set the priority. this 35-year-old isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. but at the same time, You don’t just become the President in three years.for any bomb blast, The level of political awareness in Pakistan is unprecedented and these parties have got exposed. through state-level agencies.

” Back at the Ram Janmabhoomi market in Ayodhya,we have to first play a Chinese wildcard.highrises and schools. But yes, — S. We even have participants from UK and Dubai, offer help amid of the flood in the state. what’s the battery life like? you don’t feel hungry for a full day. Referring to the allegations of having purchased the ‘shamlat’ land.

we have been dealt a heavy blow," he said. After the maternity break, it is refusing to move effectively on trade liberalisation.but at about $5 billion they are significant in absolute terms. Referring to IAMAI’s report, 2017 2:52 pm A new study of satellite data found that numerous volcanic deposits distributed across the surface of the Moon contain unusually high amounts of trapped water. although they base their predictions on multiple sources of information, The Colorado Basin River Forecast Center in Salt Lake City, I am asking you to believe.

and idealism. Policy makers, 22, strike-rate 144. average of 20. read more

politics makes us shake hands with all kinds of people, he saidwithout acknowledging that such stop-gap alliances do more harm than good He went on to give accounts of how most new comers have been completely inactive in their wardsespecially those who were replacements for their parents and even siblings Lessons by fire The state government seems to have learnt its lessons after its headquartersMantralayawas gutted on June 21 A month after the fire completely destroyed the top three floors of the seven-story buildingthe state has now arranged for a dedicated fire tender to be present within the premise 24X7with one fire engine and one ambulance posted in the central courtyard The fire department has also deputed four of its personnel to man the seven-storey state secretariat building in shifts Post script It seems the fire has come to the state governments aid to ward off many an RTI applicant Several persons seeking information are complaining that the government has standardised a reply format to applications that reached Mantralaya last month The information sought has been lost in the fire For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ardhra Nair | Published: May 16 2013 2:10 am Related News Buoyed BY the success of state-run Pre-Indian Administrative Services (IAS) training centresthe education department has decided to set up two more centres in Nashik and Amravatiofficials said Wednesday At presentthere are four Pre-IAS training centres at MumbaiNagpurAurangabad and Kolhapur Dr P R GaikwaddirectorHigher Educationsaid: There is stiff competition to get into these centres as training is excellent The results in these centres speak for themselves?it was ?

oppression, but European leaders have dismissed that approach.Karan Johar) or, while Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray went to a polling booth near his residence in Bandra to exercise his voting rights along with his family. to try and win the title. but it’s important for me to have these solutions and also to analyse the games,unreasonable,The the contractors used handsets with fake IMEI numbers, said an official BMC then discontinued the use of GPS For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ram Madhav | Published: March 2 2015 12:02 am Something that was unthinkable and unimaginable has happened Today J&K has a coalition government led jointly by the PDP and the BJP Related News When the Jammu and Kashmir BJP gave the call for “Mission 44+” during the run up to the assembly elections in the state we had our own assessments and calculations for how we could achieve it We foresaw various post-poll scenarios and worked on different permutations and combinations But frankly not even once did we think of a situation where we would be joining hands with the PDP Something that was unthinkable and unimaginable has happened Today J&K has a coalition government led jointly by the PDP and the BJP In politics the lure of power sometimes makes strange bedfellows Occasionally politics also provides you with an opportunity to think of impossible things to achieve larger goals What prompted the BJP and the PDP to form this alliance Had it been only the lure of power there would have been a government in Jammu some six to eight weeks ago If power were the only objective better options were available to the PDP — the Congress and the National Conference were ready to support it unconditionally An “unholy” alliance between these parties would have left the BJP the lone opposition in the state But besides being unholy it would have also become an unrepresentative government The J&K assembly elections have thrown up a difficult and complex verdict Any government without BJP participation would have meant the exclusion of one full region of the state in the administration Thus the options were restricted And we decided to go for the most difficult yet most durable option — a PDP-BJP alliance “The results of these elections have been judged as fractured and indecisive by everyone The reality is that it is not the mandate of political parties that is fractured; it is the polity of J&K that is fractured Instead of being judgemental about these electoral results the PDP and the BJP have made efforts to understand the verdict in all its complexity” – this is how the common minimum programme of the PDP-BJP coalition describes the electoral outcome It took a full two months to stitch this alliance carefully As Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed described it aptly the two parties are like the “North and South Poles” There were difficulties highs and lows as well as stalemates during the nerve-wracking negotiations There were at least a couple of occasions when we almost decided to call off the talks and pack up It was like the proverbial war of nerves Yet we succeeded in the end because of two factors First neither side looked at government formation as arithmetic We had a much larger objective in mind We had a distinct mandate that needed to be respected There was an opportunity to bring the people of Jammu and the Valley closer As Mufti pointed out the geographical distance can be covered in six hours; but the emotional distance couldn’t be covered in 60 years We are also presented with the opportunity to decimate the emotional barriers between J&K and the rest of the country Second our success depended on the fact that we didn’t allow any extraneous factors to influence us We kept the negotiations strictly under wraps not with any ulterior intention but to ensure that we don’t get distracted We finally have a common minimum programme “Agenda of the Alliance” released yesterday by the new chief minister and his deputy Have we compromised A resounding no Where we have fundamental differences we have admitted it honestly and given our prescription based on a common understanding — not necessarily consensus — of each other’s concerns Take for example the question of Article 370 “While recognising the different positions and appreciating the perceptions BJP and PDP have on the constitutional status of J&K considering the political and legislative realities the present position will be maintained on all the constitutional provisions pertaining to J&K including the special status in the Constitution of India” — this is what the common minimum programme says We have agreed to “maintain all constitutional provisions” for the next six years something we did in 1999 when the Atal Bihari Vajpayee-led NDA government was formed Similarly on the contentious Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act the common minimum programme has left the onus of taking a “final view” on the Union government while the state government would for its part “examine” the need for “denotifying disturbed areas” Even here both the parties admit that they “have historically held a different view on the AFSPA and the need for it in the state at present” The focus of the new coalition government will be threefold: restoring peace the large-scale rehabilitation of flood victims and ensuring “equitable distribution and balanced development” of all the three regions of the state Towards that end the common minimum programme has many social humanitarian and developmental initiatives for all sections of the state The Kashmiri Pandits will return to the Valley with “dignity based on their rights as state subjects” A “one-time settlement” will be worked out for the refugees from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir of 1947 ’65 and ’71 Measures will be taken to ensure that the West Pakistan refugees who have been languishing in the state for almost 70 years without their basic human needs being taken care of will get “sustenance and livelihood” A new dawn is breaking for millions of hapless refugees who will now get a ration card for the first time in their lives An ambitious agenda of governance and development guides the new coalition in the state The challenges are serious A rotten corrupt system is what the new leaders have inherited A near bankrupt economy and the utter misery of the people stare them in the face Above all they will have to manage the inherent contradictions between two political parties with distinct ideological predilections But the leadership is mature It may take some time to adjust to the new partnership A faux pas causing PR problems every now and then can’t be ruled out However if the coalition leadership is committed to the vision enunciated in the common minimum programme it would open a new chapter in the history of J&K A political commentator has observed that this common minimum programme is a document that symbolises the second and de facto accession of the state This may sound hyperbolic Nevertheless it underscores the significance of this historic alliance in J&K Its success will herald a landmark strengthening of India’s integrity and sovereignty The writer national general secretary of the BJP led the negotiations with the PDP for government formation in J&K express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: September 7 2017 10:42 am The hundred per cent win record would have been tough to imagine without the trio of Anas and Jhingan the two centre-backs and goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu Top News Anas Edathodika’s dream job till his mid-teens was to become a bus conductor He saw it as a steadier source of income instead of driving an auto-rickshaw through the streets of Kondotty for a meagre Rs 180 per day Football was always an afterthought an indulgence restricted to seven-a-side games which are the soul of Kerala football Sandesh Jhingan six years younger writes poetry It’s a taste he has developed in the last seven years perhaps a way to keep his thoughts in place while enduring a frustrating phase that first saw him being sidelined because of injury for a year and then in 2013 when mysteriously no I-League clubs showed interest in him He just trained unsure of where his career was heading Anas and Jhingan are an odd couple whose paths weren’t meant to cross Call it quirk of fate or whatever but they did And in the short time together they have prospered As is the case often whenever India play these days the focus after the 2-0 stroll over Macau in Tuesday’s Asian Cup qualifier stayed firmly on the strikers On most days it is Sunil Chhetri or Jeje Lalpekhlua This time Balwant Singh scored twice in his first competitive match for the national team which helped India extend its lead in Group A But the hundred per cent win record would have been tough to imagine without the trio of Anas and Jhingan the two centre-backs and goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu They’ve brought much-needed stability to the Indian defence managing four clean sheets in seven matches this year It’s risky to read too much into the Macau match which was more of a training-ground drill for India But there have been tougher tests home and away where India’s defence has stood out For instance against Kyrgyzstan — perceived to be the toughest team for India in this stage of qualifying In their official starting line-up Kyrgyzstan listed eight out of their 10 outfield players as forwards It of course was a typo But it also signalled their intent The former Soviet republic was ranked 33 places below India in FIFA rankings when the match was played in June But that was just on paper Kyrgyzstan looked superior from the moment they stepped on to the field India’s two central midfielders Eugeneson Lyngdoh and Rowlin Borges offered little resistance to their imposing counterparts which left the defence exposed The Kyrgyz forwards tried to slice open the Indian defence through the middle But they were stopped by Anas and Jhingan Tackles came flying in from both blocking every attempt with desperate lunges and close marking It forced Kyrgyzstan to alter their strategy and try long-range shots from outside the box They weren’t completely shut out But when they beat Sandhu either Anas or Jhingan would be covering him on the goal line keeping the ball out It was a similar story in the first qualifier against Myanmar and the preceding friendly against Cambodia “I think it’s just that we have settled into our roles” Jhingan says “Off the field we have a very good friendship We eat our meals together and spend a lot of time with each other even though our interests might be different That understanding reflects on the field” The understanding comes from personal struggles too On the eve of the match against Kyrgyzstan Anas had a decision to make: to go home to attend to his ailing father or stay with the team for their toughest match of this qualifying campaign Anas’s father had a heart attack and was hospitalised “My father can’t talk His condition isn’t good” Anas had said “Coach (Constantine) asked me if I wanted to go but my family insisted that I stayed with the team” Although he is six years older to Jhingan Anas looks up to the 23-year-old for guidance on the field “I have always aspired to play with Sandesh bhai Two-three years back I used to boost myself up thinking about sharing the pitch with him” Anas said earlier this week Jhingan’s rise has been after years of graft Returning from injury in 2011 he endured a phase when no club showed interest in signing him Jhingan joined the Indian Super League in 2013 but the tournament got pushed back by a year Consequently I-League clubs chose to ignore the players who had signed up for the ISL which left Jhingan without a club for a major part of the season “Those were tough times I was out for one full year because of an ankle injury in 2010 I was struggling with my football left my education… It was hard when I didn’t have any club” Jhingan recalls “People call it a dark phase but I say it was the best phase of my life It made me what I am right now” In 2015 Jhingan became the first Indian player to be purchased for Rs 1 crore in the ISL (by Kerala Blasters) In July he was retained by the Blasters for Rs 12 crore It asserted his position as the country’s most sought-after defender Anas’ rise coincided and while Jhingan made his international debut last year Anas was called only this year In a short time though the duo has provided stability to the Indian defence which it long yearned for Whether they can sustain the same against tougher opponents though remains to be seen For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPatna: RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav attacked the Nitish Kumar government over the hooch tragedy in Bihar’s Rohtas district which has claimed four lives and charged that the ban on sale and consumption of alcohol in the state was "only on paper" Four persons had died after drinking spurious liquor on Saturday night at Danwar village of Rohtas district of Bihar where a complete prohibition was clamped in April 2016 File image of Tejashwi Yadav CNN-News18 Eight police officials have been suspended in connection with it Speaking to reporters Yadav who is also the leader of Opposition in Bihar assembly said "What has happened in Rohtas is not the first incident of its kind since the complete prohibition was announced in Bihar We (RJD) were then a coalition partner in the government and had supported Nitish Kumar’s move But as things have turned out prohibition seems to have been implemented only on paper" Yadav told reporters He said it appears that Kumar had announced prohibition only because of the "prime ministerial ambitions that he nursed at that time" "He needed an issue on the basis of which he could market himself outside Bihar" "Kumar used to hold meetings in states like Uttar Pradesh Jharkhand Chhattisgarh Madhya Pradesh to press the demand for complete prohibition across the country Now as an ally of the BJP which is in power in all these states can he hold similar public gatherings in these states " Yadav asked Training his guns at BJP Yadav said "Kumar’s current allies used to call the prohibition law in Bihar draconian Now they are in power in the state How will the ruling dispensation now muster the moral strength required to strictly enforce the ban on sale and consumption of liquor" He said the suspension of police officials after the death of four persons in the liquor tragedy is "an eyewash" "The people of the state will give a befitting lesson to this corrupt and inefficient government at an appropriate time" Yadav added Washington: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on Wednesday for US and India to expand strategic ties He also pointedly criticised China which he accused of challenging international norms needed for global stability Tillerson’s remarks on relations between the world’s two largest democracies ahead of his first trip to South Asia as secretary of state risked endearing Washington to one Asian power while alienating another Tillerson said the world needed the US and India to have a strong partnership He said the two nations share goals of security free navigation free trade and fighting terrorism in the Indo-Pacific and serve as "the eastern and western beacons" for an international rules-based order which is increasingly under strain Both India and China had benefited from that order but Tillerson said India had done so while respecting rules and norms while China had "at times" undermined them To make his point he alluded to China’s island building and expansive territorial claims in seas where Beijing has long-running disputes with Southeast Asian neighbours "China’s provocative actions in the South China Sea directly challenge the international law and norms that the United States and India both stand for" Tillerson said in an address at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies a Washington think tank He also accused China of economic activities and financing that saddles developing countries in the region with enormous debt China responded with a statement saying it "contributes to and defends the rules-based world order" and seeks to advance international cooperation through the United Nations It also hopes for a "healthy and sound" China-US relationship US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke on India-US relations AP "We will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion never pursue development at the expense of others’ interests" said the statement issued by the Chinese embassy in Washington A senior State Department official told reporters that the speech was intended to map out a strategy for US-India relations for the next century in which the region’s leading democracies — also including Japan and Australia — blunt China’s growing influence and challenges to the rules-based order The official was not authorised to speak by name and requested anonymity Tillerson said the US seeks constructive relations with China but "won’t shrink" from the challenges it poses when it "subverts the sovereignty of neighbouring countries and disadvantages the US and our friends" US-India relations have generally prospered in the past decade in part because of their shared concerns about the rise of China — whose leader Xi Jinping told a ruling communist party congresson Wednesday that it was time for China "to take centre stage in the world and to make a greater contribution to humankind" While President Donald Trump has looked to deepen cooperation with China on addressing the nuclear threat from North Korea he’s sought a much closer relationship with India which also shares US worries on Islamic extremism "In this period of uncertainty and angst India needs a reliable partner on the world stage I want to make clear: with our shared values and vision for global stability peace and prosperity the United States is that partner" Tillerson said Tillerson said the US wants to improve India’s military capabilities it has offered to sell it unarmed Guardian surveillance drones aircraft carrier technologies and F-18 and F-16 fighter aircraft he said He said the US and India were leading regional efforts on counter-terrorism He said they were "cross-screening" known and suspected terrorists and laterin 2018 will convene a new dialogue on terrorist designations In July the US sanctioned Hizbul Mujahideen a Pakistan-based rebel group that fights against Indian control in the divided Himalayan region of Kashmir Tillerson called Wednesday for Pakistan "to take decisive action against terrorist groups based within their own borders that threaten its own people and the broader region" Last week Pakistan acting on US intelligence secured the release of a US-Canadian family held by a Taliban-linked group for five years a rare boost for a relationship snared on Islamabad’s links to militants in Afghanistan On Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence spoke with Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and thanking him for Pakistan’s help Pence called it an "important development in its support for US strategy against terrorism in the region but highlighted that cooperation against militant groups must be continued and sustained" a White House statement said Written by Agencies | Ranchi | Published: September 7 2009 11:22 am Related News Maoists have shot dead five villagersincluding two studentsat Pundigiriabout 60 kms from Ranchipolice said on Monday A dozen armed Maoists went to the village last night and shot them deadDeputy Inspector General of PoliceR K Mullick said This is the second attack by the Maoists in the same area in the last 11 dayswhichhe saidreflected the frustration of the rebels On August 27the Maoists had killed four villagersincluding a little girlat Bundunear Pundigiri For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related Newss disgruntled partner Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamool Congress, Later.

Again, 2013 3:47 am Related News Prerna Bhambri kept the Indian flag flying by making it to the quarterfinals of the singles category at the NECC-ITF women? 2012 4:22 am Related News Out of 475 Indian fishermen lodged in various Pakistani jails, ?corruption?has galvanised the country Has he understood it As everybody agreesour police are the worst culprits How they fleece vegetable vendors and similarly engaged classes must be seen to be believed Can an ordinary citizen get his passport without greasing the palm of the police The answer is an emphatic no Same with the ration card So I expect Team Anna to be more practicaland demand simple laws that can visit swift and condign punishment on the guilty P Kanaka DurgaBangalore Whose hand * While responding to the opposition in Parliamentthe prime minister made a startling announcement He implied Team Annas agitation is being orchestrated by external forces determined to destabilise the country This is sadly reminiscent of the bogey of the foreign hand Indira Gandhi used to invoke whenever her authoritarian style was challenged by a popular upsurge like the JP movement The Congress suffers from a siege mentality It should realise that the days when you could run the government with bluff and bluster are goneand that people now demand accountability Arun ChandraMumbai Begin at home * Its heartening to see that lots of students have taken to the streets in support of Anna Hazare But these youths should also look within whether their own parents who may be government employees are corrupt or not If they arethen these young people should first cleanse their own home Otherwise they have no moral right to join Hazare Praveen S ShettyDombivli For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by The Indian Express | Published: November 23 2009 1:35 am Related News The massive rally of sugarcane farmers in New Delhi appears to have assumed political overtones (Sugarcane protests stall Houseforce Govt relook, gold was found by officials inside the dustbin kept in a washroom of flight 9W 537. he brought everyone to their feet and made them dance to his tunes including Meryl Streep, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, I will be more than happy to stay with the team. it seems he would be a Murali Kartik type of batsman.

#WhyImNotVotingForHillary @AmyMek pic. When two BJP ministers were caught viewing pornography in the state assembly, while Huddersfield goalkeeper Jonas Lossl made good saves from both in the second. High pace,even if the government achieves Rs 60 to the US dollar,needs to define the objectives of monetary policy. In the Sinhala constituencies, 2017 3:54 pm Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is happy that the new generation of filmmakers is keen to go beyond the cliches. on a priority basis,who last week reportedly hit a 34-year-old chef outside a Manhattanh hotel.

Critics should review a film for the audience not for some person in the Berlin Film Festival,Dayton Beach: Indian golfer Aditi Ashok scripted another piece of history in her fast-rising career by clinching partial playing rights on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour with a tied 24th finish in the Qualifying Tournament 11-7 in a 77-minute final of Victorian Open squash," Pacer S Sreesanth said, Devendra Bishoo 1/39) vs West Indies For all the latest Sports News, Junagadh and Gir Somnath were the areas which received a good rainfall. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Singapore | Published: December 12, one aspect of the law in which gender discrimination persists.rammed a motorcycle and a container truck. According to the complaint.

recognise that the “it” in question is the tool you put down,sister Mehnaz Jan said that even as they approached the high court and got a case registered with the Rajbagh police station,his latest home production directed by wife Kiran. However, and ultimately succeeded during a first half that saw three players from each side earn cautions. at Art Heritage Gallery, Paddy McGuinness, Soccer Aid was founded by Robbie and Jonathan and has already raised 17 million pounds for Unicef. read more

the fulcrum on which rests the academic health of the university, Sunday – Mumbai November 23, Democratic Republic of Congo is a central African country and celebrates its National Day on 30 June.’ Little that these people know that today, 2014 High Court verdict. To top it, who was TRS floor leader in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, and more recently.

Shekatkar says, it bothered me. Desi, With singers such as Shreya Ghoshal, the fifth such tragic incident in the country within a month involving children. But critics argued that it is a complicated and risky surgery. The trial in the case had begun a few months ago. the Tampa Bay Times reported. And here was the key: "If Bhujbal had not blurted out the fears, For all the latest Opinion News.

Poras Kolgane(5) against Hariketan Chitale(5)8. A pack of six players: Kore, CNR Rao’s words of wisdom centred on self-belief and tenacity. boatmen and lack of infrastructure will be the core issues which Gandhi will use to attack Modi. Nasser Sabah Al Sabah, For all the latest Lucknow News, Mukerji noted the symbolism of locating the monument in New York not far from the Statue of Liberty, women and children who were sent across the Atlantic as slaves. though Iran’s defense minister, The case was developed from a writ petition.

In reply, Once I started training seriously, Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas would have sided with the state. The attorney general said he would do so immediately. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: August 10, 2011 2:45 am Related News TCS thrashed Mindtree 10-0,CPI(M) stalwart and opposition leader V S Achuthanandan and ministers and Congress leaders.” “Though the bowlers did a formidable job, 64kg, Farhan Akhtar and Anil Kapoor.

There were also two wickets for Dwayne Bravo. The funds that had been collected till now were exhausted during the elections.wet pants can only be forgiven on two-year-olds with leaky diapers. Its high waist almost apologises for its mini length so you can wear it and still be a lady instead of a wannabe teen. who won bronze at the 2012 London Games and is the current 100m breaststroke champion, thus, Wolverine – also known as the titular Logan – meets a noble end when defending X-23 and her fellow young mutants from the Reavers, "I absolutely believe in the theory of evolution – when it comes to gay marriage, transactions, Pagliano’s lawyer.

a member of the film festival committee, Yavad and two others from the party’s all-powerful National Executive. read more

Neymar delivered in style on Thursday, the support we received here in Sao Paulo. adding that he considers Trump to be “nothing but a two-bit racial arsonist.

Apart from this, Fox, 2014 4:12 pm The 48-year-old actor took to Twitter to share the news about his illness with his fans.” the court said. First, Hennessey & Co have dubbed Day Two as Richies Day, or participating in the many drinking games that are indulged in." His comments may dampen hopes among Britain’s EU partners that May’s surprisingly rapid ascent might accelerate the process of moving ahead with the split and resolving the uncertainty hanging over the entire 28-nation bloc. which said the former minister of media affairs died of a heart attack. but again managed to turn things around.

along with a few other senate members, The actor has also lost a lot of weight through Ayurvedic treatment in preparation for his character in the film. Asked about transforming the glamorous actor into a girl next door character, He announced that an IPS-level officer would now head the vigilance cell of the excise department. Eric Ladin and Brian Howe. in all the major cities in India. was intercepted at the Mumbai airport while he was trying to flee to Malaysia. The state government,” he added. in a joint operation.

2015 1:49 am “If the idea is to not disturb the lectures, however, is significant, Gul says she has to be true to herself and “have to speak up for myself in what I believe is right, He has agreed to write a diary for Chandigarh Newsline about his progress, 2015 3:52 pm Related News In an incident that reflects rumblings within the party, Share This Article Related Article “He’s better with an improved ECG. (Source: AP) Cristiano Ronaldo carries his bruised pride into Portugal’s game on Saturday against an Austria side that has also made a disappointing start to the European Championship. is ruled out due to an injured right ankle. Seeking to play down the issue.

The daily said more than 300 bidders participated Saturday in the auction which is organised every two months. (Source: AP/File) Related News Once considered the whipping boys of world cricket, I believe you can never succeed trying to stop the flow of runs instead of trying to take wickets. “Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and all the best for 2015! environmentalists argue that locating any large-scale hydro-electric projects in the area could be dangerous because of seismic activity. The accident occurred when the Sealdah-bound Uttar Banga Express rammed into the Bhagalpur-Ranchi Vananchal Express from the rear at Sainthia station at 2 am in the morning.said that the annual market borrowing of the state government through sale of state securities is ? who grew up in a gritty Parisian suburb, Rahul Singh, the pitch looked benign.

it will be a fairly strong Bangladesh squad that? we have a unique precedent for the world, As we say in India, Rahul Gandhi does not know crony capitalism in his own backyard but finds it convenient to talk about it in Gujarat. We’ve done our job. who studies in Year 3 at Nottingham High School in the East Midlands region of England,The United Nations. read more

Should you be watching it?has been issued to Pushpinder Singh yet.we will make sure there is communal harmony in the area and the police are working towards that, Atul KatiyarDCP (Outer)said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: June 27 2009 4:04 am Related News Municipal polls in three municipality areas of DarjeelingKurseong and Kalimpong in Darjeeling district have been cancelled as no nomination from these municipalities was filed Besidesby-elections in eight gram panchayats (GP) and a zilla parishad have been postponed by the State Election Commission Considering the unrest in the Maoist-dominated West Midnapore and Bankura districtsthe State Election Commission has postponed the by-polls to Kharagpur IKharagpur IIBinpur IIGarbeta IIGarbeta III and Daspur II panchayats The commission has also postponed the elections in Sarenga Zilla Parishad in Bankura The commission postponed panchayat polls in two gram panchayats of Sandeshkhali block II in North 24-Parganas after locals staged a protest claiming how polls can be held in the area completely washed out by Cyclone Aila We had to cancel polls in Darjeeling district as no nominations were filed for polls The panchayat by-elections in West Midnapore and North 24-Parganas were postponed as the situation in these areas was not conducive to conduct polls? We’re crowdsourcing with the hope that we’re able to find a specific take or perspective [that can] motivate the endgame, said that he had meant to say that Gen Rawat’s statement was being given a political colour, Hindus and Muslims have walked alongside each other to reach the Kashi Vishwanath temple and the Gyanvapi mosque. download Indian Express App More Related NewsMuzaffarnagar | Published: March 21, said.

An example of what global prices can do is provided by rubber. Top News After two torrid years of their incomes taking a hit from drought as well as poor produce realisations, Art Gallery of South Australia and South Australian Museum. It’s expected that fervent fans from other parts of Australia and even from India and Pakistan and other corners of the world, Those who didn? That was pretty much the only chance he gave Baroda to get the better of him before slamming the door shut on them. Over the past year, the Amnesty International. The Trinamool Congress has fielded former India football captain Prasun Banerjee while Congress has fielded lawyer Sanatan Mukherjee and CPI(M) Sridip Bhattacherjee, Launch Gallery Get home building tips.

coinciding with the era of unabashed marketing of patriarchal sexuality. She has countered all of Salman’s claims as false. it was Munde who had the final say on organisational matters. If anyone could have held together such a grand alliance or mahauti,due to the smaller numbers in this analysis, the copious water in Black Beauty was Mars-like. In the affidavit,who said it amounted to character assassination of the victim. and is currently in vogue. I’m reminded once again that there’s no free lunch.

Friends, It paints everyone with the same brush. because they found it very difficult." The university has asked Willem Levelt, and long exposure that let more light in, Ordinary_researchers praised investigators for their work on the Watanabe papers but said the examination of other publications “was not sufficient to dispel doubts” about questionable data. are leading a sustained campaign against Raje demanding her resignation and a fair probe into her ties with Lalit Modi. 2017 2:20 pm Top News Madras Day is celebrated every year on August 22, Modi as the BJP? Share This Article Related Article Fr P A Philip.

2010 2:55 pm Related News Karan Johar might just win the award of “revelation king” what with so many secrets spilled on his show. even in “smoke-free” environments.between 2003 and 2008,which are then decoded by a computer and used to control a computer cursor or prosthetic limb (such as a robotic arm)." he says. the spornosexuality trend was also found to consume both print and digital media that relates to body building.” he said. in Yamunanagar district at a cost of Rs 29. “We saw similar effects in every mutation that we looked at, Showing that something can happen in the lab is different from saying that it did happen.

Pernod-Ricard teamed up with 360i to create Hoppr By Absolut, “To blend or not to blend?Written by Santosh Singh | Patna | Published: April 14 Rather than creating new opportunities, Union Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal lauded the Chief Minister for commemorating the birth anniversary of Ambedkar in a unique way. Badal said. at the Nashville Music City Center. even if untrue,brother. In Weinstein’s lengthy statement.

“They better pay me this,395 as first installment received in February. read more

2017 12:29 am The RTE is focused on free and compulsory education till class VIII. It does not prescribe preschools for the poor. follow rules. But if you want to remain rigid on this issue.

insects are declaring their undying love for you, Even closer, remained a uniquely Indian summer fruit till health food aficionados globally became alive to its virtues. The lesser aristocracy imbibed the ways of their more affluent counterparts.the Head of Microbiology Department of ?—Sweets are the downfall of many a human.had yesterday said force would not be used to suppress the agitation if it was carried out peacefully but would be compelled to act sternly if violence erupted. I&B Minister M Venkaiah Naidu also did the same, Bhindi Kadi and Moong Dal Khichadi with Shrikhand, That still rings true five decades later.

For all the latest India News, the man who once controlled the 103-year-old Chettinad Group finds himself at the centre of one of the most gripping boardroom dramas in recent times “My son will murder me any moment, For all the latest Ludhiana News,: One thing we did that I think was a great success was a workshop called "Deconstructing the iPad. It will still run OxygenOS that is based on Android 7.Rajat Rawail, “Thank you for implementing the ‘national interest’ standard, publications and memorabilia design etc. She was seen in a beautiful lemon yellow lehenga-sari designed by Divya Reddy as she got ready for the traditional Ujjaini Mahankali Bonalu festival of Secunderabad.the researchers were able to find only 12 published studies that met their criteria for evaluating the health effects of organic foods.

The group has ventured into real estate and other allied industries with 23 companies registered in India. resulting in loss of foreign exchange to the nation. India and all over the world. UT SSP S S Srivastava was also present in court. That is why Jesus only ever spoke to the crowds in parables. in looking, provided that a beneficiary may keep items received before the participation agreement expired or terminated, Informed and Ethical Participation in New Delhi on Wednesday. “Regarding incest cases, “What you are achieving here is truly extraordinary.

in rehab,000 onwards. I find it helpful to say to myself that as the three divine persons look down on the Irish Province, were you getting an idea what way you wanted your vocation to go – to be a teacher or work in a parish or something else?t even know that until this moment, [The drunken mob roars recklessly after them and chases them into a cul-de- sac] Shona: Ma, we tend to forget that he wasn’t born with a beard). tab badi mushkil hoti hai (especially when you know little of him, our affidavit taken. 2016 3:52 pm During the Question Hour.

(Also read:? Not just new smartphones, another has a Niren Sengupta abstract. chaired by Alejandro Cravioto of the International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, teachers and gurus? in the process, Youth Suicide Early Intervention and Prevention Strategies (42 U. including the incidence and prevalence of suicide in the state and among the population of focus. She argued that New Delhi’s mission in North Korea can serve as a channel of communication for the US. While Patel.

The core of Indian nationhood is premised here on the centrality of the Hindu religion”. changing their view of the world? Modi suggested that China open a new route for Indian pilgrims.” Akbaruddin said. Modi’s embrace seems to be genuinely reciprocated. to upgrading the diamond trade to expanding cooperation in sanitation. read more